In Which Countries Is iGaming SEO More Important?

In Which Countries Is iGaming SEO More Important?
2 years ago

We’ve seen a rapid growth of the iGaming industry thanks to all the new innovations that opened up many opportunities for gambling companies. Thanks to the online adaptation of casino games, the iGaming industry is dominating the global gambling market in many countries around the world.

However, since this is a hot market at the moment with huge potential, the competition level is also very high.

This means that many companies around the world are competing in the same industry making it harder for them to attract customers.

One of the most effective methods that iGaming companies use to attract new customers to their websites is SEO according to this iGaming SEO expert.

It is no secret that the iGaming industry has limitations when it comes to promoting its services, which is why they are forced to look for an alternative. This is where iGaming SEO comes in handy since companies use content management in order to gain more organic traffic from search engines.

However, this got us wondering, which countries are depending the most on SEO when it comes to iGaming.

SEO in iGaming

The number of countries that have made recent moves to regulate online betting as well as the countries where it is already legal is growing, resulting in a significant demand for blogs that cover iGaming topics and sites that host iGaming-related directories, reviews, and articles.

If you are looking to provide SEO services in the iGaming sector, or if you plan to provide SEO-related services like backlinking, content creation, and translation, you should know where iGaming SEO is most in demand. Listed below are a few countries where this is a competitive market.

The United States

When it comes to iGaming, there is no doubt that the US market is the biggest in terms of revenue and active players.

Since there are many iGaming companies in the US and a lot of demand for such subjects, this is the first country on our list where iGaming SEO plays an important role.

After a Supreme Court ruling legalized and regulated sports betting and other iGaming in 2018, more than half of the states have passed their own legislation, and Stateside bettors are making up for the lost time.

As a result, much of America is an opportunity-rich and information-poor environment for bettors, resulting in a gap in the market for informative blogs and sites that need iGaming SEO. A service like this can be offered internationally from anywhere in the world that has a significant English-speaking population.

Additionally, companies that operate in the iGaming space are spending millions every year in order to improve their visibility on search engines and gain more organic traffic.


It hasn’t been easy to enter the iGaming market in Germany in the past. Today, it is the second largest market for iGaming (after the UK) in Europe. Even so, it is still fairly tightly regulated.

As a result of its stricter laws, it is an important place for iGaming SEO, as potential bettors need reliable information regarding what is and isn’t allowed under German gaming laws, as well as finding the most reputable iGaming providers.

With notable growth countries such as Austria in its orbit, an iGaming SEO company with German-speaking staff can certainly benefit from this growing market.


It is no secret that Malta is a major country in Europe when it comes to iGaming. Together with the UK Gambling Commission, the Maltese Gaming Authority is known for taking a leading role in betting regulation.

A lot of companies in the sector, such as betting companies and marketing firms that specialize in iGaming, have opened offices in Malta as a result of this.

Thus, it is perhaps the most fertile ground for iGaming SEO providers – not least because 88% of Maltese speak English comfortably despite the national language being Maltese.

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