How To Implement Best Practices in Healthcare

How To Implement Best Practices in Healthcare
3 years ago

Hospital administrators that want to know how to implement best practices in healthcare should read on and take these lessons to heart. Discover how to improve your patients’ access to doctors and how to boost your efficiency and cleanliness.

Adopt Telehealth Options

Even before the pandemic, telehealth was building traction in the medical community. When so many people face long wait times and inefficient communication channels, the ability to speak to your physician from the comfort of your own home has massive appeal. Doctors that speak to patients over video technology can reach more people while cutting back on costs.

Hire More Medical Scribes

An often underutilized but tremendously helpful resource to doctors, medical scribes take careful notes of doctor-patient conversations in real time. When a scribe is present in the patient’s room, the doctor can pay more attention to the patient, knowing that the scribe is compiling all the necessary information for later. If a hospital wants to implement best practices in healthcare, they can fill their staff with well-trained medical scribes.

Use Software to Record Diagnoses

Who hasn’t heard the old stereotype that doctors have bad handwriting? Well, given the number of prescriptions they write a day, it’s not surprising that their fingers cramp every now and then. But you can avoid the confusion and misunderstandings of poor handwriting if you procure software on which doctors can instantly record their diagnoses. Written in normal type on a computer or tablet screen, everyone in the hospital can easily stay on the same page.

Specialized Cleaning Training

Especially on the heels of a world-changing pandemic, it’s now more important than ever for hospital staff to know how to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria. Staff must know how to keep the cleanroom bags in the hospital free from contamination. Staff members should also know how often to wipe down surfaces.

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