Standing vs Sitting: Are Standing Desks Worth The Price?

Standing Vs Sitting: Are Standing Desks Worth The Price?
3 years ago

There are a few things that are certain in life. Taxes are one of them, as is the fact that if we want to live well and comfortably, we need to find a job.

Your job pays for all of life’s necessities, such as housing, food, utilities and other necessities. It also pays for all the nice things that are wants and not needs, such as hobbies, interests, kids’ sports and other extracurricular activities.

And for some people, that work is in an office environment, using a computer at a desk.

In this article, we’ll discuss standing vs sitting at an office job and learn the benefits of standing desks, as well as unpacking whether or not they’re worth the price. Read on to discover more.

What is a Standing Desk?

First, it’s worth explaining what a standing desk is. Essentially, it is a desk that you can raise to a height where you can use your workstation while standing.

Some standing desks are manual, whereby you lift them by hand, usually with the desk having a sort of hydraulic lift system.

Other standing desks are electrical, with an in-built motor. These desks can be raised or lowered with the press of a button.

The Benefits of a Standing Desk

There are a few benefits to using a standing desk.

For those in office jobs, using a normal, sit-down desk, means that you are sitting for eight or more hours a day. This is quite unhealthy for the human body, which evolved to move, hunt and gather. As you sit for a long amount of time, your spine compresses, your circulation slows down, and you become stiff, sore and tense.

Over time, long bouts of sitting can lead to neck pain, back pain, hip pain and other chronic ailments.

A standing desk means that you can spend some of the days standing up and working, allowing your spine to decompress and giving your joints a break.

For those developing pain issues due to office jobs, a standing desk is a necessity.

Standing and working is, by nature ergonomic, as long as the desk is positioned at the correct height. And an electric standing desk can be elevated or lowered to the perfect height for any office worker.

As well as the above benefits, there are some additional benefits to using a standing desk.

Less Chance of Weight Gain

Sitting for extended periods is a proven link to becoming overweight or obese. Modern life can be quite sedentary, so by standing you improve your metabolism and reduce your chance of gaining excess weight which can lead to additional health concerns.

Lowered Blood Sugar

In a recent study, it was shown that a period of standing after a meal lowered blood sugar levels. Increased blood sugar can lead to health complications such as diabetes, so this is a proven benefit of a standing desk.

Less Risk of Heart Disease

Another study of bus conductors demonstrated that standing for a few hours a day on the job lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease or heart disease.

As we can see, using a standing desk, even for just a few hours a day, leads to benefits in health and wellbeing.


In this article, we’ve explained what a standing desk is and listed some of the health benefits of using one, from a decreased chance of weight gain to a reduced risk of heart disease. Hopefully, this has provided you with some additional information and allowed you to make a more informed choice as to whether a standing desk is right for you.

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