Tinder is iPhone’s top-grossing app globally with $33m revenue in September

4 years ago

Data presented by Stock Apps indicates that Tinder was the highest-grossing iPhone app in September with a revenue of $33.86 million. The data overviewed the global revenue of the top ten apps.

Tinder generates more than half of the revenue from the United States

From the research, eight out of the ten apps are mobile games. Monster Strike recorded the second-highest revenue at $28.92 million followed by King of Glory at $25.68 million. Disney+ was fourth with a revenue of $23.97 million followed by Dragon Quest Walk at $19.22 million.

Other top gross grossing apps include Jedi Survival ($19.13 million), Pokemon Go ($17.02 million), Pubg Mobile ($16.28 million), Roblox ($16.1 million), and Three Kingdoms ($16 million).

The Stock App research highlighted some of the models used by Tinder to emerging as the top-grossing app. According to the research report:

“The developers continue to remain innovative appealing to different demographics. Despite the competition, Tinder’s subscriber rate continues to grow. The team is now appealing to the Gen Z users with the latest features like the interactive Swipe Night experience. Such a feature lets daters match based on decisions they made while engaging with the interactive content, as well as location-based features.”

The research also overviewed the top ten leading iPhone apps in the Apple App Store in the U.S in September 2020, by revenue. Disney+ is the leading earner at $18.33 million followed by Tinder with a revenue of $17.36 million. The dating app, therefore, made more than half of its revenue at 51.26% in the United States.

Other top-grossing iPhone apps in the U.S include Roblox ($12.43 million), Pandora ($9.36 mobile), Candy Crush Saga ($8.82 million), Bumble ($6.77 million), Pokemon Go ($6.54 million), Hulu ($5.91 million), Homescapes ($5.69 million), and Pubg Mobile ($5.47 million).

The full story, statistics and information can be found here: https://stockapps.com/tinder-is-iphones-top-grossing-app-globally-with-33m-revenue-in-september/

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