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One of the 5 Services below could be the answer to maximizing the efficiency of business planning for your Startup. These Software Services have all been specifically recommended for Startups, and are full of tools to help get your business off the ground.


This product was recommended by Rick Wallace from Tackle Village

With it’s cute squid logo and easy-to-use interface, Cuttles is tailor-made for start-ups that want a tool that is quick and easy to create a business plan. Cuttle has a wizard to step you through the task of preparing a business plan that is jargon free and simple to use. There is still plenty of opportunity to customise the plan to suit your business and what you want to achieve with it. And it is well set up to export and share the plan with whoever you want.

There are paid plans for those who want ongoing access to Cuttles tools, but if you just want to create the plan and move on there is a 14 day trial that allows you to do this for free.


This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

LivePlan makes easy to do better business planning, manage expenses, and overall performance tracking for businesses. You can set easily business goals, you can compare performance with competitors, and many much more in a signle click at your dashboard. It is budget-friendly so small business owners can use it without any hassle, It starts only on $19/month.


This product was recommended by Cassandra Rocha from Ignite Visibility

Plexie, a free online project management and team collaboration platform that brings together people, is just what your readers have been searching for. Plexie not only provides a rich content creation experience but brings together all your sources of information into highly engaging documents that enable better-informed decisions. From simple text documents to high-end digital experiences, Plexie allows you to engage your audience to improve decision making, learning and results.

What are teams doing with Plexie?

Product development / Software Teams

– User stories
– Project plans and schedules
– Design notes
– UX/UI mockups
– Scrum management

DevOps / IT

– Server setup procedures
– Server configurations and settings
– Security protocols
– System reference architecture diagrams
– Disaster recover procedures and documentation

Marketing and Digital Creative

– Campaign planning and execution
– Social media / blog content creation
– Content, design, ad, graphics team review
– Website mock-ups
– Digital magazines
– Document procedures for systems such as Google Analytics, CRM and marketing automation

Finance / Operations

– Procedures for common tasks
– Project schedules
– Operations manuals and reference guides
– Contact lists
– Financial operations procedures
– Business Continuity Plans (BCP).


– Course outlines, agendas and assignments
– Online group projects
– Supplemental class material

Corporate Learning and Development

– Quickly create procedures and how-to guides to support users and share them with learners without the overhead of other departments and staff
– Provide rich, online, interactive supplemental material for instructor-led training courses
– Create an online course catalog portal that organizes and makes available learning content that exists across an enterprise

Groups, Teams and Association

– Organize events
– Communicate schedules, upcoming events and plans with members
– Easy sharing of ideas, writing, movies, pictures with other members
– Bring the group alive with an engaging, attractive place for members to interact

College and University Students and Teachers

– Teachers sharing notes, presentations and curriculum with students
– Group projects and assignments that can be reviewed by the teacher
– Supplemental teaching and reference material (to supplement lectures and labs)
– Students note-taking, sharing notes with others, or work collaboratively as a study or research group
– Students and teachers interact in a private workspace dedicated to a specific course, class or area of study
– Tutors provide a personalized portal to students, adding exactly the content and notes required by each student.

Small Business Trends

This product was recommended by Pushpraj Kumar from iFour Technolab Pvt Ltd

This software is a cloud-based service. This software has everything you need to write a business plan from an idea to the real world. It also offers industry-specific templates for creating detailed business plans with video tutorials to ensure accurate plans that make sense. This software offers all of the tools you need from a financial standpoint. The software easily lets you create multiyear financial projections and statements; perform sales and profit analyses; and review income, cash flow, and balance sheets.

Wise Business Plans

This product was recommended by Pushpraj Kumar from iFour Technolab Pvt Ltd

This software helps entrepreneurs to enhance their business ideas into a tangible format. Professional writers of this software help your business to raise millions of dollars in funding for your startup across the globe. The top-selling business plans of this software are Investor business plan, Bank compliant business plan, Franchise business plan, Non-profit business plan, Pitch deck, PowerPoint presentation, and many more.

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