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A marketing plan provides the overall, high level strategy based on the brand’s objectives over a period of time. … A marketing campaign is a focused, tactical initiative to achieve a specific marketing goal.

The Difference Between Marketing Strategy and Campaign

At the risk of angering the marketing strategists, the following is intended to add a dose of sharp realism to an industry growing increasingly out of control – creating a renaissance for marketers and brand managers who approach their tasks with the cold eye of business reality. Any planner looking for a rationale for the new marketing phenomenon might wish to stop reading now, for the following may not reflect his or her view of things. But I don’t want to leave out a key element that almost always defines marketing strategy. Far too many of these people rely too much on soap operas as a niche genre.

Marketing strategy is an organization’s long term plan designed to ensure success in the future. This plan is needed to create an effective marketing program that will appeal to and motivate target audiences.

A marketing campaign is a lead time frame as detailed as possible for a specific marketing initiative with a specific target, and a clearly defined goal. This is achieved by breaking them into two parts: the essence of the marketing initiative and the reason why the initiative is being conducted.

Marketing strategy is the overall framework used to guide the processes and decisions that result in the marketing campaign. A marketing campaign is a series of decisions, actions, and activities designed to attain specific goals.

Marketing Strategy

The risk a strategist faces is that the target audience might not have thought to purchase the product or service. However, if the best product or service is offered, it will be purchased by virtually everyone. This is the key to success.

Marketing campaign tactics must focus on the clear objective. If the objective is to increase unit volume, then promotions that do not increase the unit volume will not contribute much to success. The principal of “buy first, sell later” must be adhered to; this is essential to increasing unit volume.

Marketing strategy is a set of goals to be achieved by implementing a very specific marketing plan. In order to achieve these goals, the campaign is designed to drive traffic to specific media pages using a specific campaign approach. The campaign is designed to capture the audience at a specific point that has a specific need. Advertising, direct mail, and/or public relations is brought to the marketer to be used to achieve the marketing objectives.

The most important lesson here is this: Target audiences must have thought of purchasing the product or service before the marketer lays out a marketing campaign to promote it.


A marketing campaign is a focused, tactical initiative to achieve a specific marketing goal. The intent of the campaign is to go out and find the number of new customers or current customers who meet the specific criteria of the customer profile.

The campaign must be targeted to find the number of new customers or current customers who meet the specific criteria of their product or service.

The process of selecting customers is

a series of decisions, actions, and activities designed to reach the desired target audience using the most effective tools available.

Community Marketing

Most communities have developed policies to regulate heckling that could be extended to many marketing and advertising situations. However, the requirements of a community do not apply to a product or service sold by a product manufacturer. However, if a marketing campaign concerning a service advertised at a local business or corporation violates a policy designed for instances of harassment in the community, the responsible party could be challenged legally. If it violates the community harassment policy, the marketer could be required to pay the legal fees. However, the community lawyers are not likely to advocate for the reasonable advertiser.

There is no single best approach for marketing your product or services to your target audience; each situation is unique. The degree of market penetration is the best way to get an overall idea of your market potential. How ready are they for your product or service? How many of your target audience can be reached with your product? How many people can purchase your product or service with only minor advertising efforts? Marketing research can help you determine the answer to the first modification, but marketing initiatives are subjective.

If you don’t know how to begin, take a look at a few of the current strategies currently employed in advertising. These strategies are excellent (they work for a specific target audience). They are not what is used to achieve brand building, to create a new general market awareness for a product or service after basic research to select the product or service, and to use a marketing strategy to achieve a marketing campaign to create the market.

The market research should be used as the basis for the strategy and campaign. It should inform your marketing plan and guide your campaign as sure as a compass will guide a general heading. Market research provides the answers for the items of information.

Market Research to Design a Marketing Strategy

Some marketing research is accomplished when an advertiser looks at the market group he or she is targeting and determines its size, characteristics, and motivations.

Where Is Your Market?

The most successful products or services tend to have two qualities that make them outstanding.

The first is that the product or service is truly differentiated in some way from its competitors. This is usually because the competitor is offering an inferior product (the “runner-up”) or a service that is cheaper (the “tonka-truck”). Either way the product or service is uncompetitive.

These two characteristics are the true measure of success when setting a goal for your product or service. This measure is better than the “headline” figures published by the company, because your goal is to create small differences in market share by pursuing the strongest aspects of the market.

The second quality that makes the product or service outstanding is that those people who attend the right events or have the right attitudes are ready to buy.

This means that your product or service is right for the market you want to attract to it. This is a very important characteristic that is not easy to duplicate with other products or services. The product or service may then be successful even though it is different from the competition. The reason is that the buyer is ready.

You can determine if the product or service is right for the market by understanding your market.

Marketing Research

How Does Your Market Segment?

Feel about Your Product or Service?

The specific market segment needs to be part of every marketing strategy. It is a very important bit of information when thinking of how to change the product to create a new market.

This tactic is appropriate here to determine if there is a real market for your product or service. It is also a very effective way to evaluate the product itself when you are thinking of increasing your sales by altering it to suit the demands of the market. It is an important part of using market research for the development of a marketing strategy.

How Can You Increase Your Market?

Would Changing Your Marketing Strategy Reduce Your Product Sales,

by Adopting the Wrong Approach?

This tactic can be used to identify the best approach to developing a marketing strategy. By knowing how many people will buy the product or service, you can effectively redirect your marketing efforts to smaller market segments within the target market.

If you use this tactic illicitly, you could be surprised at the results. The quickest approach to raising the product sales is to find out how many people are already buying the product, and then determine if there are several specific groups of people who need the product more or less than they do. This tactic is very effective when used with the mass market, and particularly effective to target university students.

How Many People do You Want to Buy from Now on?

What Is Your Market Size?

To develop a marketing strategy, you need a good idea of market size. If you do not know the size of your market, you are very unlikely to succeed. You need to turn to the supporters of your product or service and ask: “Would you buy this or that if you met the right few people?” If you say “no,” then you do not have a market.

This tactic is the best way to decide what product or service the company should adopt. It is the best way to design a marketing strategy for a product or service. You need to find out how many people you want to get to buy your product or service.

How Many Purchasing Decisions do YOU Want to Influence?

Your market size is the measure of how many people you might get to buy your product or service. To develop a marketing strategy means marketing the product to your target market and not to the mass market.

To develop a successful marketing strategy, you need to know the market size. To develop a marketing campaign means marketing with the market.

How Will You Market the Product Without Market Research?

This is a good tactic to be used when you think of abandoning the use of market research. You do this to increase your marketing know-how by implementing your own knowledge of the product or service, and research of prospective customers and markets.

You may not be doing market research. You are marketing the product without using the market research. In some ways this is not normal, because the same reasons the market research is used can be found when you are marketing without market research.

This tactic is also a handy way to determine if the product is appropriate for the market or if you should move toward a different product.

Estimate the Number of Groups that Will Actually Buy Your Product.

This is a good tactic to be used iteratively. It also provides some possibilities for alternative marketing if the market does not coalesce as predicted. In that case there may still be purchasers from other groups who were overlooked.

What Groups of Your Target Market Will Actually Buy your Product?

Too often you did not consider other groups that might buy the product, and you thought you succeeded in making sales to the product group you had selected. You thought you did good with your market research when what you really did was pick the wrong market. This tactic is the best way to plan the marketing effort when you care most about the market size.

For many small businesses, this approach is difficult to understand. It is something that may not have been discovered by a business researcher. This tactic is also a very useful measure to determine how to influence the market direction and how to develop your marketing strategy.

How Many People Will Buy the Product If You Introduce it to the Market?

This tactic is very useful to help you determine if your product will sell, if it is appropriate for the market, or if it is to your liking.

This tactic is used even when you have developed a specific product line. This tactic helps you determine how many people will buy the line if you get the product into the market. It is a measure that can lead to product lines that do not have others.

How many people could buy your product without the work? This is the best tactic to measure the market size for directing marketing efforts. It provides the very first information you need to evaluate your product or service and guide your marketing efforts.

What is your present market size? This helps to determine how many people you need to reach.

What would be the size of the market if you had entered the market last year?

What would be the size of the mass market?

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