Most Durable Commercial Floor Options

Most Durable Commercial Floor Options
4 years ago

Whether you’re in the middle of opening a retail business, or your retail locations are closed due to COVID-19, take advantage of this downtime. As soon as businesses can re-open, be ready to help every customer who walks through the door. So, while you are closed or in the building process, you should install durable floors. Otherwise, you’ll have to replace your floors before you know it with all that foot traffic coming in. Continue reading to reference some of the most durable commercial floor options.

Quarry tile

If you run a restaurant, quarry tile is a great option. Not only are these tiles extremely durable, but they’re also simple to install and don’t require much maintenance. The main disadvantage of quarry tiles is their customization—or lack thereof. Many manufacturers only offer a handful of colors to choose from, so if you’re looking for a unique design, quarry tiles may not be for you.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

On the other hand, luxury vinyl tile is also extremely durable, but you get a lot more color and design options. Alternatively, since the seams aren’t sealed, LVT isn’t a great option for restaurants and kitchens since you’d have a higher risk of major spills and getting moisture under your tiles. However, these tiles are more than capable of handling heavy foot traffic, day-to-day spills, and so on.

Laminate flooring

Much like the floors in many homes, you could certainly install laminate flooring in your business. If you’re like many other businesses, you’re probably trying to cut costs in this pandemic. That said, laminate flooring is the way to go. You could easily install laminate on your own since many of them simply snap together. Of course, if you’re not a very handy person, hiring someone to do your laminate floors should be relatively affordable compared to other flooring alternatives.

Polished or stained concrete

If you want the most durable flooring available with very minimal maintenance, you should simply stick to concrete floors—specifically, polished or stained concrete floors. However, although there’s minimal maintenance required, don’t fall prey to these misconceptions about concrete floor maintenance. Polished and stained concrete are the most durable options on this list. Not to mention, they look awesome—especially if you’re going for a modern-rustic vibe.

All in all, you have options. You don’t have to choose one of these durable commercial floor options. However, investing in quality and durable floors will save you a ton of money in the long run by avoiding repairs and excessive maintenance.

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