Summer Events Perfect for Company Team Building

Summer Events Perfect for Company Team Building
2 years ago

Company team builders are the perfect way to bring your employees together outside of work. If you’re planning a team-building activity this summer, be sure to plan it outdoors and take advantage of the summer weather. To get you inspired, here are four summer events perfect for company team building.

Company Picnic

Company picnics are a fun way to bring your employees together for pleasant weather, food, and fun activities. Consider hosting a grill-out or a potluck where everyone can contribute their favorite summertime dishes. You can even supply promotional items for your company picnic, such as hats or T-shirts customized with your company logo. Events and gifts like these can bring your team together outside of work and help them feel closer to your company.

Charity Activities

Volunteering as a group is one of the best ways to bring your team together and unite around giving back to your community. You can sign up your team for numerous charity events during the summer, such as community cleanup days, tree and flower planting, conservation projects, and summer meal programs. Find a cause your business and employees are passionate about and rally around it as a team.

Group Hiking or Biking

If your area features local bike paths or hiking trails, use these outdoor amenities to your advantage. These paths are not only suitable places to take breaks during the workday, but your team can also utilize them for company team builders like hikes or bike rides. Promote healthy habits and exercise while also providing your team members a chance to connect outside work hours. If your hike or bike meetup is successful, you could schedule recurring team hikes and bike rides.

Company Sports Team

Another way to promote healthy habits and exercise is to sign up your team for a sporting event. Many outdoor summer sports are perfect team-building activities, such as volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, and even archery. All you need to do is find a community center or field available with signup times or rentals that can accommodate your number of employees.

Try organizing one or more of these summer events for company team building this year. These events provide the perfect opportunities to bring your employees together outside work and help them grow closer to each other and your company.

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