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The Best Conference Room Microphone For Zoom

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Conference Room Microphone For Zoom. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB

This product was recommended by Jeroen van Gils from LiFi

First up is the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB. This microphone is a great option for those looking for an affordable, yet high-quality option. It features a cardioid polar pattern that helps to reduce background noise and feedback, making it perfect for use in Zoom meetings. It also has a built-in USB connection, making it easy to connect to your computer or laptop.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

This product was recommended by Jeroen van Gils from LiFi

Next is the Blue Yeti USB Microphone. This microphone is a bit more expensive than the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB, but it offers superior sound quality. It features four different pattern settings, allowing you to tailor its sound to your needs. It also has a built-in headphone jack, so you can monitor your audio while you’re recording.

Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone

This product was recommended by Jeroen van Gils from LiFi

Finally, there’s the Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone. This microphone is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it offers professional-grade sound quality. It features a cardioid polar pattern and comes with a desktop stand, making it perfect for use in Zoom meetings. It also has a built-in USB connection, so you can easily connect it to your computer or laptop.

Anker PowerConf S3 Bluetooth Speakerphone

This product was recommended by Sarah Jameson from Green Building Elements

Simple and straightforward. After using the PowerConf S3 in a number of meetings at Green Building Elements, I can attest to how simple its setup is. It’s readily compatible with mobile devices, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. Wide coverage. In our experience, we can walk around freely within a 12 to 13-foot radius of the speakerphone and still be clearly heard. Energy efficient. We’ve gone through several meetings without needing to recharge the PowerConf S3. If we do need to charge it, it charges very quickly. Effective at Noise Reduction. The PowerConf S3 does an excellent job of reducing ambient noise, resulting in crystal-clear sound on both sides. Portability. I personally love that it includes a convenient travel case and is compact enough to carry anywhere.

TONOR USB Conference Microphone

This product was recommended by Michael Jan Baldicana from Dream Chasers

TONOR USB Conference Microphone is a high-quality microphone that can be connected to your computer or laptop via the USB port and it has a mute button. The TONOR USB Conference Microphone is an excellent choice for conference rooms. It’s a great microphone for Zoom and other VoIP software because of its high quality sound. It’s clear sound will make it easy to hear what’s being said by everyone in the room and it offers better noise reduction than other microphones.

TONOR Conference USB Microphone

This product was recommended by Shaun Connell from Credit Building Tips

When it comes to Zoom calls, you want to have the best conference room microphone possible in order for everyone in the room to hear everything being said, nice and clearly. So many meetings are still being conducted via video conferencing, which means we have to adapt to new ways of listening and participating. This particular microphone is the perfect choice for Zoom calls because it can get sound up to 11.5 feet away. This means everyone around can participate comfortably without having to rearrange themselves. This microphone is also no bigger than a computer mouse, making it easy to carry around and set up. With a one touch button, you can mute and unmute with ease, which is a key feature for any video conferencing. This device also has high tech noise canceling features which is perfect when you are in a noisier area. This microphone is a must for any business professionals looking to make their Zoom meetings more efficient.

Goldensky Conference Mic

This product was recommended by Granger McCollough from Elite Patio Direct

Because it’s the next step up in the evolution of conference mics. It can facilitate up to ten people, is a combination of speaker and microphone, and uses intelligent noise reduction to ensure that the audio quality is always sharp and clear. Welcome to Goldensky, welcome to the future…

Gooseneck Computer Microphone

This product was recommended by Gretchen Boyd from NYC House Cleaners

Gooseneck Micks are best for conferences with high audio quality. The gooseneck Nick’s are excellent and capable of transmitting a great sound quality and audible to a big crowd with the ability to pick up background noises. The kick design corresponds to the gooseneck. It is the best investment for office use. These micks are regional to the speakers and able to block out sounds. A wonderful product at a reasonable price the only con of the mike Is it needs a lot of cables to operate and creates a littered appearance on the conference table, but it can also be covered.

Kaysuda Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone

This product was recommended by Ruben Gamez from SignWell

This 360° microphone is perfect for one-on-ones or big conference room meetings over Zoom, thanks to video conference-optimized tech and your choice of Google, Siri, or Cortana virtual assistants. The Acoustic Echo Canceler feature cancels out outside noise for crystal clear voice pickup, no matter how loud or busy your meeting space. The speaker works with both iOS, Android, and Windows devices, so anyone can quickly plug in and connect no matter their device of choice.

Weymic G109

This product was recommended by David Reid from VEM tooling

Gooseneck microphones like this Weymic G109 are a safe bet because of their reliability and versatility. Given the low price, it shouldn’t be too difficult to equip a conference table with many microphones. The mic may be powered by batteries or plugged into a standard wall outlet, making it ideal for spaces with limited electrical outlets. It’s also possible to purchase this mic with a metal base that will keep it firmly planted on your work surface. This microphone may be purchased on Amazon for roughly $45.

MXL AC-400 Personal USB Web Conferencing Microphone

This product was recommended by Derrick Hathaway from VEM Medical

The MXL AC-400 is a middle-of-the-road option that offers certain advantages over both extremes of the gooseneck spectrum. This mic may be connected directly to your laptop through USB, and its 15-inch flexible neck makes it simple to find the perfect position for your voice. This AC-400 may be upgraded with three AC-40EXT units for even more coverage, making it an excellent choice for customers already using MXL solutions. In terms of aesthetics, it’s among the best gooseneck microphones we’ve seen. This microphone typically costs around $60.

MXL AC-404 USB Boundary Condenser Conferencing Microphone

This product was recommended by Derrick Hathaway from VEM Medical

The MXL AC404 is excellent if you need a boundary mic with a USB connection.. Not only can you attach this mic to your laptop through USB, but it also features a headphone/speaker monitoring connector for those who wish to check the volume before recording to avoid unpleasant surprises later. The USB cord is 6 feet long, giving you more options for where to put the mic. This microphone typically costs around $75.

Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This product was recommended by Chiara Sternardi from Passport Photo Online

This speaker has a 360-degree omni-directional microphone, and it’s ideal for meetings of up to four people. The quality of the audio is excellent. The best part is that it’s wireless. With bluetoot or a USB cable, you can easily connect the microphone to your device.

beyerdynamic PHONUM Bluetooth/USB Speakerphone

This product was recommended by Ryan Stewart from Webris

I recommend using the Beyerdynamic Phonum for conference rooms, especially when using Zoom. It is fit for multiple people in a video call with its diaphragm condenser microphone that can pick up voices from all four directions within a room. Its mic can, likewise, be switched into three different modes. Setting it to FIX mode will focus on sound from a single direction. The FOLLOW mode will follow the voice as one walks around the room. Meanwhile, the 360-degree mode is best for multiple people participating in a call. I also love Beyerdynamic Phonum’s compact and portable build, allowing me to place it anywhere conveniently — at the center of a table, near a laptop, or under a computer screen. Likewise, I can easily connect this device to a computer via Bluetooth or USB.

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