King Palm Donates To LLP & Joins NCIA Membership

King Palm Donates To LLP & Joins NCIA Membership
2 years ago

Started in 2016, King Palm has been driven to provide tobacco-free smoking solutions and top-rated accessories to the cannabis community. In only a few short years, they have cultivated a massive social media following on Instagram, and have become the blunt cone of choice for those looking for a more natural way to smoke cannabis. Their products are available throughout all 50 states and on the international market.

Recently, King Palm has partnered with the Last Prisoner Project to raise awareness of those still imprisoned, despite recent changes in cannabis laws. They have also become a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, which means they have partnered with two of the most powerful national advocates for policy reform. Let’s take a closer look at these organizations and what they’re doing to challenge weed laws and empower the cannabis industry.

Last Prisoner Project

The Last Prisoner Project was formed in 2019 by Steve DeAngelo and is a non-profit group composed of leaders, educators, policy experts, attorneys, and every day individuals impacted by the justice system. Together, they are working to end the systematic injustice resulting from America’s failed efforts at cannabis prohibition.

The Last Prisoner Project was created out of the firm belief that anyone who can build wealth in the now-legal cannabis industry found in many areas of the country now has an obligation. An obligation and a moral imperative to work for the release of those still imprisoned on cannabis charges and to help them rebuild their lives.

Even though cannabis is now legal, in one form or another, in 31 of our 50 states, an estimated minimum of 40,000 inmates are still imprisoned for nonviolent cannabis-related crimes. These cannabis laws have since changed due to cannabis decriminalization or the enacting of medical or recreational cannabis laws.

How King Palm Is Helping

To help the Last Prisoner Project gain more visibility and awareness with everyday smokers and cannabis enthusiasts, King Palm has created a Last Prisoner Project rolling tray set. These sturdy disposable rolling trays are the perfect size to roll a fat joint or pack up a pre-rolled cone.

The trays also feature a stunning graphic that showcases the collaboration in a sobering image. Half of the tray is an image of your favorite palm pre-rolls. In contrast, the other half is a stark reminder that there are still millions of people imprisoned for non-violent cannabis offenses in areas where weed laws may have already changed.

These high-quality rolling trays are available in a 6-pack for just $3.00, and each set sold helps the Last Prisoner Project. Each purchase contributes to their mission of getting inmates released, and giving them the tools they need to be successful in society. These trays let you give back while rolling up.

The Cannabis Industry Membership

The NCIA, or the National Cannabis Industry Association, is the largest, most experienced, and most effective trade association based on lobbying weed laws for the booming cannabis industry. The NCIA is the only organization that advocates, on a national scale, in favor of small cannabis businesses. A major reason is that the membership of the NCIA is primarily made up of tens of thousands of cannabis professionals spread across hundreds of cannabis-based small businesses.

One of the goals of the NCIA is to use the collectivization of small businesses for the betterment of the cannabis industry. This means they advocate for policy reforms that benefit the entire industry, not just the richest members. This is the foundation of their membership program, which provides member businesses with advocacy, education, and community. King Palm recently joined that membership, so that they could have a hand in positive changes in the cannabis industry.

At the core of the NCIA is its tenacious defense of small cannabis industry interests. They push to ensure that legal cannabis businesses aren’t forced to pay higher effective tax rates than other retail businesses. The NCIA is also at the forefront of the push to legitimize the cannabis industry’s banking ability, fighting to reform the laws that largely force the cannabis industry to remain cash-based.

Additionally, they promote the benefits of the cannabis industry to parties that remain largely unfamiliar with the space, and the progress that has been made in the past several years. On top of it all, they ensure that when jobs are created, and tax revenue is at all-time highs due to cannabis, the cannabis industry gets its proper recognition.

More About King Palm

King Palm is most well-known for its preroll cones, but they have an extensive and impressive catalog of products. Through their website or Amazon store, you can find prerolls for every occasion, rolling papers, filter tips, rose cones, and more, along with various accessories.

For those who operate companies that need preroll wraps, wholesale quantities are available at very attractive prices. Owners of smoke shops and similar retail locations can take advantage of the cool products and the gorgeous, eye-catching displays. Take a look below at some of the products available.

Pre-rolled Cones

The pre-rolled cones are hand-rolled from select leaves made from the Cordia palm. They burn slowly and evenly and have almost no taste.

Filter Tips

The only thing that can ruin a good blunt is having a bunch of weed sticking to your lips. Prevent that, and give your smoke a chance to cool, by using one of the many flavored or unflavored filter tip choices available.

Rolling Papers

The 100% organic and all-natural hemp rolling papers are some of the best on the market. They provide a more pleasurable smoking experience than other brands that have been around for more than 100 years.


While the black aluminum non-stick grinder made Hip Hop Weekly’s list of the best grinders in 2022, there are several other options, both manual and electric.


An ashtray is an oft-forgotten piece of gear that every good cannabis smoke spot needs. Keep your blunt ashes contained and your spot tidy with one of the sleek and attractive ashtray options available.

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