How to Improve Your Concentration When Attending a Remote Event

How to Improve Your Concentration When Attending a Remote Event
2 years ago

You are not the only person struggling to focus during a remote event. Lengthy meetings, for example, have changed from physical meetings where you have to sit at a long table with everyone into long hours of video conferencing. Your mind will easily wander when attending the latter.

Due to the pandemic, remote work and online learning have become the new normal. So, you should find a way to improve your focus to absorb as much as you can during an online meeting or any remote event.

Set a goal

Before the remote event starts, think about what you want to get from it. Knowing the purpose of why you are attending an event will help you focus, making sure the goal is met by the end. It could be to provide clarity on something, answer a question, or share knowledge regarding a project.

Close unnecessary tabs

Since most platforms used for remote events today allow multitasking, many are tempted to open unnecessary tabs during a virtual event. So, close all tabs that you won’t need for the event, such as your email and social media. It is also best to use only one screen to reduce potential distractions.

Take note

When attending a remote event, you are sometimes required to take some notes. While doing so is meant to improve your focus, using your computer to take notes might distract you instead. A subtitling software for businesses can take care of your notes while you focus on the virtual event in front of you. This way, you no longer have to use a pen or paper, minimizing your distractions.

Clear your desk

Another way to improve concentration when attending a remote event is to keep your workspace organized and clean. Clutter is a source of distraction, especially for individuals working or learning at home.

Use headphones

Use headphones that have noise-canceling features to improve your focus. While it might ruin your aesthetic on camera, it can help you create a work zone in your mind. It will also allow you to avoid distractions due to external noise.

Keep your phone out of sight

Your tablet or phone could be a rabbit hole. Picking up your phone during a remote event could lead you to jump from one app to another until you find yourself scrolling on social media. So, make sure to keep them hidden or place them in another room. You may also turn them off or set them to airplane mode, whichever works best for you.

Eat before the event and grab a drink

No one can stay focused with an empty stomach. If you don’t want your mind to wonder what to have for later, it’s best to eat beforehand and have something to drink within your reach.


Listening attentively for long periods is challenging. To keep your mind focused, try jotting down some of the questions you would like to ask. Still, wait until the speaker allows queries or clarifications as to not interrupt anyone.

Final word

To sum it up, many things could distract you, particularly when attending a remote event. With enough preparation and by following particular habits, sitting through a virtual event for extended periods will become more enjoyable for you.

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