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Plumbers Should Know about these Business Software Services that could Streamline their Business

by David Friedland
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Using the following Business Software Services could be the answer to maximizing the efficiency of your business. Saving time by moving to online business management is a must for any business, so take a look below.

Closing Commander

This product was recommended by Carter Harkins from Closing Commander

Manual follow-up can be done, but it’s certainly not easy, cost-effective, or scalable for busy plumbing and HVAC businesses. Who has the time or desire to do it themselves or hound their techs or employees to do it?

You need a better way, and that better way is Closing Commander™ — an easy-to-use, automated follow-up system that saves you time and money by nurturing your customers towards the close. Want to effortlessly close 20% more opportunities? Put Closing Commander to work for you.


This product was recommended by Natalya Bucuy from LiveHelpNow, LLC

As business owners, plumbers are constantly focused on the details of their day-to-day tasks. Time is of essence and a lot of it is spent delivering services and ensuring customer satisfaction. HelpSquad is a full-service agent-supported live chat service that can help with tasks such as sales, website management and reporting, customer service inquiries, and even service scheduling.

Agents act as knowledgeable representatives of the business, provide round-the-clock support, and serve as an extension of the brand. Unique features, such Facebook and SMS integration and website visitor tracking, as well as affordable 24/7 coverage can ensure no missed inquiries, high customer response rate, and advanced support any business owner can appreciate.

Zip Solutions

This product was recommended by Jerry Hall from MasterTech Plumbing

Zip Solutions’ was designed for service & sales plumbers by service & sales plumbers. It’s flexible! Zip can be configured to serve the owner-operator as well as organizations that operate multiple locations. Being able to configure the software allows organizations to methodically grow into a wealth of modern best-practices without having to change software through each growth cycle.

And grow they will. There are systems for marketing. Systems for presenting options, dispatch, accounting, inventory, Google reviews and more. Zip has all the systems any size service organization needs to be seen as professional by both their peers and their customers.

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