Run a Rental Business? These Software Packages are Recommended for You

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4 years ago

Adapting your business to by using new software can be a great way to streamline your team and use time more efficiently. The Software Packages below have all been recommended for rental businesses; take a look below to see the reviews.

Landlord Vision

This product was recommended by Kat Black from Landlord Vision

Landlord Vision makes managing properties easy. It’s an all in one platform designed by rental business owners to help you run an effective, organised and streamlined rental business. You can manage finances, rental payments, tenants, documents – all the spinning plates – in one easy platform with one easy price.

No need to use lots of different softwares, no need to pay for every element of the software, just sign up and get everything you need. Landlord Vision will save you time on admin, save you money on accounting and will finally make you organised.


This product was recommended by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

Go from chasing your tail through paperwork and spreadsheets to streamlined rental operations in days.

Point of Rental

This product was recommended by David Reischer from LegalAdvice

Point of Rental is very easy to use and intuitive software that has met our company’s needs to manage several of our client’s rental properties. The software offers easy-to-build interactive quotes with quick ability to track ROI. There is ability to check for conflict detection, CRM tools, task management, and a clean looking dashboard. The customer support is always available to answer any questions and assistance. We love it.


This product was recommended by Robert Carrillo from Century 21 Haggerty

A full service cloud based Property Management system. Appfolio not only includes the tools for day-to-day property management such as rent collections, accounting and marketing, but it also includes bonuses such as communications(email/text owners and tenants), analytics, website service and even includes an app available to owners and tenants alike. They are constantly adding new tools on a week to week basis based on user recommendations.

An example would be the recent implementation, due to the ongoing pandemic, of new tools such as virtual tours and tenant payment plans. And the fact that the system and files are all cloud based have made it very convenient to work at home when need be as well as easily employ virtual assistants which is becoming more and more popular in property management. They also are quick to respond to any requests for help.


This product was recommended by Yasir Shamim from PureVPN

Most software solutions have pros/cons. i’m pretty familiar with a bunch of offerings in the space (i work in this space), one of them i recommend is: Rentalutions (post syndication, application/screening, lease signing, rent payments, maintenance requests) – great feature set, but only free for 1 property. after that it’s per property per month, which often doesn’t make sense for non-professional landlords.


This product was recommended by Eric Hughes from Rental Income Advisors

I strongly recommend RentalHero for basic accounting of rental property businesses. It is simple, intuitive, clearly organized, and best of all is designed specifically for rental properties — so it gives you everything you need, without all the extras that are built into systems like QuickBooks. Finally, the price ($119 per year) is very good compared to those full accounting systems.


This product was recommended by Adam Hamilton from REI Hub

Every rental business needs to keep good books, but most bookkeeping solutions aren’t made with rentals in mind. REI Hub is accounting software that was designed from the ground up exclusively for rental property owners and investors, making it the best solution for small and medium sized rental businesses.

REI Hub makes accounting easier and more accessible for rental operators than ever before by focusing only on what they need. Beyond being a complete double-entry accounting system, REI Hub offers a property centric interface, templates for common rental transactions, and integrated storage for key documentation and receipt images. Whether you have 3 or 30 units, REI Hub is the best rental business accounting software for your personal portfolio.

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