How You Can Protect Your Business This Summer

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2 years ago

We all know that the market is chaotic right now. We all want to take big steps forward with our business, but we also want to minimize risk. Here are a few tips to help you add more security to your company this summer.

Boost Your Cybersecurity

Talk to an IT expert about the cybersecurity risks you are facing. Read about the recent rise in cybercrime numbers and government countermeasures. Pay for cybersecurity software instead of relying on free versions. Offer your employees cybersecurity training to minimize risk. Emphasize the importance of good security habits if your team is using their own machines and working remotely.

Take Your Visa Responsibilities Seriously

Find out what visas you need for any new staff. Factor in any potential delays in visa applications and how they could impact your business. Talk to a local immigration law firm to understand the legal requirements in your sector and area. Apply for an H-2A visa if you are hiring seasonal agricultural workers. Demonstrate that there are not enough American workers for your employment needs. Show that you will not impact the working conditions or wages of your US workers or others employed in the same field.

Budget Carefully

Plan for the worst-case scenario in the unpredictable financial market. Give yourself a cushion to carry you through any slow months. Train existing staff in new responsibilities instead of making unnecessary new hires. Talk to a financial advisor about applying for government grants. Save for the future where possible. Identify areas that are no longer profitable and make cuts accordingly.

Prioritize Digital

Rebuild your website from scratch if you have not updated it in a few years. Make your website accessible and eye-catching. Talk to a design agency about updating your brand. Create expert content that is SEO-friendly. Remember that Google updates its algorithm regularly to avoid spam. Assign more time and resources to social media. Interact more with your followers. Create social network-specific content. Do customer research to find out where your target audience spends the most time. Use customer data to retool your digital strategy.

Keep Learning

Look at business courses to learn about how the market is changing. Spend time on new tech to understand how they could save your business time and money. Get advice from people you trust in your field. Stay up to date with the latest news and developments in the market. Plan for new challenges and look for ways that you can overcome them.

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