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Your resume is your visiting card, and it is also the key to unlocking your dreams. So building a basic yet strong resume is crucial. If you are applying for a manager position, you will have to explain your fundamental skills like leadership, organization, and supervision.

Each industry mostly has a job role of ‘manager.’ While the specific demands of each of these industries might be different, there are some specific skills and details you should mention for any manager post you apply to.

This article will act as a complete guide to learning and understanding the resume drafting process for the manager position.

Include management specific skills

Irrespective of what role you are applying to, it is vital to be very specific to the job title and give a crisp context of your experience. For example, as a manager, you will play a significant role in delegating responsibilities to everyone and coordinating the entire team. Even as a business manager, you might have to manage a single department or oversee the functions in different areas.

Therefore, adding key skills related to management will make more impact. For instance, the skills like planning workflow, monitoring budgets, networking, clear communication, supervision, etc., are some of the critical skills that highlight your efficiency for the position of manager.

Career Objective/Summary

  • Mention your goals – While you write the objective, showcase your goals and skills, portraying how motivated and talented you are.
  • How you can benefit the company – When you draft the objective or summary, it is also important to detail how you can benefit the company and why they should hire you.

Example: Performance-oriented business professional with X years of experience developing effective teams seeking the management position to contribute to a growing sales team and boost productivity.

If you are looking for a more experienced role, go with a chronological resume

A chronological resume is where you add your experience in an orderly and detailed manner. In most resumes, we have divisions of different sub-heads like career objective, education, experience, skills, and others.

So, if you have a lot of experience and can back your achievements with some numbers, go for a chronological resume. Keep the other sections relatively small and detail your work experience. To get a better idea how it’s supposed to look, find manager resume templates online and copy the parts you can use. A clear and structured explanation of your experience will immediately grab the recruiter’s attention.

Using relevant keywords

When you apply for the manager position, it is crucial to pick keywords from the job description and tailor your resume accordingly. If you already have experience, you will know the major responsibilities expected of a manager and can include the same.

These keywords will highlight that you are a perfect fit for the job. For instance, you can use employee benefit plans, benefits policies, or health care benefits in your resume when applying for management positions. If you have already accomplished specific tasks in your previous job, like introducing an employee recognition initiative, you can also highlight that. Using such keywords will help you stand out among others.

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