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Salesforce and ServiceNow are cloud software that helps enterprises to manage their workload. This software has different features, which help to manage, analyze and store data, sales, marketing, automation features, and many other such features they provide. If you use either Salesforce or ServiceNow, you need to pay for their services.

However, these two have been used by many companies and have been the top customer service engines. Both are individually good, and you need to choose the one which is more suitable for your business ethics and needs. Both software has their pros and cons, which need to be studied.

The below comparison guide will help you understand the difference between the two and guide you to choose the one that matches your requirements.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce was founded in 1999, and it’s an American software company. Salesforce is the world’s first Customer Relation Management(CRM) platform. Companies had CRM on their servers which would take up a lot of time, and the cost was also hefty. Salesforce became a CRM Platform that helped businesses easily connect with their customers. Monitoring, marketing, analyzing customer data through the software made it even simple for the company to take further steps.

In the start, it was a Software as a Service(SaaS) company. Salesforce made work easy as it cut down the lengthy procedure for the company, and it had different services to offer. These services were cost-effective for the companies. Salesforce can be used on different platforms and different devices, which makes it more convenient for businesses. Salesforce provides a variety of tools and functions to develop an application or website, it saves a lot of cost for the companies, and no such infrastructure is required.

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Different Salesforce services

1. Marketing

Once all the customer data is entered into the cloud, it starts analyzing the data. Salesforce will help you to market the business on different websites and channels. Their customer analysis is so good that finalizing the next marketing strategies becomes easy. It helps to increase the user experience of the customers. The marketing features help the company to connect with customers easily. Their CRM platform helps to advertise the product to different consumers in different ways depending on the analyses. The marketing team sets alarms for their campaigns so that they can set the right strategies at the right time, which is helpful for the company.

2. Service Cloud

The service cloud helps with the customer support of the company. On any platform like email, call, live chat, and social media applications, support is provided. Customers can reach customer care quickly. Customers’ complaints can be resolved as soon as possible, and they won’t need to wait. This helps the company to keep good relations with the customers. Customers getting fast support makes them more reliable, and their trust for the company also increases.

3. Analytics

The analytical feature of Salesforce works like an intelligence platform. It gives all the information after analyzing the data, which helps the company to plan its strategies. The data is shown by graphs, pie diagrams, charts which helps the other person looking at it easy to understand. The analytics showcase the data in such a systematic manner that it makes decision-making simple.

4. Mobile connectivity

Salesforce offers you a feature to connect your mobiles with your other devices, which helps you maintain an uninterrupted connection with the systems. This allows the users to handle their work from anywhere and anytime. This mobile connectivity is available for both iOS as well as android devices.

5. Chatter

This service of Salesforce acts as a social media network for interaction. This application allows the users to interact with each other, share information, and work harmoniously. It helps you to collaborate with different embedded apps and customize your activities accordingly. Users can collaborate securely to share files and update the status of the work to concerned departments.

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow was founded in 2003 and is an American software company. ServiceNow has its roots in IT service management. After a few years, it envied and now provides a variety of products and services. ServiceNow is software that helps with the operational functions of the company and also increases efficiency. It’s easy for businesses to develop, run and test their applications on ServiceNow. The HR workflow can be managed through the software. Companies just need to take the subscription of ServiceNow to use all its tools and services. ServiceNow is one of the leading software companies in the world, which has marked its place.

You can learn more about ServiceNow Training here.

Different ServiceNow Products and Services

1. Provided IT solutions

ServiceNow brings all the IT solutions under one capable umbrella solution, which includes everything that a business needs to function efficiently. It uses a cloud-based system that can be accessed by anyone and anytime. It allows you to create and customize the system according to your needs. It helps to manage the workflow, boost your customer interaction and customer service by providing web services, which makes it easier for businesses to carry out their work.

2. ServiceNow products

ServiceNow can be divided into three faces – The Nonstop cloud, the new platform, and various cloud services. The nonstop cloud is always active for its users and customers. It allows users to store and organize the data without ever taking it offline. It uses a multi-instance model, which helps the users to customize the services which would be according to their requirements. While providing these services to ServiceNow makes sure that the data stored is highly secured and safe.

3. The Now platform

The ServiceNow Now platform allows users to automate the routine business taste and improve operational efficiencies. It provides services and notifications where work can be assigned and prioritized to different departments with ease. It is highly encrypted, which makes it a secure platform to be used. It manages the performance analytics and presents a report which adds to the knowledge of the user.

4. Cloud services

The final facet of ServiceNow web products is cloud services. It is again divided into categories like IT, Security, customer service, etc. In the IT category, it provides tools like IT service management, IT operations management, and IT business management. ServiceNow is very dedicated when it comes to security. It helps you to fix any glitches or to anticipate any threat in your system. Due to the automation aspect, any threat can be dealt with easily. ServiceNow not only aims to increase customer satisfaction but also to connect customer service with technology to boost the performance of the business. Various tools help to manage day-to-day tasks like checking inventories, geographic location, etc. These tools can be connected with other departments too to manage any issues as they arise.

5. HR

ServiceNow HR is a solution to manage a large number of employee documents. This tool is designed so that the employees can access the specific documents in need without the need for HR to come into the picture. The portal is called the Customer service center, where the team can find the required information. The portal can be used with ease which results in increased employee satisfaction and reduces caseloads. Specifically, information, whenever required, can be accessed quickly and can also be shared across whenever it is asked to.

6. Business apps

ServiceNow provides the users with such tools which can be used to create apps. It lets you develop your apps, but while doing so, it also trains and guides you while you go forward. Once you are done developing the app, you also have the option to put it for sale to help the ServiceNow users to access the app features. It encourages proper connectivity into the system, which helps to maintain the work cycle effectively. The very important thing is to have a good workforce who are passionate about their work and, as a result, add to the development of your business.

Difference between Salesforce and ServiceNow





The Salesforce approach to customer relations and customer management is more.

ServiceNow’s approach to IT service management and operational management is more.


It has four types of subscription

  • Sales Essentials Edition- $25 per month
  • Professional Edition-$75
  • Enterprise Edition-$150
  • Unlimited Edition-$300

It provides the free model and subscription model with $100 per month


Salesforce can work on platforms like android, web, iPhone.

ServiceNow can work on platforms like windows, video tutorials, and online support.

Accessibility management

This feature is provided in Salesforce.

This feature is not provided in ServiceNow.


Salesforce provides thousands of integrations.

ServiceNow has restrictions on integrations.

Audit trails

Salesforce provides audit trails.

ServiceNow doesn’t provide audit trails.


Salesforce and Servicenow have their advantages and disadvantages. If you look at the pricing, then ServiceNow is costly compared to Salesforce. Salesforce has a variety of plans to choose from, which you can choose according to your requirements. Few features aren’t in Salesforce. Salesforce is the fifth largest software company in the world. You need to know the features you want and then choose the software, keeping those features in mind. Salesforce has good features and is cost-effective. You can go for it.

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