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Modern mobile devices make it likely to discover the boldest statements in the development of mobile games. On the one hand, it extends the limits for actions, on the other; it problematizes the approach, since you have to fund a lot of action and capital to create a competitive outcome. Aside from indie designers, and concentrating on large-scale projects, developing and terminating a game on a mobile device applies a lot of techniques and a broad spectrum of devices.

Mobile Game Development Process - A Detailed Guide

Types of game applications being developed

  • Native

These are applications developed for the abilities and characteristics of only one platform.

  • Hybrid

Mobile games that may operate on more than one platform. That is, hybrid applications may be established on both Samsung devices operating Android and iPhones operating iOS.

To implement the most regular functions, the Unity machine is used, which is popular for growth.

Types of mobile games

1. Entertainment games

They are divided into numerous types:

  • puzzles – useful for developing quick wits and analytical skills;
  • arcades are short intense game levels. A classic example of arcade games is the well-known “Mario”;
  • strategies – multiplayer games in which you need to think over the tactics of action, each step, its consequences, and their possible solutions;
  • sports simulators – imitation of playing various sports;
  • shooters are mainly games with a military theme and shooting weapons at various opponents.

2. Learning apps

Basically, these are mobile applications that help to better assimilate various knowledge and playfully acquire skills.

Educational is divided into:

  • Educational games for children. With the help of a colorful interface and characters, the child learns the basics of logic, comparison, classification, etc. For example, teaching counting and reading, etc., an educational application for children from 2 to 5 years old;
  • Educational for all ages. These can be multilevel training courses with a method of rewards and rewards for successful completion of assignments and passing tests, with indicators of the learning method, etc.

Steps of mobile game development

It supplies not just a visionary approach but furthermore initial planning of all steps with absolutely specified terms of concern like in Fondlygames – game development services.

The major points consistently contain:

  • idea – a fundamental point, determining what kind of game it will be, in what approach and genre, for what mark audience it is made, etc .;
  • engagement – the user must be taken away, and for this, it is important to comprehend what will maintain him in your application;
  • preference of platform – there exist two principal ones: Android and iOS, optimal – help for both OS;
  • design – think over the architecture, lure an experienced game designer who will fill the application with good and compelling qualities;
  • monetization – the current freemium form is most suitable due to the option of free downloading when the player has already been affected and the option of in-game assets occurs;
  • support – after the escape, the real work starts on the integration of updates, marketing, and society.

Favored engines for creators

Today, four main machines for the Fondly growth of mobile games have been formed, which are used by most studios, companies, and individual specialists:

1. Unity

A combined development environment that shows multi-platform creation means. The environment is successfully employed to form any titles – from simple to AAA class. The engine’s capabilities include the creation of objects and components, built-in play mode, help for many media and APIs.

2. AppGameKit

Includes an extensive group of devices and ready-made answers for easy development. Cross-platform and integrated monetization tools simplify the process of making a game application.

3. Marmalade SDK

Operates C ++ code, including libraries, programming, testing devices, etc. Renders illustrations through OpenGL or Marmalade Studio, employs open architecture and Android optimizations in source code.

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