The Importance of High Visibility Clothing for Construction

The Importance of High Visibility Clothing for Construction
2 years ago

High visibility clothing is critical for the protection and safety of construction and other industry workers. The construction industry is hazardous, risky, and has the highest rates of injuries and fatalities. That’s why it’s important to help improve worker safety through measures such as hi-vis clothing. Continue reading to learn the importance of hi-vis clothing and why it’s essential for worker safety.

Visibility Through Poor Weather

Harsh weather conditions of rain and snow may make it difficult for anyone to see. Wearing high visibility clothing, such as type R hi-vis clothing, will help people easily identify workers despite the low visibility conditions. This is important so that other employees, co-workers, or cars driving on the road can clearly see the worker and be aware of their presence. This can help you avoid accidents or other unwanted mishaps.


An employee with a hi-vis vest is more easily identifiable than a worker without a hi-vis vest. Being able to identify your employee is important so that you can keep account and track of your workers while they’re working onsite with other construction workers.

Keeping account of your workers ensures that they are where they’re supposed to be and are in a safe, identified, and verified location.

Easier Communication

You’ll also be able to maintain easier communication with your employees if you can easily identify them. This is important for streamlining tasks or orders from management to employees when out on the field.

Ideal for Emergency Situations

High visibility clothing is important for construction workers as it helps to identify any victims during emergency situations. Emergency responders can reach your employees more quickly if they’re able to identify what they’re wearing. The reflective material will also make it easier for them to spot them at night or in low visibility weather.

Be sure to equip your employees with the proper clothing for safety and visibility all year round.

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