The Modern Styles That Come Straight From Las Vegas

The Modern Styles That Come Straight From Las Vegas
2 years ago

Viva Las Vegas this city is famous for many things such as gambling and casinos where you get the full movie-like experience. There are live shows (read Celine Dion), and trendy clubs. It’s the go-to place for Bachelor parties and Hen parties and any party you can think of. They have the biggest party buses, and nobody ever sleeps.

On the fashion side, though, it has been a little slow in waking up, but wake up it has alright. Unlike Paris or New York, which are fashion capitals, Vegas has its own style and is leaving a print in the fashion world.


Las Vegas is littered with shopping malls, outlet stores, and boutiques on the strip, when you aren’t there to feel the excitement of playing in live casinos but it never quite had its unique style…until now.

Local Fashion


A local fashion council was formed in 2019 for the purpose of supporting local fashion. The council consists of local designers, fashion students, community members, and organizations interested in fashion.

One of this organisation’s events is a fashion show, Little Black Dress, fashion from local designers and some global brands. As the name suggests, all the clothes on the showcase are for cocktail or evening wear. Some designers ramp up the luxury, and others have opted for vintage looks. But whichever era or style, it’s sleek, sexy, and very stylish clothes on those models.

The spring into style fashion show is light and flirty, with lots of florals and legs on display. The collections focus on breathable fabrics with spring colours and pastels paired with espadrilles and platforms to create that light spring/summer feeling.

Fashion sisters Kelly Nemiro and Victoria Fertitta have recently launched their first luxury collection, the duo design and produce clothing under their fashion label WilsonGabrielle. The new collection features denim and all the clothes we love to pair with denim, such as crop tops and t-shirts. It’s certainly not haute couture, but the sisters have certainly levelled up the staple denim.

What to wear in Vegas

We all know Vegas is good for any party, right, but how do you pack or shop for all your activities in party central? The first thing to remember is that Vegas can get very hot, especially in summer, so whatever the activity, the aim is to stay cool. If you are courageous enough to brave the crazy pool parties, remember those are more about looking good next to the pool rather than being in the pool. So think of your short shorts, bikinis, cool flowy cover-ups, stylish sun hats, dont forget the sunscreen.

If it’s shopping you want, then you’ll be hitting the Vegas strip; in that case, step away from the stilettos or heels of any kind. Look toward comfort rather than trendy, so we suggest flats, sandals, or sneakers you know are comfortable walking. Wear something floaty and airy, a romper or flowy skirt with a crop top or tank top will work. Don’t forget the sunglasses.

Nighttime is the best time in Vegas, not just because of the clothes but also the crazy fun you’ll be going out to have. There’s gourmet cuisine to be eaten, dazzling shows to watch, and clubs to be seen inside. So bring out the sequins, sparkles, and little black numbers; nothing is ever over the top in Vegas, but pack your flats from the shopping trip. Trust me, by 2 am you will need them.

Casinos in Vegas are an event on their own, so why not dress up for them as well? Think James Bond movies. Long elegant dresses with updo hairstyles and classic jewellery make sure you have fun.

Fashion blogs and fashion advice are always directed to women, but we forget that we are in the era of fashion-conscious men.

A typical day at the pool is also a fashion decision. Do you wear swim trunks or cotton trunks? You can pair these with a linen shirt and canvas espadrilles. (yes, men have espadrilles too).

For a shopping trip with the Mrs or just with the boys, you can leave the predictable shorts and t-shirt combo but opt for chinos, a t-shirt, and sneakers. Remember to choose cool colours that will not absorb the sunlight too much.

Nighttime is my favourite time in menswear; this is when the blazers and shirts come out, and you can smell the Old Spice a mile away. The black denim and formal blazer trend can still work, provided it is clean and well-fitting.

Vegas has a lot to offer in entertainment, food, and fashion. So when you are next in Vegas, make sure to catch a fashion show from local designers and make-up artists. Dress up and have fun; in Vegas, you can never have enough sequins or sparkles.

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