Our Top Recommended Cyber Security Solutions – Ideal For Small Business

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4 years ago

These companies provide solutions tailored to suit small businesses, so don’t hesitate to protect the data of your company, and your customers, by investing in cyber security today. Use a purple team platform.


This product was recommended by Nicole Rogerson from Packetlabs Ltd

Being in the cyber security industry, it is our number one priority to make sure that we can help businesses feel that they are secure, and protected against attackers. Especially during this time, when many companies are already suffering from financial hardships. This being said, we would recommend that at minimum, small businesses reach out to a security company that they trust, and have a conversation with them about where to start with having their environment tested.

Depending on what the business needs done, this isn’t a costly test, and could save the company thousands of dollars should they end up breached. I would recommend using Packetlabs for this service. All of our employees are required to have their OSCP certification, which requires passing a 24 hour exam which is on top of their post secondary education. After this exam, they then start working on the next certification OSCE which requires a 48 hour exam. This is just the minimum requirements, many have gone on to complete more certifications. Packetlabs has worked with many large, reputable companies including; police forces, cities, banks, large grocery retailers, and many more.

WatchGuard’s AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication

This product was recommended by Samantha Griffith from Loveys Baby Media Inc.

To ensure that my company is not susceptible to infiltration and breach, I implemented the usage of AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication which secures companies’ valuable data and provides an additional layer of protection for my organization. WatchGuard’s AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication is pretty straightforward even for someone who has limited expertise in cybersecurity.

It is ideal for small businesses to mid-market and also significantly accessible since it’s a cloud service. One of the features is it prompts your connected mobile device about login attempts, which you can deny or approve. Using WatchGuard’s AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication solves a lot in our company, from cyber risks and unauthorized access to government regulations compliance. I also noticed a higher ROI since using AuthPoint MFA. Anyways, I hope I was able to contribute to your article with my insight on my best cybersecurity solution. I would like to see how other businesses are solving cybersecurity and would love to see the final output for this!


This product was recommended by Ken Hagihara from Integrity Public Relations

The Kensington VeriMark IT Fingerprint Key puts business-class security at your fingertips, supporting Windows Hello, Windows Hello for Business, and applications including Office 365, Skype, Outlook, and Azure Active Director. Using a fingerprint, VeriMark IT authenticates without storing passwords on servers, providing business professionals more security, convenience, privacy, and scalability. Fingerprint data is secured on the device and can be used to support a company’s cybersecurity measures consistent with privacy laws such as GDPR, BIPA and CCPA.

eMazzanti Technologies

This product was recommended by Carl Mazzanti from eMazzanti Technologies

eMazzanti Technologies has been providing critical security for businesses of all sizes for nearly 20 years. With eCare Secure Route, we deliver scalable, enterprise-grade security built on the cloud and ideal for small businesses. Business leaders deploy quickly and manage security easily through a web-based dashboard. In addition to providing ease of use, eCare Secure Route uses machine learning to protect against emerging threats before an attack occurs. In fact, the solution stops up to 98 percent more attacks than traditional security solutions.

Bitdefender GravityZone

This product was recommended by John Stevenson from Top VPN Canada

I am the head of Top VPN Canada which is one of the biggest internet privacy websites in Canada. As an entrepreneur whose business prioritizes data security, I am adept at utilizing various tools that can best protect my business and customers. I believe I can share my recommendation for a cybersecurity solution fit for small businesses. Security remains one of the top priorities when running a business and when it comes to providing all the essentials, Bitdefender GravityZone outstrips its peers in that regard. I like Bitdefender’s powerful, but easy to use interface.

It offers anti-ransomware and disk encryption and comes features that protect users from phishing, malware and other attacks. The platform quietly runs in the background without taking up too much of the RAM, which is mainly the cause of lag issues among other security software. The service provided is a good fit for the price it offers, making it ideal for small businesses.

Greg Scott VPN Setup

This product was recommended by Greg Scott from Infrasupport Corporation

Every small business struggling to help its people work from home in the middle of a global pandemic needs How to Build a VPN in Four Easy Steps Without Spending one Penny. Readers can’t buy it because I’m giving it away. Here’s a link, complete with video demos for each step. I’m suggesting this service because the world needs it, and it helps an audience find my cybersecurity novels. For anyone who uses my VPN methodology, all I ask in return is, consider buying copies of one or more of my cybersecurity novels for everyone in your company. Since everyone has to stay home anyway, your employees can enjoy my novels at night and learn about cybersecurity.

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