The Best Games for Android Phones in 2022

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2 years ago

Google Play is awash with great new Android games for 2022. There really is something for everyone, so let’s take a look at some of the standout titles that are proving popular this year:

Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

Sniper games have been surprisingly successful in mobile gaming and developers Square Enix have mastered the genre to make missions endlessly playable. Improving upon their previous release, rather than playing as Agent 47, you select your agent of choice based on their various specialisations. Then, you aim to assassinate targets without drawing attention to yourself. With plenty of different targets, maps, rifles and a PvP mode, there’s plenty to get your teeth into. 

Crazy Time

With the continuing popularity of casino gaming, a live casino title had to make the list. There’s a lot of traffic around some live casino games using the mobile app by PlayOJO and Crazy Time is one of the more unique games available. Produced by Evolution Live, the high-quality title is a game show with numerous bonus games to provide plenty of variety.

The Secret of Cat Island 

This one’s a casual and oddly satisfying game from publishers Like It Games that combines city building with feline adventures. Develop your own kitty kingdom and then unwind by wandering around, growing your cat paradise and making friends. While it’s all very zen, there are opportunities to embark on adventures exploring mysterious locations containing concealed secrets. There are plenty of options to make your surroundings suit your style with different decors and items for the cats to interact with. If your office has a games room, this would be the ideal stress-reducer for when you have a few minutes to spare.

The Final Fantasy 6 

This is a remastered version of a classic and will definitely appeal to those that played the SNES version but should also attract a new generation of gamers to the series. As part of Square Enix’s Pixel Remaster Collection, several improvements have been made. Particularly noticeable will be the improved graphics, gameplay and soundtrack. For those unfamiliar, it’s a bizarre role-playing game filled with intriguing characters and engaging battles.

Empire Defender TD 

From game developers Zitga, Empire Defender TD is a regular tower defence game with the usual building strategy, movable heroes and wave after wave of baddies to take out. This one makes the list because you can play offline, there are loads of maps, you don’t need to make in-app purchases to complete the game and there are enough different heroes, towers and varieties of foes to keep you entertained for many an hour. 


From Smoking Gun Interactive Inc., developers of Company of Heroes and Age of Empires: Castle Siege, comes a strategy card game with an interesting premise. It has everything you’d expect from a standard strategy card game, but the cards you accumulate are named after different phobias and you use these to battle adversaries. The map and location of objectives can make each game very different and tactically demanding and, crucially, you can form a decent deck without in-app purchases.

Bladed Fury

From NExT Studios comes this compelling 2D action platformer established on Chinese mythology with captivating traditional art and sound design. There is plenty of hacking and slaying with an adrenaline-fuelled combo system and plenty of ancient monsters to deal with. This one isn’t free-to-play, but there are hours of fun as you look to avenge your father’s death and bring honour to your family.

Puzzle Quest 3

The match-three genre continues to entertain, and this is the latest in the series from 505 Games Srl. The original 2007 Puzzle Quest had the simple idea of sending players on a quest where you engage in combat by matching shapes to injury and ultimately vanquish your opponent before they beat you. Puzzle Quest 3 is essentially the same, but a little more polished with smooth 3D animated characters and dazzling attacks. The studio seems to have adopted the mantra of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and they should have another hit on their hands.

An eclectic mix of very different games, but each one adds to the quality of Android games available in 2022. This should be a bumper year for Android gamers and we’ll keep you informed of all the first-class games as they become available.

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