How To Promote Sustainability in Your Cosmetic Business

How To Promote Sustainability in Your Cosmetic Business
3 years ago

Many cosmetic companies made strides toward sustainable beauty practices and reducing their carbon footprint in recent years. Whether removing certain ingredients from their products or changing their packaging, they contribute to eco-friendly practices. If you own a cosmetic business and are interested in implementing eco-friendly practices, learn how to promote sustainability in your cosmetic business today!

Recycled Packaging

The cosmetic industry can generate a lot of plastic waste from product containers and packaging. This includes eyeshadow pallets, bottles of shampoo, lip gloss containers, and many other beauty products. One way your company can promote sustainability is by using recycled packaging. Companies can ensure they use recyclable plastic packaging or implement a return-and-refill option. However, the return option can be difficult if you solely sell your products online. Fortunately, you can use biodegradable packaging material that’s extremely eco-friendly.

Sourcing Organic Ingredients

Organic herb sourcing is a great way your company can commit to sustainability by using natural elements in your products. For example, instead of using a chemical substance to achieve a lavender scent, you can source organic lavender and include them in your products. Organic sourcing is eco-friendly and enhances the quality of your products. You can reach out to your local farmers or suppliers and talk about your efforts toward organic sourcing.

Banning Microbeads

Beauty products contain a list of ingredients on their containers as mandated by the FDA’s labeling guidelines. In addition, the ingredients must adhere to specific guidelines that restrict toxic ingredients. However, there are still harmful substances that some beauty products contain. In particular, microbeads are harmful to the environment. They’re tiny plastic particles often found in soap or exfoliants, and they pollute water and can harm sea animals. By banning microbeads in your product, you will help protect oceans and other bodies of water.

Many cosmetic companies continue to strive towards sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Whether it’s changing ingredients or packaging, all efforts make a big impact on our world. You can carry this impact into your own cosmetic business. We hope our guide on how to promote sustainability in your cosmetic business was helpful to you.

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