Incorporating Live Music Into Your Bar or Restaurant

Incorporating Live Music Into Your Bar or Restaurant

Owning a restaurant or bar requires creativity and vision to attract new customers and keep the old ones coming back for more. One of the ways establishments keep things interesting for everybody is by incorporating live music. After all, there’s nothing better than dinner and a show. Explore the best ways to make live music a part of your establishment and see how this strategy leads to success.

Select the Appropriate Tunes for Your Space

The first step towards incorporating live music into your bar or restaurant is considering what type of musical act will be the most appropriate fit for your establishment. Perhaps you’ve been told that your bar has a grungy appeal. If so, consider hiring garage-punk or local rock bands to play shows for you.

In a different vein, you might run the best family-style Italian restaurant in the city. Then, you’d likely choose a professional violinist or string ensemble over a rock band. You should book an act that emphasizes the atmosphere already present in your bar or restaurant. Ensure you’re considering this component early on in your planning stages.

Set Up Your Event or Venue Area

There is no incorporating live music into your bar or restaurant without an incredible venue for artists to take center stage. Before booking your artist of choice, ensure that you’ve cut out space to house these live performances. You want to craft an area that is practical for your musicians and appealing to your customers. Luckily, there are many different ways to achieve this.

For instance, some establishments choose to renovate their buildings and set up a permanent performance venue. Some businesses choose to create a venue space with rental tents or other temporary sites. Either way, having a space for your acts to play in is the most necessary element in adding live music to your bar or restaurant’s operations.

Provide the Proper Equipment

The only thing more important than the venue space is the equipment and setup you offer your acts. Excellent musicians typically don’t require too much to play a killer show. Still, they’ll need a stage and some technical equipment to captivate your customers. Every act you hire will likely have different ideas about what constitutes an ideal setup.

It’s best to directly ask the performers about the specific things they’ll need to perform. But how do you get this information from each artist? We’re glad you asked. Before booking and interviewing potential acts, ask them what they require to put on a good show.

Write up an itinerary based on their responses and ensure that your stage is well-equipped for showtime. Doing so will help them play an excellent set. As a result, you’ll attract new customers and musicians who are excited to do business with you.

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