How to Choose the Best Display Stands for your Next Business Event

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3 years ago

Being an exhibitor, you have only about five seconds at a business event to grab the visitor’s attention and communicate to them who you are, what you do, and what they stand to benefit from if they purchased your products. Within this short period, the visitors will decide whether they will stop at your stand and have a look at your products or just move on.

Due to this reason, your business must have the best display stand at whatever conference, trade show, or business event that you choose to attend. With there being a comprehensive variety of display stands, it can be quite challenging to find your best display stand. In this guide, you will find out how you can choose the best display stands for your next business event.

How to Choose the Best Display Stands for your Next Business Event

Business events and exhibitions bring a lot of potential to your business, and you must select the best display stand to showcase what you have to offer. Use ExpoCart to choose the best display stands and banner stands for your business. The advantage of using ExpoCart is that you can be guaranteed the best quality, affordable price, and your artwork is double-checked before it is printed to ensure that it is of the highest quality. Visit to place your order. Before you spend your money on a display stand, consider the following:

What type of business event are you attending?

The type of business event you will be attending will dictate the display stand that you will invest in. For instance, if you are going to a huge exhibition event that has a high footfall, your display has to stand out. A linked pop-up display stand is a great option to consider because of its enhanced graphic area and large size. On the other hand, a smaller business event will require a different approach when it comes to choosing your display stand. Here, a curved exhibition stand or a straight display stand could be the better option.

What space will I be exhibiting in?

Each space in every event is different. The most common spaces at business exhibitions are shell scheme booths where your set booth has walls that separate your space from others. The best type of display stand to consider here is a linked pop-up stand. Linked pop-up display stands are modular, reconfigurable exhibition solutions that are capable of growing and adapting alongside your business. In floor-only areas, the best display stands that will work exceptionally well are island pop-up stands or double-sided pop-up stands.

What is my budget?

The most critical factor when looking to invest in a display stand is how much money are you willing to spend on a display stand. Exhibition is a costly activity and therefore you have to try and keep your costs as low as possible to save your marketing budget.

Factors to Help You Pick the Best Display Stand for Your Business Event

  • Graphics. Graphics are used to catch the attention of passersby. Keep in mind that your graphic space has to be at least 40% empty. What the message does not say is equally important as what it says. Create enough visuals to capture the eye and then proceed to display the crucial facts for your audience. Repeat your branding and make sure your logo is highly visible.
  • Portability. Portable display stands are highly flexible and have limitless options. They can be carried as luggage and can be easily set up and dismantled. Therefore, if your business event might take you far and wide, then portable displays are the most suitable displays for you.
  • Modularity. Modular display stands are designed with flexibility in mind. They can be taken apart easily and reassembled into various shapes. This comes in handy when you need a business stand that offers cost-effectiveness and longevity especially if you will be exhibiting in different booth spaces.
  • Lighting. You need to consider the effect of lighting when choosing a display stand for your next business event. Lighting is used to convey and emphasize your messaging. Display stands that have great lighting can stand out from the rest, especially in crowded business events.


If you will be attending a business event, you must command attention and the display stand you go for will play a huge role in this. More so, there are different display stands each with its unique benefits. Use the tips mentioned above and you will be able to choose a display stand that is cost-effective and one that will deliver results.

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