Running Your Business Remotely: A Guide For Ambitious Start-up Founders

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2 years ago

In its early days, running a start-up can be challenging. There’s so much competition these days with online and in-store sales. What’s your brand’s unique selling point? How can you keep yourself one step ahead of market competition and generate regular profits?

Many workers across the U.S have successfully switched to working remotely. A recent study of 10,000 U.S employees showed that they felt equally productive when working from home as they were working in the office setup. To provide you with some support, we’ve come up with this guide on running your business remotely for ambitious start-up founders.

The Right Home Office Setup Is Important

Running a start-up business from home has its benefits. You will be able to work while enjoying all your home comforts, including being able to make food in your own kitchen, looking out into your garden, waking up a bit later than you would when commuting into an office, and sometimes even walking around the house in your pajamas if you wish. But getting your home office setup is essential.

Try and make it a working space that is tidy, free of distractions, and let in as much natural light into your home office as you can. In your home office space, you will need a PC or laptop, a suitable home office desk or workstation, a cell phone or landline to answer important work calls, and a room that’s fit for purpose and conducive to home working. Want to grow your start-up successfully from home? Starting with the basics and getting your home office setup sorted is essential.

Keep Things Professional

You want customers and potential investors to view your start-up as a professional outfit that they can trust. For instance, it may not seem highly professional to others if the business address for your start-up is the same as your home address. Do you often travel on business trips but want to keep things professional and keep track of people/organizations trying to contact you via postal mail while away?

If so, a virtual PO Box in a select location could benefit you. You can gain online access to the PO Box using your computer or smartphone at any time. To learn more about virtual PO Box services from a reliable provider, check out Although you’re busy running a start-up from home, together with traveling now and then for business trips, you must remember that start-up founders in 2022 need to be sharp and not miss a trick.

Maintain Excellent Communication When Running Your Start-up From Home

One of the keys to running any business from home is maintaining constant communication throughout the day with those who help your company function. When working from home, ambitious start-up founders will need to have regular chats with investors, employees, clients, suppliers, marketing agencies, and so on.

Examples of ways business people can communicate with others when working from home include phone calls, exchanging messages on business communication platforms, videoconferences, etc. Modern technology really is a gift for anyone running a business from home. To run a successful start-up from home, you must ensure you maintain high levels of communication on working days.

Learn How To Pitch Your Start-Up To Investors

In order to be successful and scale up, start-ups need continual backing from investors. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to hone in on perfecting your pitching skills to promote your business to investors successfully. The main things you need to hammer home to investors are why customers should spend money on your products or services, your key targets, how you plan to expand in the future, and how you can cost-effectively run your business to generate profits.

Presentation skills are an essential part of business pitches, and sometimes less is more. Therefore, you may want to practice creating a compelling elevator pitch at home to hopefully convince investors why your start-up will be a dependable investment that makes money. You can learn how to pitch start-up to investors from your own home and practice projecting your voice, and it’s not something you need to be in an office to do.

Make Sure Your Start-Up Offers Something Your Competitors Don’t

Market research is essential for start-up founders. Before launching your start-up, analyze what your direct competitors offer throughout the business planning stage. Focus on providing something your competitors don’t offer. Try making your start-up as unique and original as possible and avoid being a carbon copy of other companies in the same sector.

Ensure You Have A Significant Online Presence

Marketing your start-up remotely in 2022 isn’t an issue, and digital marketing is a vital part of advertising for start-ups today. You can decide to do your digital marketing, SEO, guest blogs, social media engagement, and so on in-house.

Alternatively, you may outsource your marketing to a digital marketing agency. The aim of digital marketing for start-ups is to drive traffic to your company website and online platforms and ultimately drive-up customer sales. Online visibility is vital for start-ups operating in today’s business world, don’t get left behind.

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