The Professional Traits of a Successful Hairstylist

The Professional Traits of a Successful Hairstylist
2 years ago

Working in a salon is a fantastic career option for individuals who prefer social work environments and constant stimulation. If you like interacting with people, there couldn’t be a better job for you. Getting into haircare does take hours of practice and experience, but with enough effort, you can start cutting hair professionally in a little over a year.

To indeed be great in your field, one must have certain personal aspects that make them better suited for the demand of this job. Here are the professional traits of a successful hairstylist that you should know.

General People Skills

If you want to become truly successful in your career, you must enjoy interacting with people. More importantly, you must get good at your people skills. Humor and communication are two ways to improve your relationships with customers.

People spend a lot of money on their hair, so ensuring a fun experience is essential. Listening is a very underrated ability, but it’s what clients appreciate the most. Showing you are engaged makes individuals more likely to come back to you. Miscommunications can lead to mistakes and, from that, unsatisfied consumers.

Realistic Outlook

Honesty is a huge aspect of salon work, as many clients may have unrealistic expectations when it comes to their hair. Any stylist knows that there’s not one type of hair—some are thick, thin, curly, dry, oily, etc. Clients who walk into a salon and want a specific, unattainable look need someone to lower their expectations.

It’s an underrated trait of many professional hairstylists, and it takes a lot of patience. Once mastered, however, you can provide customers with other options that they’re sure to love anyways! This ability is a sign of a truly professional individual.

Your 10,000 Hours

A great stylist can have all the people skills and patience in the world, but they’ll never be successful without true mastery of their abilities. To become the best possible professional salon employee, one must perfect their technical skills. These abilities are introduced during training, but practice and experience help hone them.

Once you can provide excellent haircuts on a consistent basis, you’re much closer to achieving your “10,000 hours.” This means constantly working and improving, along with mastering your hair cutting tools.

By possessing the professional traits of a successful hairstylist, you’re more likely to thrive in this exciting industry. Practice is the most essential step in your journey, whether it’s through your technical skills or ability to connect with many consumers.

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