Small Ways To Improve Sustainability in Your Business

Small Ways To Improve Sustainability in Your Business
2 years ago

Whether you’re looking to save money, appeal to eco-conscious consumers, or do your part for the environment, there’s no denying sustainability has become an important goal for countless businesses across every industry.

Figuring out how to adopt eco-friendly practices into your business isn’t always easy; some steps take more time, money, and energy than others. Fortunately, there are a few small yet significant ways to improve sustainability in your business. Get started with these straightforward practices you can adopt throughout your company.

Buy Used When Possible

Customers who want to be environmentally friendly often turn to thrift stores and other secondhand sources to buy their goods. Businesses can follow this same practice when shopping for office furniture, various machinery, and more.

While finding high-quality used options can take more time, the result is a more sustainable—and often cheaper—purchase for your business. Next time you’re looking for furniture, equipment upgrades, or other big purchases, be sure to consider reliable secondhand suppliers before you buy.

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Technology

You don’t have to completely overhaul your company overnight, but there are several small upgrades you can make to improve sustainability in your business. Motion sensor lights, energy-efficient appliances, and LED lighting are all examples of straightforward upgrades you can make in and around your business.

You can even make these changes as the need arises over time. For example, next time you need to upgrade or install a billboard or other signage, choose energy-efficient LED signage instead of less sustainable alternatives. Gradual sustainable changes help you establish more eco-friendly practices naturally without complicated or expensive transition processes.

Encourage Public Transit for Employees

If you have a lot of employees commuting to your location every day, you’re partially responsible for the emissions they produce during that commute. While employees may take it upon themselves to lower their individual carbon footprints, your business can help by encouraging eco-friendly decisions such as public transportation.

Public transit reimbursement, incentives, or similar benefits help make public transportation—the more sustainable commuting option—more viable for your employees. If your area lacks reliable public transit, you can help connect employees with potential carpool groups to encourage more sustainable commutes across the company.

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