Top 6 SaaS Solutions To Supplement Your Marketing Strategy

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Imagine this: You and the team have already dealt with the messier planning and research bit of your marketing strategy. All that’s remaining is implementation.

The problem is: You’re still uncertain about the best tools guaranteed to make your marketing efforts a success. The few you’ve tried are yet to give the results you want.

The good thing is that you’re still determined to make your brand a hit by doing whatever it takes to get there.

You should give these a try.


Outbrain is a content-discovering platform trusted by a wide range of publishers ranging from large media companies like CNN to individual bloggers. Founded in 2006, their technology has driven increased audience acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Outbrains’ Smartfeed powers the discovery of content. It provides recommendations similar to the interests shown by readers on articles on other websites.

What you get by using Outbrain:

  • Your content actually gets seen; this will increase your brand’s awareness and drive traffic to your site.
  • Native ads that fit seamlessly into your content. These are more effective than display ads which are notorious for causing ad fatigue.
  • Integration with other third-party tracking tools like Google Analytics to track the performance of your content and ads.
  • You can customize the look of your ad and content widget to align with your brand’s style.

Look Digital Signage

Let’s not forget that you also invested in digital signage, customers love it when you keep them visually engaged.

It’s easier to manage your network of digital screens with software designed for ease of use and reliability. Look Digital Signage is just that, their software is suitable for use with any screen—you don’t have to install any additional software on your pc.

Their web-based Look Content Manager allows you to maintain control of your media content in all its forms; you can do this at any location at any time.

With their wide range of CMS functionality, you can create playlists that engage your customers and also come up with effective broadcasting schedules that align with your business goals and your audience’s preference.

This way, you’ll avoid errors that come with manual management and save time to focus on what matters.


If you’re still wondering how people interact with your digital product, Mixpanel has the answers for you.

It analyses how users behave on your website or app, to help you understand engagement metrics that help in making data-driven decisions that enhance your strategy.

Here’s how it is suited for your benefit:

  • It tracks events such as signing in, search queries, in-app purchases, etc. Each event is logged down to its millisecond. This data helps to improve user engagement.
  • Funnels show user behavior based on a series of actions. They are perfect for identifying where people get stuck or lose interest in their buyer journey for instance. The funnel report enables an improved experience for everyone.
  • The trends feature allows you to identify trends and patterns in given events over time. This way, you can optimize your product to meet the needs of the users.
  • Mixpanel allows you to segment your users based on how they interact with your product. The aim is to understand your user’s behavior and how you can add value to them.


Loomly is more than just a social media management platform, it is a growth partner dedicated to making your life easier.

It automates all the time-consuming tasks involved in social media marketing, such as content creation, scheduling, and analytics.

Loomly is designed to give you ease of mind:

  • You can manage all your content from one place and receive notifications on all activities when they happen.
  • It’s your brainstorming partner when you’re running low on inspiration, it gives you post ideas based on what’s trending, holidays, etc.
  • Loomly holds your hand in the process; to ensure your posts are crafted with audience engagement in mind.
  • It also provides performance and analytics metrics that help you optimize your strategy for greater success.


You know your brand messaging is getting through when you see a gradual increase in subscribers. Regardless of the stage, your business is in, Sender is here to help you grow your audience.

It is an email marketing tool integrated with all the right features:

  • Email creation and automation; you can create your own design or choose from custom templates, then leave the delivery to them.
  • Robust analytics and reporting tools to measure and improve your email strategy for better results.
  • Integration with popular e-commerce and content management software like WordPress.
  • Subscriber segmentation and A/B testing.

Sender has a user-friendly interface and affordable pricing that has made it a trusted companion for many businesses looking to take their email campaigns to the next level.


If you’re not already leveraging influencers and affiliates in your marketing strategy, you are missing out on a proven and trusted approach for boosting your revenue.

Upfluence prides itself as the leading influencer and affiliate marketing services provider.

It offers you a wide range of vetted creators; you can easily connect with the right creators that already love your brand and are looking forward to a collaboration.

It’s easier with Upfluecence:

  • You get access to verified email addresses of creators to kickstart relationship building.
  • Communicate conveniently on their platform.
  • Maximize your outreach with personalized emails that get creators excited at the prospect of working with you.

You can also keep track of your affiliate program; it facilitates integration with your e-commerce stack. Influencers interested in your affiliate program can easily sign up at Upfluences’ branded landing page.

Ready to Boost Your ROI?

It’s been a long time coming, but you’ve made it to the end. You must be the adventurous type; ready and willing to try out new tools and strategies to get the results you want.

How about giving these a try? It is a curated list of software trusted by a wide range of businesses that continue to realize an increase in their ROI as a result. You could too.

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