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Running a pub can be a demanding job and there’s a lot to consider before taking on the task. There are costs involved, especially in the current climate where you’ll need to consider the rising price of energy and inflation. And you’ll want to think about aspects such as training, employing staff and business management.

We’ll explore some of the main considerations to help you decide whether running a pub is right for you.


While you may not need formal qualifications, as such, to be able to run your own pub, you might want to undertake a certain level of training to gain knowledge of the industry, especially if hospitality is new to you. Depending on the nature of your pub, you might be required to complete a certification in food safety and hygiene.

If you decide to embark on a partnership with a company, they will normally provide you with a range of courses and training to get you up to speed.


When running a pub, it’s crucial that you obtain the right certifications, licences and paperwork. You’ll normally need:

  • A licence to serve alcohol
  • To display a variety of notices such as alcohol measurements, fire evacuation procedures, CCTV and no-smoking signs
  • A valid TV licence to be able to show live sport, for example

Another important aspect of running a pub is arranging the right cover. Margins can often be tight, which means that insurance for pubs can be helpful for your peace of mind as it makes you more likely to be able to bounce back from any unexpected incidents.

Financial undertaking

Running a pub is no cheap feat. It’s important to evaluate the costs involved before jumping in, especially as recent data revealed that almost two in three pubs in the UK are unprofitable. You should take into account factors such as:

  • Staff salaries and training
  • Goods and equipment
  • Rent/mortgage
  • Bills
  • Cleaning and repairs
  • Decorating and maintenance

Business skills

Just as with any business, it’s important to have business management skills and bags of enthusiasm if you want to run a pub. This could include marketing, coming up with creative ideas, budgeting, coordinating rotas and the ability to organise and plan ahead, particularly when it comes to events such as Christmas.

Social skills

There are not many other areas of business where strong social skills are required as much as when running a pub. These types of establishments represent community, relaxation and the chance to be social, so it’s vital to be able to establish relationships, demonstrate friendliness and offer excellent service to all customers, whatever day of the week.

Running a pub can be time-consuming, hard work and often a challenge; however, for the right person, the job can also offer the ideal fun and rewarding career.

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