Tapes May Fade but Digital Technology Ensures Your Marketing Collateral Will Market On

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2 years ago

Your brand’s story is your business’ core narrative. And video is a compelling means to communicate that narrative.

Businesses, large and small are increasingly turning to content in the age of digital marketing. And one of the most valuable marketing assets these brands may have is their pool of heritage content.

In an age where brand authenticity rules, thanks to its ability to generate perceived value and high brand trust numbers, being able to dip into a pool of historical footage is a valuable marketing asset to leverage when building and maintaining your brand.

Is Your Content on A Downward Spiral?

Videotape experts recommend storing prized company videotapes in a cool dark place free from dust and with low humidity.

Effective storage can mitigate the dire effects of demagnetization binder hydrolysis, where the videotape reacts with moisture in the air, eventually becoming sticky.

Dust, mould humidity and high temperatures can disrupt your videotape’s magnetic strip. This strip captures and stores the image and sound data on your videotape. Harsh storage accelerates the degradation of your videotapes. And these effects only get worse over time.

If the heat and humidity in your storage area or garage aren’t up to snuff, they can become a breeding ground for mould.

Saving Your Brand’s Content Assets

Science, supported up by lived life experience indicates your cache of videotape marketing collateral has a shelf life of 15 years assuming they are stored carefully. The ravages of time and climate are not you’re a friend to your brand’s heritage.

Happily, there’s a solution a hand to ensure your marketing collateral will keep marketing and inspiring your customers well into the future. With the modern digital conversion technology options available today, your content future is looking rosy. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a VHS to DVD Adelaide solution or a VHS to USB London option, you can easily preserve that heritage content. And it’s just a mouse click away!

Seven Ways to Keep Your Videotape Woes At Bay

  1. Never throw out your originals and never store all your videotapes in one place

2. Store your videotapes in a dry, cool environment with constant humidity and temperature. Also ensure your videotapes are kept away from television sets and speakers that generate a magnetic field, that can damage your videotapes magnetic strip

3. Swings in humidity and temperature can cause moisture to condense on your videotape. When moving videotapes from a cold storage area to a warmer room, allow them to reach room temperature before playing them

4. Make sure your VCR is working properly before playing a videotape. Malfunctioning machines are the single biggest cause of catastrophic tape damage. Test your machine using a tape won’t miss. If a tape is damaged, don’t reinsert it in the videotape player as the tape may damage your machine

5. Fast-forward and rewind your videotapes at least once every six months. Uneven tension can damage the tape. Never leave a tape paused in the middle. And always remove your videotape from the VCR when not in use.

6. When in doubt, create a copy. Professional dubbing services can make copies with less loss of quality than home machines. Store your masters and copies in different locations. Watch tapes at least once a year, and at the first hint of degradation, have a professional copy made

7. Label your videotapes. Labelling makes it easier to decide if a videotape is worth restoring.

Final Observation

Trust is perceived as a critical marketing asset when it comes to building sustainable relationships with customers. One of the most effective elements for building trust is authenticity. Whether you’re looking for a VHS to DVD Adelaide solution or a VHS to USB London option, you can easily preserve your businesses’ crucial brand heritage content for decades to come.

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