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2 years ago

Almost every day we buy soft drinks – from water to juices, fizzy drinks, isotonic drinks. Manufacturers focus on every detail and ensure that their products meet all consumer expectations. We are not only talking about taste and price, but also about packaging – and that is what we will focus on today.

PET Bottles for Soft Drinks 

PET bottles are widely popular among packaging for soft drinks. PET bottles have many advantages, which are appreciated by both producers and consumers. What advantages can we list here? 

  • the production process can run smoothly and economically,
  • PET bottles are recyclable
  • there are numerous options to choose in terms of bottle capacity and shape, 
  • The transport of lightweight PET bottles generates fewer costs than the transport of glass bottles. 
  • pet bottles are dimensionally stable and damage-resistant.

SMF – Modern Solutions for Companies in the Packaging Industry 

Let us now turn to the production process of PET bottles themselves, (both those for soft drinks and those for other substances). We recommend the SMF offer to all companies wishing to start or modernise their production processes.

SMF has been designing and manufacturing blow moulding machines, filling lines and developing solutions for the packaging industry for over 30 years. 

Soft Drinks Bottles Production – SMF Machines 

Let us finally proceed to the eponymous PET bottle machines. Here are three SMF models that guarantee a smooth, cost-effective production process for soft drink bottles

Optima 8

The Optima 8 is an automatic, fully electric, 8-slot machine capable of producing bottles of various shapes and capacities ranging from 200 to 2000 ml.  The most important production processes are controlled by state-of-the-art Mitsubishi servo systems. The machine is compact, energy-efficient and the special equipment (e.g. quick mould change system) makes it as easy to operate as possible. 

HS12 000

Another of the proposals from SMF is the HS12 000 machine. It is an in-line, automatic, 8-slot blow moulder designed for the production of pet bottles with a capacity from 200 ml to 2.5 l (optionally up to 3 l). The greatest advantages of the above-mentioned model? These include, above all, high-quality Mitsubishi servo drives, an energy-saving heating system (NIR lamps), easy change of mould and neck format.

Optima 16

Optima 16 provides economical production of 200 to 2000 ml bottles (round, square, asymmetrical and more). Mitsubishi servo systems controlling the main operations, robust construction, NIR lamps instead of IR, (and thus more energy-efficient), guarantee that the machine will perform its functions perfectly for a long time at a reduced production cost. 

These are only 3 of the many machines – blowing machines and filling lines, available from SMF. 


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