NY-Based 3D Printing Companies Surpass Million-Dollar Funding Mark

6 months ago

3D printing offers a wealth of potential benefits in innovation, speed, cost-effectiveness, and customization, transforming the landscape of manufacturing. In particular, New York, the state with a rich history in manufacturing and business innovation, is home to a plethora of disruptive 3D printing companies. Several of these companies have caught the eyes of investors, raising over $1 million in funding to fuel their ventures.

This article highlights the impressive work of seven such companies that are leveraging 3D printing to revolutionize various industries, from manufacturing and eyewear to biotechnology and construction. These New York-based companies have not only raised over a million in funding, but they have also demonstrated significant potential in their respective sectors.

Each of these companies offers unique solutions, innovative ideas and approaches that have perpetuated exciting advances in the realm of 3D printing. Without further ado, here are the seven companies to watch:

Voodoo Manufacturing

Founded by Jonathan Schwartz, Max Friedfeld, Oliver Ortlieb and Patrick Deem, Voodoo Manufacturing operates a robotic 3D printing factory in Brooklyn, New York. This innovative tech company provides speedy, affordable, and high-volume manufacturing services to its clients. You can find more about them on their
Facebook, @voodoomfg on Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.


Also based in New York, MakerOS, founded by Mike Moceri, offers a B2B SaaS platform that enables 3D printing companies to collaborate more efficiently with their clients, helping them to win more business, reduce churn, increase machine utilization and scale comfortably. Find them on Facebook, @MakerOS on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

King Children

King Children, founded by David Lee and Sahir Zaveri in Brooklyn, New York, is changing the eyewear game with their 3D custom-printed glasses. Thanks to their proprietary technology, customers can conduct face scans, virtually try-on a vast selection of frame designs, colors, and lenses right from their phones. They are on LinkedIn.


BioSapien, co-founded by Khatija Ali, is a pre-clinical biotech company employing 3D printing to create novel biodegradable implantable products that deliver pharmaceutical ingredients for oncology indications. Located in New York, the company is pioneering an innovative approach to cancer care that could potentially change the game in the pharmaceutical industry. They are also on LinkedIn.


Founded by James Allen Regenor and LeGrand Richard Groves in East Aurora, New York, VeriTX specializes in the blockchain-enabled marketplace for digital assets. The company’s software platform is geared towards the aerospace digital supply chain industry. Follow them on @VeriTX on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Black Buffalo 3D

Black Buffalo 3D, founded by Dae-Sun Chung in New York, focuses on sustainable 3D construction and related supplies and services. Launched in 2020, the company demonstrates how advanced 3D printing technology can revolutionize the construction industry. Find them on LinkedIn.

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