The Beginner’s Guide to Bus Shelter Advertising

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2 years ago

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not unfair to say that the internet and the rise in technology over the last two decades have changed almost everything about society. People interact differently in a social setting and think about the world in drastically different ways than they did just over two decades ago. Cell phones alone have made such an impact on the daily lives and rhythms of people, that’s actually hard to imagine life without them.

When it comes to the world of marketing and advertising, the internet has definitely played a large role in changing the way that businesses reach their audiences. Google has become the most popular search engine on the planet, so most businesses have shifted to trying to rank higher in their search results. Because of the rise of eCommerce and the convenience of online shopping, businesses both big and small now focus on their website and online stores as much as they may focus on their brick and mortar locations.

That being said, there are some things that haven’t changed when it comes to marketing and exposure. One of those is the highly effective nature of the bus shelter advertisement. Bus shelter advertising has been around as long as there has been a need for bus shelters, and to this day they are still highly useful.

If you have been wondering about what bus shelter advertising is, how it can be used effectively and if it’s worth your time, then here is everything you need to know!

What Exactly is Bus Shelter Advertising?

So what exactly is bus shelter advertising and why is it still successful even today? If you have ever used a bus to commute, whether it was simply into city limits for work, or even for a long journey across the country, then chances are you have seen a shelter advertisement. A bus shelter itself is a structure that’s intended to give commuters shelter as they are waiting for their bus.

A simple structure with basic protection of three walls and a roof, these shelters are highly visible and a part of commuters’ daily lives. A bust shelter advertisement will be any kind of banner-style advertisement that is placed at eye level. These advertisements are highly visible and can give exposure to literally hundreds and thousands of people a day because of the nature of their placement.

Who Should be Using a Bust Shelter Advertisement?

One of the most advantageous aspects of bust shelter advertising is simply the fact that they can reach such a large diverse group of people. This is a great thing because they can be used for a couple of different styles of advertisement. For instance, a bus shelter advertisement will always be tied to one location that sees a large volume of foot traffic. So this makes them a great tool for local or regional advertisement. At the same time, because bus transits can be larger than just local areas, you can advertise on a national level. This lends itself well to national brands that are larger than a local area or region.

This sets bus shelter advertising apart from similar advertisements like panel advertisements at subway stations. These can also appeal to national brands, but they tend to lend themselves well to local or regional since the majority of the foot traffic through a subway station will be local. Bus shelter advertisements may be able to see more diversity in their audience reach depending on the bus shelter.

How Can You Make Effective Bus Shelter Advertisements?

One of the strong points of bus shelter advertisements is that you can invest in a variety of different types. For instance, there are always going to be old-fashioned, analog, or poster-based advertisements that you can have in a bus shelter. At the same time, these advertisements are not lost in the digital age. Digital, high-resolution panels with crips images are another powerful way of advertising at a bus station.

When you create a bus shelter advertisement, you want to be sure to make it as memorable as possible. Chances are the average commuter will not be looking to go out of their way to notice one of these, so making sure you understand your target audience and what might catch their eye is key. If you are a coffee brand in Arizona, then going with an appealing picture of iced coffee will help appeal to a commuter than simply just a logo.


Bus shelter advertisements can be thought of as an intersection between billboards and public transportation. By carefully studying your demographic that passes through these transits often, you can create effective advertising strategies that will see large volumes of people. This form of advertising may be nothing new, but it’s still highly effective.

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