Mistakes To Avoid When Working From a Home Office

Mistakes To Avoid When Working From a Home Office
3 years ago

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more people have made the switch to remote work. While avoiding traffic jams and long commutes is alluring, you can face numerous pitfalls when working remotely. Discipline and accountability are vital keys to succeeding outside of a traditional office setting. Look at a few mistakes to avoid when working from a home office. By knowing them, you can enjoy a less stressful experience.


If you no longer face a long morning commute, there might be a temptation to stay up way past your usual bedtime. The trip from your bedroom to your home office is probably short. Your bedroom might even be your home office. But you can still oversleep and leave yourself scrambling to prepare for the day ahead.

Set a regular time to sleep every night, similar to what you’d do if you had to commute to the office in the mornings. Even though you might be able to work in your pajamas most of the day, you might occasionally have early on-camera meetings. Adopting good sleep habits will save you from rushing to the computer half-asleep.

Getting Distracted

For parents who work from home, distractions are almost inevitable. Small children who haven’t started school require constant care. If you’re a remote worker and parent of small kids, outside childcare might not be feasible. Some employers offer childcare, but it’s not the rule. Do your best to manage time between work and caretaking.

Make sure to remind friends and family of your regular work hours to avoid getting any unwanted visits during your shift. If you find that your television and smartphone distract you from work, keep the TV off and put your smartphone in a drawer.

Having Bad Lighting

There’s nothing fun about developing a migraine headache in the middle of an important task. Looking at a computer screen for hours has real consequences. Staring at a computer screen in the dark is even worse. Headaches and vision damage can result from straining your eyes in dark places. Take a look around your office and come up with ideas for better lighting.

Working from a home office has its benefits, especially during a pandemic. But if you become distracted easily, it could become a challenge to complete tasks on time. Take a moment to address any of the pitfalls that come with remote working. Your career and sanity will benefit from this.

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