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Top 7 Affordable Invoice Software For Small Businesses

We’ve got free and cheap options that are your go to picks for 2020

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This software streamlines your billing and invoicing processes with easy to use interfaces that make it easy to keep track of outstanding payments.

If you want to build your business off a solid base, third party invoicing software is a great way to start. Plus, this list demonstrates that it’s not like these solutions will leave you cash strapped.

We’ve picked the affordable software that remains reliable and easy to use for small businesses. And when your business outgrows these services, many offer more extensive plans.

Best Invoice Software

Google Sheets – Invoice template

Deborah Sawyerr from Play Your Cards Right:

Google sheets invoice template simply because it is easy to use as a basic invoice. It’s also free to use. The user can customise the template to suit their needs. It is a great product because the invoice can be shared as a clickable link directly from Google sheets – which means you don’t have to save it elsewhere if you don’t want to.


Dan Edmonson from Dronegenuity LLC:

At Dronegenuity, we started with Quickbooks and have enjoyed working with them for the past several years. They have the capacity to scale with us and have adapted to our specific business model. When we have had questions or concerns, their customer service was solid and willing to work with us and even keep us in the loop with future product enhancements. One caution to small start-ups – if you do consider switching platforms, make sure you fully consider all the direct and indirect switching costs. Pivoting from one invoicing software to another can add tedious administrative tasks for founders to work around, shifting their focus away from their core business.

Zoho Invoice

Syed AliHasan:

Zoho invoice provides great service to the small businesses by saving time. Ready to use invoice templates, functions, and features which help a lot to do perform tasks without any mistake.


Norhanie Pangulima from Centriq:

Its a billing and invoicing software that is versatile for freelancers to business owners with 12 employees. It also has a feature that helps create estimates and proposals, which is particularly useful for contractors, interior designers, and other businesses that need to itemize materials.

Square Invoices

Norhanie Pangulima from Centriq:

Its a billing and invoicing software that has not no monthly subscription fee so you can send invoices for free. It also includes a free mobile app so you can send estimates and invoices on the go or accept any type of payment wherever you are.


Norhanie Pangulima from Centriq:

Its a billing and invoicing software that sends out customized invoices and accepts payments from all major credit cards. It’s completely free and you don’t enter any credit card information when creating your free account.


Norhanie Pangulima from Centriq:

Its a billing and invoicing software accepts the most diverse forms of online payments. This invoicing software supports a dozen online gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and Authorize.Net. They even accept Bitcoin via Coinbase, as well as lots of foreign currencies.

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