How To Plan and Throw the Perfect Office Party

Are you gathering in the office again? It’s time to celebrate. Get back in the swing of office life by planning some fun office parties. Here’s how to do it.
3 years ago

Dedicated viewers of The Office—is there any other kind?—fondly remember the beyond-straitlaced Angela, the martinet of the party-planning committee who always found a way to make planning an office party less than fun. While we love all the characters from this classic sitcom, we prefer to keep Dunder Mifflin hijinks confined to our streaming services and out of our actual offices. That means putting together parties that, for a change, don’t leave coworkers in tears. With more and more of us making our partial returns to the premises, we have a reason to celebrate. Here’s how to plan and throw the perfect office party—no dictatorship of the party-planning committee required.

Party bands and musicians can also help to create a sense of unity and camaraderie among colleagues. By sharing in the experience of live music, people can bond over their shared enjoyment and create lasting memories together. This can help to improve overall morale and foster a positive work environment, which is always a good thing for any business.

Pick a Theme

Everyone appreciates office parties for the free food, but there is more to it than that. Put together a cohesive theme that ties together food, music, and décor. Whether you’re going for a “Halfway to Cinco de Mayo” party on November 5, a traditional holiday party in December, or maybe doing a decade-themed nostalgia shindig, make sure to bring it all together. If you can theme it, theme it!

For instance, if you choose a “Disco Fever”  theme, then everyone should get ready to boogie down at the office party. Decorate with bespoke inflatable products, like giant mirror balls to create a groovy atmosphere, together with the beats of disco music, that will keep the party going. Let the vibrant decor and nostalgic vibes take you back to the era of Studio 54 for an unforgettable night of dancing and fun. Think of a creative theme and decor and your office party will be the talk of the company for a long time.

Picking Out Food: Be Sensitive to Sensitivities

Whether it’s peanuts, dairy, seafood, or gluten, you should always stay mindful of your coworkers’ food allergies and sensitivities when coordinating a meal that everyone can enjoy. Try to avoid common allergens, such as the ones we mentioned above. Also, with more people opting for vegetarian diets, make fully plant-based options available to all who want them. This may require putting together a quick survey before you spring for a meal and snacks.

Themed Plates and Flatware

Don’t just reach into the break room cabinet for flimsy paper plates—that’s good enough for ordering sub sandwiches for some idle Wednesday lunch hour but insufficient for a full-fledged party. Now’s a perfect time to go green by providing your coworkers with biodegradable plates and utensils made from pressed palm leaves. When the party is over and everyone goes back to work, Mother Nature can get to work safely at breaking down your party supplies in a landfill or, better yet, a compost heap. The 100 percent organic material will make perfect food for your home or office gardens. Consider that their party.

Get Coworkers Involved

Planning and throwing the perfect office party is not a solo endeavor. While you should know that your “guests” (and your supervisors) appreciate your efforts, you can’t burn yourself out trying to do it alone. Make fellow partygoers feel involved by incorporating them into your planning efforts. The collaborative atmosphere may help you come up with some other ideas you wouldn’t have had yourself. This way, no one can ever accuse you of being an iron-fisted leader of the party-planning committee.

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