Sophisticated Gym Bags You Can Still Take To The Office

Office Gym Bag
4 years ago

The issue is complex: what bag is versatile enough to hold your gym gear, office supplies and still look professional enough to take into your workplace?

We’ve encountered this problem before, which is what inspired us to recommend the backpacks and bags that complete this mission perfectly. These handsome bags are suited to the workplace and have enough capacity for your towel, trainers, etc.

To narrow down your choices, and to make sure these backpacks are worth your investment, we used material quality, comfort while wearing, capacity and compartments as criteria. The result is the only 8 backpacks that you should consider. No need to browse hundreds of pages of backpacks online – we know you have better things to do!

RunAway Packable Runner’s Pack

This product was recommended by Abby Schwamm from Nathan Sports

This 7L foldable backpack is perfect for your run commute, or to take you from the office to the gym. The pack has a bladder compartment with a hidden tube port. Runnable straps are rub-free with zero bounce. Bungee compression for capacity management and pack volume control. The pack also features an internal phone pocket and a water resistant exterior.

Day Owl, the backpack

This product was recommended by Aire Reese from Day Owl

This is the perfect bag for this roundup because every little pocket can hold just what you need to transition your day from desk life to the treadmill. Not to mention the handy waterproof pocket that can hold your clothes after the gym in case you want to head to Whole Foods to pick up dinner. With free repairs for life, this bag will be your new gym buddy!

Sunshinejing’s Travel Duffle Gym Weekend Bag

This product was recommended by Liz Brown from Sleeping Lucid

The great thing about Sunshinejing’s Travel Duffle Gym Weekend Bag is that it has all the necessary compartments and features of a quality gym bag but it doesn’t look like one. This stylish design makes it easier for you to transition from work mode to gym mode.

Nike Radiate Tote Bag

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from CompareCarInsurance

This bag is designed to carry your gym gear from clothes to water bottles, but it has a sophisticated professional appearance. It’s perfect to bring to work in preparation for a stop at the gym on your way home.

Aer Duffel Pack

This product was recommended by William Chin from Pickfu

By far, the best bag I have ever owned for day travel or business use is the AER. They are not as pricey as Tumi bags, are extremely durable and have a lot of travel space. I usually carry my personal laptop, work laptop and an IPad which this bag handles with ease. You can also carry a change of clothes and a pair of shoes as well and a water bottle on the side! This means that in-between flights that you can go to the airport gym and get a workout in. Overall, the back-support, multiple sleeves for laptops and 4 different compartments makes it easy for you to carry a lot of different stuff. The best part about the bag is it has internal compartment liners so your gym shoes don’t have to touch anything with the main compartment!

Kuston Sports Gym Bag

This product was recommended by Osama from Outfitrs

It has everything I need for my morning gym routine, as well as a change of clothes for 2 jobs. I work in an office then go to teach college courses after on some nights, and the shoe compartment, waterproof pocket, mesh side pocket, and sample space make it an ideal bag.

Sports Gym Bag

This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

Whether you need to go to the office, gym, sports or anything else you can put your necessary items inside it. Excellent design and adorable features like space to put your sneakers separately, a side pocket, central big zipper compartment and waterproof material that make it durable for lifetime use.

Backpack With Shoe Compartment by MarsBro

This product was recommended by Tim Bigknee from SightsAndInsights

This backpack features a minimal and professional design so that you can transition easily between the office to the gym. The best part of this bag is the hidden shoe compartment that allows you to store your sneakers for your workout without causing your backpack to get too bulky and unprofessional. The bag is made of water-resistant, durable material and has a built-in charging cable so you can charge your work tech on the go.

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