Smart robotic assistants for the early mobilization of intensive care patients: Bayern Kapital invests once again in Reactive Robotics

3 years ago

Bayern Kapital, the venture capital organization of Germany’s Free State of Bavaria, invests once again in Reactive Robotics as part of a Series-C financing round. The Munich-based medtech company develops a smart assistance system, which supports the early mobilization of intensive care patients. In addition to the current investors Bayern Kapital, High-Tech Gründerfonds, Dr. Doll Holding HmbH, and TQ Group, another strategic investor – Henrik Schunk Beteiligungs-GmbH, participated in the mid-seven-figure round. The market, in which the innovative company is active, is estimated at over two billion Euros.

Reactive Robotics GmbH was founded in Munich in 2015 and currently employs a staff of 25. The company develops and sells smart robotic assistants in the form of its “VEMO” (Very Early Mobilization) system, which enable faster recovery and therapy for intensive care patients. The VEMO system consists of a robotic exoskeleton, which is placed at the patient’s bed and attached to his or her legs by a nurse. The system then raises up patients (who are being artificially ventilated during stroke aftercare for example) and performs typical walking movements with the patients, enabling them to regularly activate their leg muscles as early as 24 hours after being admitted to care. This supports circulation and breathing at an early stage and prevents the deterioration of muscles and bones due to inactivity.

With the support of VEMO, the recovery of intensive care patients can be accelerated by an average of 20 percent. Over the course of the therapry, the system can smartly adapt to the patient’s current range of movement, achieving even better results, while the direct connection of the system to the patient bed prevents the potentially dangerous need for transferring patients to other therapy devices. In addition, therapists and nurses are relieved physically and in terms of personnel requirements during their work, as the system can be handled and operated easily and flexibly by just one person.

The VEMO system has been in operation successfully in several hospitals’ intensive care units since 2020. The new financing round enables Reactive Robotics to access new potential markets both domestically and internationally.

“The recent results from the field as part of clinical studies at the Charité in Berlin, the Schön Klinik in Bad Aibling as well as other hospitals confirm that we are on the right path, and we are very proud – especially during pandemic times, but also beyond that – to contribute to relieving the burden on nursing staff. Our investors have supported us from the very beginning with both industry experience and the necessary funds to meet our ambitious schedule and obtain the required certifications and approvals. We are pleased to have them on board in the future as well”, says Dr. Alexander König, Founder and CEO of Reactive Robotics.

“Reactive Robotics has achieved impressive growth since we first invested in the company, both technologically as well as entrepreneurially, and managed to initiate and advance successful cooperations with hospitals and suppliers. We see great potential in the VEMO system for becoming the ‘standard of care’ in the field of early mobilization in the long run. Therefore, we are very happy to accompany Reactive Robotics’ future growth journey”, says Dr. Geord Ried, Managing Director at Bayern Kapital.

About Reactive Robotics:

Reactive Robotics was founded in Munich in April of 2015 with the aim of providing severely afflicted intensive care patients with the best possible early mobilization support. The founder Dr. Alexander König and his team received CE approval for their robotic assistance system VEMO in 2019. Since 2020, the company’s robotic assistants have supported the therapy of patients in various hospitals’ intensive care units.

About Bayern Kapital:

Bayern Kapital GmbH, based in Landshut, Germany, was founded as an initiative of the Bavarian government in 1995. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bavarian LfA Förderbank. As the venture capital organisation of the State of Bavaria, Bayern Kapital provides equity capital financing for the founders of young innovative technology companies in Bavaria. Presently, Bayern Kapital manages twelve investment funds with a total volume of around EUR 500 million. So far, it has invested roughly EUR 350 million in about 290 innovative technology companies in various sectors including life sciences, software & IT, medical technology, materials and new materials, nanotechnology and environmental technology. In this way, more than 8,000 long-term jobs in sustainable companies have been created in Bavaria.

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