The Art Of Mixing And Matching: Creating A Unique Style

The Art Of Mixing And Matching: Creating A Unique Style
1 year ago

Developing your style is a process of trial and error, and you always need to find out where the next fashion inspiration will appear. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide on your style, but you can always switch things up if you’re not liking what you’ve designed. Here’s more on mixing and matching for additional insight into establishing a genuine style.

Accessories Are A Must

Accessories are an absolute must when it comes to creating a unique style. Developing your style is easier said than done. However, learning how to implement the right accessories into the equation can make it easier. The right accessory can revamp your look without much effort at all. In fact, it might inspire you to launch your own brand.

A basic outfit (a white tee shirt and a pair of jeans) instantly gets upgraded with an intricate purse. Have fun mixing and matching with purses and womens tote bags, and see what cool creations you come up with to elevate your look.

Play Up Patterns

Another way to mix and match is to play up the patterns on your clothing. For instance, a striped shirt matched with checkered pants creates an authentic skater look that screams 90s classic attire. Any clothing you own with images on it also does well paired with neutral clothing to establish balance.

Even a quirky tee shirt with pineapples can look fantastic if paired with black jeans and some sunglasses. Creating your style is all about mixing and matching the right combinations that add to your look. Check out fashion companies and startups for more ideas on building your style.

three pairs of silver hook earrings

Implement Metallic Tones

Raw metals and materials are in right now, not only in jewelry and nail polish but in belt buckles and footwear. Implement metallic tones as often as you can to create unique pairings for the rest of your outfits. Perfect for spring and summer, metallic tones like silver and copper will highlight your outfit in the best way, whether you’re wearing casual or formal attire.

Make sure that you mix your metals as well. Wearing a blend of different metals is totally in right now. Look for raw, eclectic jewelry when you can to save big and help the planet.

Mix and Match Decades

Play up your fashion even more by mixing up your fashion from different decades. Blend 70s bohemian flared jeans with a 60s high-rise crewneck, and you’ve established a style that is all your own. Don’t feel boxed into a specific decade or style, and you must mix and match clothing brands, outfits, and styles.

Mix Your Fabrics

Wear denim on denim or leather with suede. Mixing your fabrics in new and creative ways will result in unique outfit creations. To establish your own unique style, consider playing with different materials. The same goes for linen, cotton, and spandex.

You only know what you’ll come up with once you try. Whether you’re inspired by 80s workout attire (think spandex body suits and cotton tee-shirts), or velvet corduroy pants, you can create a style that screams original by implementing these underrated fashion staples.

Think Outside The Box And Style Authentically

Creating a unique style is about thinking outside the box and daring to be bold in your approach.

Refrain from settling for a style that feels inauthentic. Be unique and create a style that reflects who you are and what you enjoy wearing.

By playing up your patterns, fabrics, fashion timelines, and tones, you’ll think of new and exciting ways to create your own unique style.

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