How to Find Out if Someone Is Cheating Online for Free

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In the world of technology where everything has become priceless the most expensive thing is the loyalty of a partner. Most of our young generation has failed in getting loyal partners and become prey to the disloyal cheaters and scammers.

The present world is full of cheaters who have caused innocent ones to doubt their partners every time they are in a relationship. If you are having doubts about your partner and you are not sure whether they are cheating or not then the first thing is to confirm the cheating.

If you are feeling that your partner is cheating on you then it’s time to trust your guts. You need to have complete information about the cheating of a partner and after that, the time has come when you need to face the reality in front of your partner. A phone spy tool Spylix helps you to catch cheaters quickly and secretly.

We have listed some of the basic knowledge about cheating partners and the common ways to catch them. Let’s have a look at them:

What are the Reasons for Cheating?

The first thing that you keep in mind is what are the basic reasons for which your partner can cheat you.

If your partner falls in any of the categories explain below then you have stepped on the first ladder of confirmation of a cheater:

Sexual Desires

The first reason for cheating on a partner is the sexual desire that forces a person to move toward another person.

Some people are habitual of indulging in a variety of partners to fulfill their sexual desires while some are very choosing about the fulfillment of their desires.

It might be possible that your partner is indulging in another person just to enjoy a different person.

Psychological Problem

Some people have psychological problems due to which they start to be interested in another person instead of their partner.

If a person is facing anxiety, depression, or dual personality disorder then these are the triggers that unintentionally force a person to move toward a different person.

Lack of Attachment

Most of us think that our partner has the same level of attachment as we have with them.

The reality of life is that sometimes our partner lacks attachment due to which he or she starts heading toward another person.

Lack of commitment also becomes the cause to indulge in another person.


Anger is a major issue of cheating specifically if both people are in a relationship. One person started dating another person in anger just to give an impression of revenge.

It has a condition that when the anger of the person is wiped out the specific person may return to their partner.


It is not always that the other person becomes the cause of cheating, rather sometimes it happens because of ourselves.

If a partner fails to provide enough protection, care, love, and attention to the other partner then this becomes the cause of cheating.

Continuous neglect of one partner forces others to move to another option.

Different Ways of Catching A Cheater

Using Spyware

Spyware is the most common method through which you can catch a cheating partner. Spylix is a popular tool that provides all the features needed for catching a cheating partner.

Spylix is amazingly providing a GPS tracking feature to know the live location of the target person. You can not only spy on Android phones, but also spy on iPhone with Spylix.

You can also use geofencing to restrict to a specific area and get an alert if the target person exceeds the limit.

Spylix is providing you with different opportunities including message tracking, along with the call monitoring feature.

Both the features help you in keeping a continuous record about your target person related to continuously connected numbers.

It has a keylogger feature in which a single click on the screen would also be visible to you.

In this way, you can access all the passwords and the personal information of your partner. It offers 40 features for Android devices.


  • It is an affordable tool that saves time, energy, and money for a user.
  • It has a user-friendly interface so you don’t need to be professional to use it.
  • It has a stealth mode in which it disappears in the device of the target person and you can work secretly.
  • It has amazing compatibility for Android as well as iOS devices.
  • It provides maximum features to the users.
  • The customer service of this tool is quite popular.
  • You don’t need a rooting and jailbreaking procedure.


  • It’s a paid tool.
  • You need to access the target device one time to install the application.

Checking Activities and Personal Devices

The first step to catching a cheating partner is to start observing the suspicious activities keenly.

A person needs to keep a continuous check on the activities like sleeping habits, dressing sense, way of talking, use of social media, and privacy concerns about personal devices.

If you feel something unusual in the activities then it’s time to head towards the personal devices.

You need to check mobile phones, laptops, and other personal devices to know about work schedules, continuously connected persons, and many more.


  • It confirms cheating.
  • It is not considered unethical.
  • It saves time, energy, and money.
  • It has the minimum chance to alert the target person.


  • If the target person has set a password on the personal device then it becomes impossible to monitor activities.
  • The chances of getting the wrong perception are maximum.
  • If your partner is an intelligent cheater then he can easily make you a fool.

Follow Up

If you have seen that there is a person in the life of your partner which is quite secret from you then you need to take some steps.

The first thing that you keep in mind is to follow the activities of your partner. You can follow your partner to the workplace or keep a check on the activities by continuous following.

You can also listen to the phone calls or check the messages if the phone is not set to the secret password.

All these following activities will provide you with some proof related to the cheating of your partner.


  • You are going to analyze everything through your own eyes.
  • It has a maximum chance of acceptance as you would see everything personally.
  • You know your partner better than anyone else.
  • The chances of error would be reduced.


  • It will engulf most of your time.
  • It needs a lot of energy.
  • It becomes very difficult to keep following a cheater as well as doing work.
  • As you are not a professional then the chances of error would be present.
  • It might be possible that your partner catches you while following him.

Hiring a Spy

If you are a busy person and you cannot continuously keep an eye on your partner to confirm the doubt then you can hire a spy.

The private spy will continuously monitor the activities of your partner and then report it to you if something is wrong.

In the present world, private investigators have become very expensive, and the chances of alerting the target person gain 80%.


  • It saves energy.
  • It saves time.
  • All the work would be monitored and analyzed by the other person.
  • You don’t need to enter the main ground to check the entire working area.


  • It has a maximum chance of being revealed to the target person.
  • It is an expensive method of catching a cheater.
  • It would be filled with doubts.
  • It has a maximum chance of error.
  • It would be illegal if revealed.

Catching A Cheater Online- Best Method

You must be wondering what is the procedure of Spylix that provides amazing features in one place. Let’s just reveal the suspense and the procedure is explained below:

Step 1:

Go to the official website of Spylix and register for a free account.

Step 2:

Instructions are needed to follow to set up your official account on Spylix.

Step 3:

At last, you just need to log in to the Spylix dashboard and start tracking to catch a cheater.

Ending Remarks

The present world demands the tools that can provide a helping hand to find a cheating partner.

We have provided some of the very basic methods through which you can find out whether your partner is cheating or not.

Spylix is the most authentic and accurate tool instead of all the options. Now you need to confirm the cheating and take a step against the cheater.

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