Tips for a Successful Spring Cleaning in Your Office

Tips for a Successful Spring Cleaning in Your Office
3 years ago

Spring is here, and it’s as good of a time as any to clean out the office—especially while many employees are still working remotely. Prepare for the eventual return to a bustling office setting by removing clutter from their surroundings. A cluttered office lowers productivity and minimizes the space employees have to work with, which may raise stress levels. Utilize these tips for a successful spring cleaning in your office and free up some space.

Check Your Electronics First

You likely provide employees with their own desktops and monitors when they’re at the office. If no one has touched them in a while, start them up and check their functionality. You can have your IT team take care of this for you, but if not, then do it yourself or with others you can trust.

Make sure computers turn on and run at a reasonable speed—a slow computer makes for a slow worker. Monitors should turn on and display the correct colors with no dead pixels. If a device no longer functions, have it repaired or recycle it.

Slim Down Your Document Storage

Filing cabinets fill up fast at the office, and it may not be easy to find space for any new cabinets. Start going through your storage cabinets full of important documents to look for outdated papers you can shred. Getting rid of the old documents makes room for any new files that need proper storage.

For a more efficient storage method, consider going paperless and digitizing all essential documentation. The process of converting your documents to digital may seem daunting, but the benefits of digitization far outweigh the difficulty of the conversion—especially if you do it in smaller chunks. Alternatively, you can send the papers to a team of digitization specialists while you focus on your business.

Clean Out the Break Room

It may seem obvious, but cleaning out the break room is one of the most essential tips for a successful spring cleaning in your office. You may have janitorial staff that typically cleans up the appliances, but they may not touch the usual break room supplies you have on the counters. Check the expiration dates of any creamers or food items in the break room and replace anything that seems old.

Make spring cleaning a regular occurrence in the office and consider making it a yearly event once employees come back to the building. The more often you clean, the easier it’ll become!

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