How to Power Your Online Meetings With These Amazing Tools

How to Power Your Online Meetings With These Amazing Tools
2 years ago

Remote technology and the new world

Online meetings are an easy and effective source of communication. It enables people to make remote work practical to the maximum possible level. The use of information and communication technology facilitates the students, business organizations, and officials to save time and effort. COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to use technology to compensate for the loss caused by staying at home. It was a critical time and the remote work technologies helped the world to continue the systems of life even in such adverse circumstances. It compels the experts to find ways to improve the technology to maximize its positive impact on society.

Is it convenient?

Yes, the use of technology is convenient as it solves most of the problems faced by humanity. It helps to find solutions that would be impossible otherwise. But it is stressful due to some internal and external factors. Online meetings are disturbed by different factors such as unnecessary noise, slow browsing, and poor infrastructure. Noise is the major element of stress, but it can be covered by noise cancellation applications. The technology is now able to help people get rid of noise while conducting online meetings and conferences. This technology helps the participants to work without any distractions caused by noise. It enables the organizations, students, and other participants to listen clearly.

Tools for noise cancellation

Here is a list of noise cancellation tools best known for their performance and easy installation. These tools are used by well-reputed institutes and organizations to make their instructions clear and up–to–mark.

  • Krisp: AI-assisted application is an invention during the pandemic as the need for such a product was widely felt due to the closure of institutions. Remote work helped the organizations to continue their activity and the education sector also depended on an online system to compensate for the loss of the students due to this disease. This application is easy to install as it needs no separate installation and infrastructure, and it can be installed on the existing system. It captures all types of unwarranted noise coming from different sources at the venue. It is useful for the individual as well as organizational meetings to make the speech and communication effective.
  • Abstract: This noise reduction tool is helpful to absorb and reduce the unwanted noise from the surrounding. This tool is also helpful to maximize the advantage of online meetings, video conferences, and seminars that need a more peaceful and pleasant atmosphere for communication. It makes the voice understandable by improving its quality as it is designed to reduce unpleasant sounds.
  • ActiveWords: It is a different technology being used to cancel the noise by noise agents. Same technology has been used in high-end headphones and computers to reduce the noise. It is not a mere noise blocker but it terminates the noise by canceling it through its active technology.

Advantages of Noise cancellation Technology

Noise cancellation technology is helpful to reduce the noise in places where online speech needs more clarity. Following advantages can be gained to power the speech through online communication.

  • Peaceful and pleasant atmosphere: The use of technology to reduce noise helps to maintain a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere for communication. The peace in the environment increases the positive effect of the speech and makes it more influential.
  • Concentration and focus: These apps and techniques help the audience to create more concentration and focus. This focus and concentration enable the participants to avail themselves of the chance to the maximum possible level.
  • Healthy and psychological effects: Noise creates unnecessary burden and stress for the participants. The users, who have to communicate daily, find it troublesome to communicate through these devices. In this way, it loses its charm and attraction. The use of technology helps them to get rid of such harmful health and psychological problems.
  • Time-saving: This technology helps to save time and efforts of speakers and listeners. The speaker has to repeat the words and the listeners have to ask again for a better understanding. The use of technology helps both to utilize their efforts and time for more productive and positive work.


Noise is the greatest barrier to effective communication. It causes many mental and psychological disorders if it is not dealt with wisely. The use of technology is helpful to get rid of the noise produced through devices. This technology is cost-effective and enables the participants to interact in an effective and more pleasant atmosphere. It should be used to communicate smoothly and effectively without any mental fatigue.

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