How To Increase Your Business Profit Using SEO Technologies

2 years ago

The Internet has become a separate dimension that has a big impact on our world, including business. In light of this, our search engine optimization must reflect much more than just keywords to ensure effectiveness and growth. The main goal of SEO for business is to give a brand digital recognition and growth through various technologies. And our task is to find the right technology and make money with SEO.

Some Key Techniques to Make Money with SEO Are:

Get Acquainted with Your Audience

Become the winner in your niche and get to know your audience. Find out who your customers are (target audience), how they can get to you (it shows where you should get paid links), what you need to offer, etc. Create a portrait of your audience by answering the following questions:

  • who is your buyer;
  • what are their preferences and interests;
  • how they search for your product (by product name or by formulating a problem that this product can solve).

Study which of your services or products are currently relevant and demanded. By promoting the page for specific customer requests, you will receive transitions from people who are already interested in this product. And the users will no longer need to go through the entire site in search of the product they need.

Create High-Quality Content

A website’s early passion and effort should not wane. If you want to attract more visitors to your website, you should constantly produce new, high-quality content and use different marketing technologies. Because customer preferences and requirements are ever-evolving and very personalized, it’s critical to provide relevant and high-quality information. If your website’s visitors see that there’s always something fresh to see, they’ll keep coming back.

Increase Traffic

Profit growth is created by attracting more visitors. How to quickly increase traffic from search engines?

Grow in Regions

Depending on the search results analysis, the presence of representative offices in the regions, or the geo-dependence of the promoted queries, choose the optimal strategy for traffic growth. To do this, you can assign many regions to the main site, create subdomains for regions, or use regional folders for cities.

Create New Product Page Types

For product pages, create new page types on separate URLs. Demand in search engines and the availability of reviews are requirements to create them. This will reduce the competition for requests since many sites do not put these entities on separate pages.

Create New Types of Category Pages

Create tags or collections – pages for grouping products according to similar criteria. Think of collections where you can add enough items to compete with other stores. It will help you to get targeted visitors, which will lead to an increase in income.

Become User-Friendly

Users often show gratitude. Try to make clear navigation, attractive and ergonomic design, good linking, and convenient arrangement of information on the pages, including visibility of contact information and ease of purchase. Then, site visitors can start placing external links on you. They will recommend buying goods from you on their favorite forum, put a link on their blog, or in social bookmarks. Due to their naturalness, such links are very much appreciated by search engines. Do not forget about your visitors, and they will love you back.

Increase the Average Check

Work not only to increase traffic but also to increase the volume of the order itself. Thus, upsell products from a similar group or related products. Try to convince the buyers that they will only benefit from such an offer. For example, offer to buy a protective case when buying a phone. By purchasing a phone and a case, the user receives a discount, increasing the bill and earning more.

Do not forget to evaluate external backlinks – a set of factors that characterize the credibility of a particular site on the network by evaluating its citation among other resources. Chaotically buying links is almost needless. However, getting useful backlinks on reliable sources will help you get top positions in Google rankings. The best link is the one that attracts targeted traffic. It is always easier to move forward with a well-designed strategy for improving external factors.

Compare SEO with Other Sales Channels

It is necessary to interpret the data, control them and correct the strategy based on the findings.

  • The semantic core should be as wide as possible. As much as the budget allows.
  • Use different sources for collecting requests (Wordstat, tips, Metrica, services, brainstorming, etc.).
  • Take into account the seasonality of demand.
  • The structure of the site will further adapt to the collected semantics.
  • Automatization is critical.
  • Constantly evaluate and update semantics core.
  • The final semantics allows you to predict the number of transitions to the site.


Virtually every online business can benefit from some form of SEO strategy. Even if your traffic source is already doing great, you can use SEO to increase traffic and make your business more sustainable while growing revenue. It is necessary to optimize the resource under the requirements of search engines and ensure the comfort of the visitors. When you understand the main features and adjust the strategy based on the data received, you will increase sales by creating favorable conditions for the business. If you want to learn more about the whole process check out Linkflow’s Saas SEO Agency webpage.

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