Tips for Maximizing Space in Your Data Center

Tips for Maximizing Space in Your Data Center
3 years ago

Data centers are used to contain businesses’ servers. They are the perfect solution when a company doesn’t have room on site for their server needs. But what happens when the data center is getting too crowded and can’t run efficiently? We’ve got some tips for maximizing space in your data center that will help in condensing what should stay and what should go.

Combine Space

Data centers have two spaces: white and gray. The white space refers to all of the equipment such as storage units, servers, and network gear. The gray area refers to the backend infrastructures such as generators and transformers. When the gray and white areas are combined, a lot of space is saved, and not only that but combining areas often optimizes server performance.

Update Equipment

Technology is always changing, and depending on when the data center was created, it may need an update of equipment.

SSDs take up much less space than older hard drives and offer excellent storage and writing abilities. On top of that, SSDs are cooler to run, eliminating the problem of multiple, overheating hard drives. Another way to update is to go wireless with mobile applications, such as tablets. Wireless readers and scanners take up little space.

Grow Vertically

Server racks take up a large percentage of space in the data center, so use them efficiently. Rather than expanding across the data center, they grow upward instead. Server racks can be replaced with taller ones, offering more U space, greater density, and increased capacity.

Cable Control

Nothing can spin out of control faster in a data center than multiple cables. Having cables and dealing with their messiness is unavoidable, but some companies are catching on and trying new ways to downsize cables. Use space-saving cable systems that come with a smaller OD size. You can also use cables in a smaller diameter size to free up space and keep the center neater and organized.


No worries, not the kind that try to eat you. In a data center, servers that are no longer truly serving are referred to as zombies. It happens very easily because businesses grow quickly and need change even quicker. Before you know it, a server is sitting there using up power for no reason at all. Look for these “zombies” and get rid of them to create more space, save on power cost, and create an overall more efficient data center.

Hopefully, our tips for maximizing space in your data center have helped in giving you some ideas of what to look for so you can begin to save space in your data center. Saving space frees up room for more equipment, and it’s also essential in optimizing the equipment that’s already there.

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