Tips You Need To Prepare Your Hotel for the Summer

Tips You Need To Prepare Your Hotel for the Summer

Summer is one of the busiest times of year for hotels and hospitality companies. As the spring season closes, many hotel businesses are busy preparing for the summer rush. If you’re looking for ways to help your hotel have a successful season, follow these tips you need to prepare your hotel for the summer.

Evaluate Your Staffing Needs

You want to make sure your hotel has the staff it needs to accommodate the summer rush. Evaluate your hotel’s booking numbers from the year prior to get an idea of how many bookings to expect this year. Forecasting these numbers will help you determine whether you need to hire additional staff members to support the influx of customers.

Upgrade Your PTAC Units

The summer season will put your hotel’s PTAC units to the test. Make sure to inspect each of your hotel’s in-room air conditioning units before the outdoor temperatures start to rise for the season. Now is the time to schedule any last-minute repairs or replace your units entirely. Whether your business has older models or invests in new ones for the season, make sure you know how to maintain your hotel room PTACs to increase their longevity.

Tailor Your Marketing

As the spring season ends, schools begin releasing students for the summer, and temperatures rise, many people have summer on their minds. Take this chance to secure bookings over your competitors by marketing your hotel for all your customers’ summer plans. Use summer imagery in your marketing and highlight your hotel’s proximity to summer attractions in your area.

Partner With Local Events

As you promote local attractions in your area to secure bookings, consider partnering with local businesses and events. Local event pages and guides can promote your hotel to their guests, which encourages more bookings for your business and benefits such as discounted rates for your customers. Promoting these events in your marketing and local access to the venue offers benefits for the event organizers as well, making these partnerships mutually beneficial.

Before the summer season begins, run through these tips to prepare your hotel for the summer rush. With the proper staffing, maintenance, and marketing, your hotel will be ready to meet the extra guest traffic and provide top-tier service.

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