Mail Marketing with USPS Mail Previews

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2 years ago

The world today is evolving rapidly and there is an ever-growing trend toward specialization. Simultaneously, marketing strategies are also evolving to feed the growing demands of the customers. Now, the focus of marketing companies is to target the right customer with the right product. The timing of delivery is very important as most deals you want to convey are time-sensitive.

Marketing today is all about the audience. A successful marketer knows its audience and where to target them for maximum output. There can’t be a universal campaign to feed all potential customers. Specialization has also increased the workload as now a specific plan is needed to target small businesses or large corporate sectors.

To cater to the growing demands of the marketing trends USPS has introduced an informed delivery system. USPS informed delivery is a tool that provides a digital preview of the mail that the customers are about to receive before it is received in their mailbox. Customers can get a daily preview of their mail which exhibits outer images of the actual mail pieces. USPS allows the companies to combine direct mail and digital marketing strategies in this way. The previews are viewable through USPS mobile app or email notification.

Benefits of Informed Delivery

The feature which makes this tool most desirable for the marketing companies is that it includes a link that provides access to the content of the advertiser which may be on the company’s website, app, or video channel. In this way, consumers can easily access the digital content linked with their mail pieces.

For marketers, the benefits are multifold.

  • Informed delivery gives the marketers, the advantage of linking direct mail with the digital one. It secures both ends by showing the ad and sending direct mail.
  • Another advantage is that the life of an ad here is longer than the usual ones. It stays in your inbox which you can go back and revisit.
  • Tracking open and click-through rates is crucial in digital marketing. With the help of informed delivery updates, these rates can be tracked easily. These response rates for direct mail campaigns can then be used to improve the existing services.
  • United States Postal Service is providing free informed delivery services for now.

In addition, customer responses can be reinforced by using digital mail previews which are essentially combined with physical mail pieces that are scheduled to arrive in your mailbox soon. Its greatest appeal is that it is providing a personal yet cost-effective way of getting your messages to potential consumers. Right now, direct mail campaigns with informed delivery are providing the greatest access ratio with a guaranteed approach. This innovative mailing technique is very instrumental in highlighting new products and advertising promotions and incentives to the concerned audience.

The inclusion of samples with the advertisement makes direct mail marketing more persuasive. Though some argue that the effect on sales is limited, informed delivery is an effective way of spreading brand awareness. Informed delivery though relatively new, is used by millions of Americans and can be regarded as a new era of marketing strategies.

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