Top Influencers: 101 UK Chief Technology Officer’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Partner & Chief Technology Officer play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Partner & Chief Technology Officer role. We have selected these Partner & Chief Technology Officer’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Partner & Chief Technology Officer’s. The list is in no particular order!

Stephen Nundy

Partner & Chief Technology Officer @ Lakestar

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An experienced Technologist and Engineer with a passion for setting strategy and building commercial solutions for complex and ambitious businesses. Collected over 20 years of global experience, leading new technology innovation, building distributed, high-performance teams, driving significant client engagement, within dynamic and highly competitive businesses. Passionate focus on investing and building companies, and their teams, with hyper-growth solutions and technologies to match. Learn more about Stephen Nundy on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutLakestar on Crunchbase…

David Eastaugh

Chief Technology Officer @ Trunarrative

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David has over 15 year’s experience developing applications in the identity and fraud environment. Dave has a proven track record leading high performance agile teams, delivering innovative software solutions and has experience of designing and delivering applications that meet the highest security standards. He is a real hands on CTO involved in the full software delivery life cycle. Learn more about David Eastaugh on Crunchbase…

Trunarrative is a risk and financial crime management platform that offers fraud prevention, identity, and compliance solutions. Read more aboutTrunarrative on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Howell

Chief Technology Officer @ Cazoo

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Jonathan Howell is the chief technology officer at Cazoo. Learn more about Jonathan Howell on Crunchbase…

Cazoo is an online used car marketplace designed to transform the way people buy, finance, or rent used cars. Read more aboutCazoo on Crunchbase…

Jin Dai

Chief Technology Officer @ Healthera

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Jin is a creative product architect with specialties in agile web development and user-centric design. Learn more about Jin Dai on Crunchbase…

Transforming the way a nation delivers its healthcare to its population, from prescriptions to personalised services. Read more aboutHealthera on Crunchbase…

Klaus Thorup

Chief Technology Officer @ ClearScore

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Klaus is a deep technology expert having worked for some of the biggest names in gaming. He’s the heart of our engineering. Learn more about Klaus Thorup on Crunchbase…

ClearScore is a financial technology company that provides credit scoring services and a marketplace. Read more aboutClearScore on Crunchbase…

Richard Orme

Group Chief Technology Officer @ Photobox

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Richard joined Metapack in 2012 and is responsible for MetaPack’s Technology delivery and strategy. Prior to joining MetaPack he worked in the US logistics software industry developing market leading solutions with UPS, FedEx and Pitney Bowes. He has also worked in the UK Telecomms industry on volume and availability systems for the UK’s largest fibre optic network at ntl (now Virgin Media). He has over twenty years of software development and delivery experience working in a range of technologies with a strong focus on highly available logistics platforms and data integration. Learn more about Richard Orme on Crunchbase…

PhotoBox is Europe’s leading community for sharing, printing and personal publishing with over 30 million members. Read more aboutPhotobox on Crunchbase…

Joe Baguley

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, EMEA @ VMware

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Joe Baguley is VMware’s Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for EMEA. He joined VMware in July 2011 and helps develop and communicate VMware’s strategy and vision with customers and partners, using his wealth of experience to help organisations reduce costs and better support users and business needs. As part of VMware’s Office of the CTO and its representative in EMEA, Joe assists VMware’s customers in understanding how to use today’s advances in technology to deliver real business impact as well as working with them to inform VMware’s R&D processes. Joe is a recognised leader within the European technical community and is considered one of the world’s most influential IT global leaders, currently positioned 26th on Tenfold’s global list of the top 79 Chief Technology Officers. He has played a key role in CloudCamp and other events, communicating how cloud technology fits into the broader IT landscape. He is a regular commentator on BBC World News, last appearing in January 2018 talking about edge computing with Aaron Heslehurst on Talking Business. In addition, Joe is also on several advisory boards at the European Commission and ETSI and is a founding committee member of the Data Centre Specialist Group at the British Computer Society which helped shape the European Code of Conduct for Data Centres. Learn more about Joe Baguley on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVMware on Crunchbase…

Ian Scott

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer @ Moltex Energy

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Ian went to Cambridge University to study nuclear physics, but was seduced during his first year by the excitement of the biological sciences and made his career in that field. He became Chief Scientist for Unilever plc before leaving to start an entrepreneurial drug discovery company. In 2012 he became bemused by how nuclear energy had gone from being “too cheap to meter” to too expensive to afford and determined to try to remedy that flaw. The result was his invention of the Stable Salt Reactor and the creation of Moltex Energy. Learn more about Ian Scott on Crunchbase…

Moltex Energy is developing a next generation nuclear reactor that can produce clean electricity Read more aboutMoltex Energy on Crunchbase…

Bruna Pellicci

Chief Technology Officer @ Linklaters LLP

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Linklaters LLP is a multinational law firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Read more aboutLinklaters LLP on Crunchbase…

Joe Lyske

Chief Technology Officer @ Triller

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Read more aboutTriller on Crunchbase…

Ed Addario

Chief Technology Officer @ Currencycloud

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Ed has been passionate about technology from the moment he laid eyes on his first computer, and has since built up over 25 years’ experience in leading innovative international organisations across the financial services, telecoms and retail sectors. He joined Currencycloud from a position as Global Head of Architecture and Integration at banking software giant Misys, and he has also held director level roles at Monitise, ACS and OpenBet. Ed leads Currencycloud’s team of over 45 technologists, and is the driving force behind the next generation API at the heart of the business. He plays a key role in developing the world-class services Currencycloud provides, and is determined to maintain the company’s strong reputation within the new digital economy. Learn more about Ed Addario on Crunchbase…

Currencycloud specializes in a fully cloud-based platform for B2B cross-border payments. Read more aboutCurrencycloud on Crunchbase…

David Osojnik

Chief Technology Officer @ Bitstamp

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Bitstamp allows companies and individuals from all around the world to buy and sell bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ripple, and bitcoin cash. Read more aboutBitstamp on Crunchbase…

William Montgomery

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) @ Thought Machine

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Thought Machine is a Fintech company that builds cloud-native technology to revolutionize core banking. Read more aboutThought Machine on Crunchbase…

Matthew Samonek

Chief Technology Officer @ Kleek

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Kleek offers instant access and table bookings at high-end venues, clubs and events. Read more aboutKleek on Crunchbase…

Todd Mansill

Chief Technology Officer @ yourfeed

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yourfeed is an online platform that connects people to relevant opportunities via their real life skills! Read more aboutyourfeed on Crunchbase…

Jan Riethmayer

Chief Technology Officer @ Zencargo

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CTO at Zencargo. CTO at various startups, Berliner, software developer, systems architect, project manager, product manager, recruiter, reliability engineer, data scientist. Learn more about Jan Riethmayer on Crunchbase…

Zencargo is a logistics company that simplifies global trade by offering digital freight services to help businesses thrive. Read more aboutZencargo on Crunchbase…

Dave Tonge

Chief Technology Officer @ Moneyhub

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Dave is the CTO of Moneyhub, developing an intelligent financial data and payments platform. He is involved in standards work across the OpenID Foundation, IETF, ISO and Open Banking UK – with a particular interest in security profiles and “decoupled” authorisation flows. He is a co-chair of the Financial API Working Group at the OpenID Foundation. Learn more about Dave Tonge on Crunchbase…

Moneyhub is a financial technology company that provides open banking and finance solutions. Read more aboutMoneyhub on Crunchbase…

Julian Bowden

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder @ InvestCloud

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Read more aboutInvestCloud on Crunchbase…

Nikhil Juneja

Chief Technology Officer @ Amployee Extensso Tech Pvt Ltd

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Prior to joining Root Info Solutions, Nikhil Juneja worked with Siemens Technology, Deloitte and SAP under various capacities from consultant to subject matter expert. He knows the ins and outs of enterprise mobile app development across native Android and iOS as well as cross-platform technologies like PhoneGap/Cordova, ionic and AngularJS. Learn more about Nikhil Juneja on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAmployee Extensso Tech Pvt Ltd on Crunchbase…

Niall Burns

Chief Technology Officer @ Symphonic

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Niall has led commercial software development projects for over 20 years within the finance, health, government, telecoms and oil industries. Prior to joining Symphonic during its proof of concept phase to design the product architecture, he was Technical Director for the design and delivery of an innovative patient safety solution for the health service market, working in collaboration with the NHS and leading pharmaceutical companies. Along with his technical expertise Niall brings a great passion for transforming technical ideas into commercially viable products. Learn more about Niall Burns on Crunchbase…

Symphonic is the provider of Intelligent Authorization. Read more aboutSymphonic on Crunchbase…

Paul Clarke

Chief Technology Officer @ Ocado Group

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Paul Clarke is Director of technology at Ocado, the world’s largest online-only grocery retailer. After joining Ocado in 2006, Paul initially worked on warehouse control systems and then joined the team designing Ocado’s next highly automated fulfilment centre. After establishing new teams for simulation and mobile development, Paul then co-wrote the first of Ocado’s award-winning mobile apps, which remain the only apps from a major retailer supporting full offline shopping. In his current role, Paul heads up Ocado Technology, whose 600+ software engineers and other IT specialists are responsible for building all the software and IT infrastructure that powers Ocado and Morrisons’ online grocery business. Ocado is in the midst of re-platforming its complete solution to create the Ocado Smart Platform — a combination of scalable, modular hardware for building automated warehouses and its end-to-end e-commerce and fulfilment solution running in the cloud. Ocado will use this platform to put retailers around the world online using their unique business model. In what little spare time he has alongside his work and family, Paul loves to invent and build stuff, design PCBs, write software and generally tinker. Learn more about Paul Clarke on Crunchbase…

Ocado is an online grocery retailer providing services, technology, and automation to grocery e-commerce businesses around the world. Read more aboutOcado Group on Crunchbase…

Jason Peter Whitfield

Interim Chief Technology Officer @ Thames Water

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Read more aboutThames Water on Crunchbase…

Dan Macklin

Chief Technology Officer @ MCG

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MCG is an IT firm that offers B2B services to empower businesses using the latest technology such as software, design, LXP or HXP and more. Read more aboutMCG on Crunchbase…

Rens Troost

Chief Technology Officer @ Virtual Clarity

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Virtual Clarity delivers strategic systems transformations, enabling you to create the right environment for successful business change. Read more aboutVirtual Clarity on Crunchbase…

Chris Greeno

Chief Technology Officer @ Cuvva

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Radically better insurance, fit for the future. Read more aboutCuvva on Crunchbase…

Stefanos Zafeiriou

Chief Technology Officer & Founder @ Facesoft

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FaceSoft is develops databases that improve 3D facial recognition and computer-genetared facial reconstruction technologies. Read more aboutFacesoft on Crunchbase…

Steve Cook

Chief Technology Officer @ Form3

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Steve has architected and developed great products and managed dynamic technology teams in the financial services sector for over 20 years. He brings a broad range of experience in FinTech, having led key technology teams across banking (Lehman Brothers, Nomura, Gain Capital), and having launched several startups in the FinTech and cloud computing space. Steve previously lived and worked in Asia for 15 years, and has extensive experience in the Asian banking and capital markets environment. He also holds a degree in theoretical physics from Cambridge University. As the CTO of Form3, Steve is responsible for all aspects of technology, including product architecture, development, delivery and support of the Form3 Financial Cloud. Learn more about Steve Cook on Crunchbase…

Form3 is a cloud native payments-as-a-service platform that designs, builds, and runs the technology that powers the future of payments. Read more aboutForm3 on Crunchbase…

Charles Lewinton

Chief Technology Officer @ Buddi

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Charles has been working in the Electronic Monitoring industry for the last 12 years with a focus on bringing new technology to the field in both software and hardware products. He has a background in large scale software development with a focus on reducing operational costs using innovate software combined with smart hardware. He has led on the roll out of various international electronic monitoring and other government projects, focusing on the technical project management areas and challenges. Charles has been with buddi now for 2 years and has been able to help shape both software and hardware solutions for buddi’s market leading products. Learn more about Charles Lewinton on Crunchbase…

Buddi is an innovative, high-growth and british technology company that develops location and health monitoring technologies. Read more aboutBuddi on Crunchbase…

Aditya Sarkar

Chief Technology Officer @ Lean Technologies

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Aditya Sarkar is Chief Technology Officer at Lean. Learn more about Aditya Sarkar on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutLean Technologies on Crunchbase…

Iain Maxted

Founder and Chief Technology Officer @ Guardian Global Technologies

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Following a degree in mining engineering from the University of London’s Imperial College and two years post-graduate study at Cardiff University’s Department of Mineral Exploitation, Guardian’s Technical and Managing Director, Iain Maxted spent the first six years of his oil industry career as a field engineer with Schlumberger. Wide experience of both onshore and offshore operations gained through positions in Denmark, Ireland, the UK, Norway, Syria and Egypt led to him being selected as a specialist engineer for deep, high-temperature operations with Shell in the Egyptian Western Desert. After leaving Schlumberger in 1992, Iain joined Sondex (now GE) and by 1995 was appointed General Manager. Iain left Sondex in 1995 and together with Guardian’s Operations Director, Suzannah Bourne, was requested by a number of service companies to develop various downhole intervention products. The first of these was the Addressable Release Tool which has become hugely successful and an industry standard. Iain has also been responsible for developing the shortest PL string in the world, redeveloping the production logging capability for one of the major service companies as well as the host of other production logging and Ballistics Delivery System products manufactured today by Guardian. Learn more about Iain Maxted on Crunchbase…

Guardian Global Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of advanced Ballistics and Production Logging technology. Read more aboutGuardian Global Technologies on Crunchbase…

Damon Neale

Chief Technology Officer @ BASE Media Cloud

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Damon is a serial entrepreneur with experience in founding and scaling an international business portfolio. He is a leading technology consultant, with extensive experience providing analysis, design and implementation of cloud, AI, streaming and workflow automation solutions in the Media & Entertainment industry. He has held several MD and CTO positions and used this experience to mentor many businesses and Directors from start-ups and scale-ups to major international enterprises. He has acted as a board member providing a voice of reason, advised on business strategy, assisted in angel and VC investment rounds, invested in and also been a part/full time CTO for several businesses to provide the technical strategy and implementation for companies with and without an existing CTO/Technology Director. Learn more about Damon Neale on Crunchbase…

BASE Media Cloud is an innovative Managed Cloud Services company. Read more aboutBASE Media Cloud on Crunchbase…

Steve Homan

Chief Technology Officer @ Metapack

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Steve is the CIO at MetaPack. His role is to oversee technology across MetaPack, including the engineering and operations of MetaPack’s cloud-based delivery management platform. Steve joined MetaPack in 2018 from a financial services organisation, where he was Digital Transformation Director. Prior to that he spent five years as CIO at Daily Mail Group managing the company’s technology transformation, enabling it to adopt a more customer-centric business strategy. He was also CIO at Fitness First, responsible for all aspects of technology in the group, as well as playing a major role in the evolution of the operations and transformation of the customer experience. Steve holds a BSc in Computing. Learn more about Steve Homan on Crunchbase…

Metapack provides delivery management solutions that enable online retailers to increase user engagement and sales conversions. Read more aboutMetapack on Crunchbase…

Brad Wright

Chief Technology Officer @ Pollen

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Pollen builds, curates, and delivers the best travel experiences. Read more aboutPollen on Crunchbase…

James Thomas

Chief Technology Officer @ Wellcome Trust

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James joined Wellcome in April 2016. He is responsible for leadership of our technology and digital services. Before Wellcome, James had an extensive career in the private and public sectors, delivering transformational change through technology and data. His career began in the oil and water industries, with BP and Veolia. He moved to global technology provider Oracle to develop and lead technology consulting services for clients, including banking, defence and manufacturing. He then moved into healthcare, with technology leadership roles in the NHS. This included eight years as a Director of UCL Hospitals, establishing UCL Partners, London NHS Procurement Partnership and the UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre. Following this, James became an Associate Partner at Atos Consulting, including working with Genomics England to review its Informatics and bioinformatics capabilities. Learn more about James Thomas on Crunchbase…

Wellcome Trust is a medical research charity that funds research that aims to protect and improving human and animal health. Read more aboutWellcome Trust on Crunchbase…

Radouane Oudrhiri

Chief Technology Officer @ Eagle Genomics

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Radouane has an extensive experience in leading world-class software and data-intensive system developments in different industries from Telecom to Healthcare, Nuclear, Automotive, Financials. Radouane is Lean/Six Sigma Master Black Belt with speciality in high-tech, IT and Software engineering and he is recognised as the leader and early adaptor of Lean/Six Sigma and DFSS to IT and Software. He is a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) and member of the ISO Technical Committee (TC69: Applications of Statistical methods) where he is co-author of the Lean & Six Sigma Standard (ISO 18404) as well as the new standard under development (Design for Six Sigma). He is also part of the newly formed international Group on Big Data (nominated by BSI as the UK representative/expert). Radouane has also been Chair of the working group on Measurement Systems for Automated Processes/Systems within the ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering). Learn more about Radouane Oudrhiri on Crunchbase…

Eagle Genomics is a enterprise software solutions company to enable the management, orchestration and exploitation of life sciences data. Read more aboutEagle Genomics on Crunchbase…

Blair Robertson

Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President @ TVSquared

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Blair is a seasoned data scientist and visualization guru with a background in Artificial Intelligence. He has spent the past 13 years helping global companies improve decision-making and product development through the application of analytics. As TVSquared’s CTO, Blair is an expert in a range of statistical techniques such as data modeling, signal processing and machine learning, which he and his team deploy to continually improve the company’s technology platform. Throughout his career, Blair has focused on presenting complex technical concepts in an easy-to-consume, business-friendly way and has a reputation for designing analytic products that are highly visual and intuitive. Previous engagements have included time as principal analyst at Sumerian, where he led analytic engagements with dozens of the world’s largest companies. Blair has also acted as a private consultant for a wide-variety of data-driven companies in financial services, utilities and hi-tech, and as a financial technology consultant with Accenture Plc. Learn more about Blair Robertson on Crunchbase…

TVSquared is the global leader in TV attribution. Read more aboutTVSquared on Crunchbase…

Marko Djukic

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder @ Ingenii

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Read more aboutIngenii on Crunchbase…

Richard Hodgson

Chief Technology Officer @

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Bricklane harnesses technology to unlock investment in residential property at scale. Read more on Crunchbase…

Arno Robbertse

Chief Technology Officer @ C5 Capital

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Arno has over a decade of experience in managing and delivering cyber security engagements for global organisations. He routinely briefs boards on strategic cyber threats and has led information leak and hacking investigations globally for publicly-listed and large multinational companies. He also regularly advises private client and family offices on matters of cyber security and privacy. Arno also leads the Cyber Advisory consulting practice at ITC Secure, a C5 portfolio company. He is a Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and is Certified in Risk & Information Systems Control (CRISC). Learn more about Arno Robbertse on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutC5 Capital on Crunchbase…

James Eggleston

Chief Technology Officer @ appScatter

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James is responsible for the delivery of appScatter’s flagship technology – the distribution, performance, tracking and intelligence platform. Prior to appScatter James worked in the mobile gaming industry delivering global technology solutions for international brands. Learn more about James Eggleston on Crunchbase…

AppScatter is a B2B SaaS platform that distributes, manages, and monitors mobile apps across multiple app stores worldwide. Read more aboutappScatter on Crunchbase…

David Guest

Chief Technology Officer @ Specsavers

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Read more aboutSpecsavers on Crunchbase…

Phil Cowans

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer and Director @ Nested

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Nested operates as a data-driven estate agency enabling customers to be chain-free buyers. Read more aboutNested on Crunchbase…

Jamie Hutton

Chief Technology Officer @ Quantexa

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Jamie is a global authority on financial crime detection solutions and architectures, having spent over 11 years assisting major banks, insurers and product companies in harnessing technology and data in the fight against crime. Jamie took early responsibility in shaping the direction of the Detica NetReveal product and its unique capabilities. He then went on to be the key driving force behind the EMEA/AP product direction for the SAS financial crime platform. Today he continues to assist global banks with massive data architectures for financial crime. Learn more about Jamie Hutton on Crunchbase…

Quantexa develops network analytics tools for the detection and prevention of financial crime. Read more aboutQuantexa on Crunchbase…

Gavin Lilley

Chief Technology officer @ Zapaygo

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Zapaygo provides a menu of goods or services and a pre-order and payment facility to consumers. Read more aboutZapaygo on Crunchbase…

Bret Boivin

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder @ Incopro

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Incopro’s cutting-edge technology has been spearheaded by anti-piracy expert Bret Boivin. Bret initially made his mark as a Systems Engineer for Warner Brothers, working on a wide variety of projects including security for its first massively multiplayer online game. In 2006 he began managing internet anti-piracy operations for the UK, co-ordinating activities across Europe, Asia and the Middle East for both Warner Brothers and NBC Universal. Working in the film industry and constantly breaking new ground in content protection technology provided a unique insight into what content owners really need. Bret has pioneered new standards in film studio enforcement capabilities, developing significant new technology, extending piracy monitoring capabilities and helping shape strategic focus. Learn more about Bret Boivin on Crunchbase…

Incopro is an online brand and intellectual property protection company. Read more aboutIncopro on Crunchbase…

Richard Brown

Chief Technology Officer @ R3

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Richard is the Chief Technology Officer at R3 and is one of the world’s leading authorities on distributed ledger systems and architectures. Previously, Richard was the Executive Architect for Banking and Financial Markets industry innovation at IBM UK. His previous roles with the company, for whom he worked for almost fifteen years, included Lead Account Architect for a global Investment Banking client and a consultant for IBM software products. Richard is a Chartered Engineer, holds an MBA with distinction from Warwick Business School and a first-class degree in Mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge. Learn more about Richard Brown on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutR3 on Crunchbase…

Panagiotis Tsarouchis

Founder and Chief Technology Officer @ Duel

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Panagiotis ‘Naio’ Tsarouchis is an award winning designer and developer with prolific experience in entrepreneurship having founded design and technology education startups including Consider Magazine, Art In Progress and Treesix. Naio is Duel’s Co-Founder, CTO and expert in both complex computer science and user-centric design, having built Duel from a UGC platform into a fully-featured Brand Advocacy suite. As a fellow Co-Founder of Daredevil Project gaming studio, he has a deep, technical understanding of how gaming virology, authentic brands and customer behaviour intersect on a platform level. When not working, you’ll probably find him rescuing art in Bristol, adding to his impressive rum collection and rocking his synth. Learn more about Panagiotis Tsarouchis on Crunchbase…

Brand Advocacy Platform that enables purpose-led brands to drive organic growth & retention through word-of-mouth & advocacy Read more aboutDuel on Crunchbase…

Jacobo Koenig

Chief Technology Officer @ Decology

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Decology is an interior design platform that helps anyone design & furnish their perfect home. Read more aboutDecology on Crunchbase…

Huw Bristow

Chief Technology Officer @ Altia-ABM

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Altia-ABM is a software company that develops specialist, excellent software to help investigators. Read more aboutAltia-ABM on Crunchbase…

Natalia Mila

Chief Technology Officer @ Upstream

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Natalia joined Upstream in 2008 as a senior software engineer. She has worked in several roles within the company, as a team leader and later on as chief architect and head of engineering, leading the design and implementation of Upstream’s mobile commerce platform. She is now the company CTO, responsible for its technical product, engineering and infrastructure functions. She has more than 17 years of work experience in enterprise software, in companies such as Intracom and Intralot S.A. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and a Master’s degree in Distributed and Multimedia Information Systems, from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. Learn more about Natalia Mila on Crunchbase…

Upstream is leading the mobile internet revolution in high growth markets. Read more aboutUpstream on Crunchbase…

Mike Gascoyne

Chief Technology Officer @ Vertical Aerospace

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Vertical Aerospace builds technology to revolutionize how people fly, by making air travel personal, on-demand, and carbon-free. Read more aboutVertical Aerospace on Crunchbase…

Chris Case

Chief Technology Officer @ Oxford PV

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Dr Chris Case joined Oxford PV in April 2014. Chris brings a strong track record of senior technology management to the business. Since 2009, he has been running his own consultancy providing high level strategic technology commercialisation advice to global companies and small companies alike, including Voltaix Llc; recently acquired by Air Liquide, and Surrey NanoSystems. Prior to this, he spent ten years with BOC Edwards and The BOC Group, latterly part of the Linde Group where he was Chief Technology/Scientific Officer, responsible for driving global technology strategy and R&D for the €8 billion business. Chris has a strong scientific background in patents and IP management, and is passionate about realising their commercial value. His experience spans markets across the world including the US and he has worked for a number of companies – from large corporates to small start-ups – to help manage their IP portfolios, broaden their scope of influence and build successful and profitable businesses. As well as being extensively published in international press and periodicals, Chris is also a regular speaker and lecturer on integrated circuits and photovoltaics, and chaired the interconnect team of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) for more than 10 years. He began his career as Assistant Professor of Engineering at Brown University followed by 10 years at AT&T Bell Laboratories. He was a Fulbright-Hays scholar at the Université de Bordeaux, and holds a ScM in engineering and a PhD in materials science from Brown University. Learn more about Chris Case on Crunchbase…

Oxford PV is a provider of perovskite solar cells. Read more aboutOxford PV on Crunchbase…

Francesco Petruzzelli

Chief Technology Officer @ Bidstack

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Bidstack empowers brands to place advertising into spaces that sit naturally within video games. Read more aboutBidstack on Crunchbase…

Geoff Wells

Chief Technology Officer @ AudienceView

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Geoff Wells serves as a CTO at AudienceView. Learn more about Geoff Wells on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAudienceView on Crunchbase…

Juliano Alves

Co-Founder | Chief Technology Officer @ Broad

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The European neobank for Brazilians to spend money overseas Read more aboutBroad on Crunchbase…

Robertas Sadovskis

Chief Technology Officer @ Barbora Polska

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Read more aboutBarbora Polska on Crunchbase…

Simon Morley

Chief Technology Officer @ Vaultoro

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Vaultoro is a financial technology company specialized in digital assets and commodities trading. Read more aboutVaultoro on Crunchbase…

Tom Holder

Chief Technology Officer and Founder @ Personal Privacy Solutions (Tapmydata)

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Tom Holder is the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Tapmydata. Learn more about Tom Holder on Crunchbase…

Tap is a mobile app and new breed of CRM to help companies build a positive privacy dialogue with their customers. Read more aboutPersonal Privacy Solutions (Tapmydata) on Crunchbase…

Samuel Heather

VP, Chief Technology Officer @ KodyPay

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Revolutionising in-person payments to grow your business with a trustworthy and innovative solution. Read more aboutKodyPay on Crunchbase…

David Halsey

Chief Technology Officer @ Crowdcube

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Crowdcube enables individuals to invest in small companies in return for equity or an annual return. Read more aboutCrowdcube on Crunchbase…

Nick Buller

Chief Technology Officer @ ThinCats

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Nick’s entrepreneurial spirit, developed at the helm of several London based start-ups, is coupled with a direct appreciation of how investment in technology can transform businesses. This has driven him to ThinCats, where he is able to use this first-hand experience to help facilitate the funding of UK SMEs. Nick is responsible for overseeing technological advancement at ThinCats; spearheading innovation, building infrastructure, maximising security and promoting development across the business. He has vast experience in finance and technology; having spent over 10 years at Barclays at Director level, he has held CTO positions at a number of other London-based technology firms, as well as CTO for ESF Capital. Learn more about Nick Buller on Crunchbase…

ThinCats is an alternative finance provider dedicated to funding growing and ambitious mid-sized SMEs across the UK. Read more aboutThinCats on Crunchbase…

Tim Langley

Chief Technology Officer @ Kompli Global

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Tim Langley is a Co-Founder & CEO at CANDDi. Learn more about Tim Langley on Crunchbase…

Kompli Global is develops networks, multi-jurisdictional, multi-lingual due diligence, search platform. Read more aboutKompli Global on Crunchbase…

Ciaran Fisher

Chief Technology Officer & Chief Software Engineer @ InCrowd Sports

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Ciaran Fisher is a Chief Technology Officer & Chief Software Engineer at InCrowd Sports. Learn more about Ciaran Fisher on Crunchbase…

Incrowd builds sponsorship activation platforms to give fans an in-stadia experience. Read more aboutInCrowd Sports on Crunchbase…

Dennis Xenos

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer @ Flexciton

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Flexciton is an optimisation technology company solving complex scheduling problems in semiconductor wafer fabrication Read more aboutFlexciton on Crunchbase…

Peter Ingram

Chief Technology Officer @ Hastee

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Peter Ingram is the CTO at Hastee. Learn more about Peter Ingram on Crunchbase…

Hastee is a mobile application that allows workers to receive a portion of their earned pay immediately. Read more aboutHastee on Crunchbase…

Hari Ramamurthy

Chief Technology Officer @ Kuflink Group Plc

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Hari Ramamurthy is a co-founder and the chief technology officer of [SimplyCook](, a food subscription business that offers restaurant-quality meals. Prior to that, he held the same position at [LendInvest]( Before joining LendInvest, Ramamurthy served as the head of applications at [MadBid]( for over 3 years. Previously, he was employed at [Unanimis](, FMC Marketing, and Quazzle Telecom, serving as a senior analyst programmer, senior web developer, and junior system administrator, respectively. Ramamurthy holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from [Maharshi Dayanand University]( and master’s degree in computer science from [Charles Sturt University]( Ramamurthy lives in London, United Kingdom. Learn more about Hari Ramamurthy on Crunchbase…

Peer to Peer UK Property Investment platform, where we invest with you. Our Purpose is to Connect people to Financial Freedom. Read more aboutKuflink Group Plc on Crunchbase…

Chris Jackson

Chief Technology Officer @ Thomas International

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Having joined Thomas International in 2018 as Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Chris Jackson is responsible for driving Thomas’ technology, implementing a technical vision that will deliver the next generation of user-friendly, scalable and innovative digital talent solutions. Chris is a commercial and technical leader, who was previously at Pearson, one of the world’s leading educational and publishing conglomerates, where he spearheaded its drive to become a cloud-based digital company. During this time, he successfully deployed new digital native platforms to support wholesale consolidation and modernisation of the product portfolio. Learn more about Chris Jackson on Crunchbase…

Thomas International is a provider of psychometric assessment solutions with a focus on small to medium-sized businesses. Read more aboutThomas International on Crunchbase…

David Bujan-Tome

Chief Technology Officer @ Coinfloor

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David joined Coinfloor in January 2018 and leads the team responsible for the development and stability of Coinfloor’s trading platforms. David brings a depth of experience in financial services technology, with more than 20 years experience in institutions such as Morgan Stanley, RBS, Merrill Lynch and Barclays. Learn more about David Bujan-Tome on Crunchbase…

Coinfloor is an established group of cryptocurrency exchanges for institutional or sophisticated investors and traders. Read more aboutCoinfloor on Crunchbase…

Charles Lee

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer @ Kontainers

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Charles Lee is the co-founder and chief technology officer of Kontainers. Learn more about Charles Lee on Crunchbase…

Kontainers is as Enterprise SAAS Provider providing e-commerce capabilities to Freight Forwarders and Shipping Lines Read more aboutKontainers on Crunchbase…

Ross Spearman

Chief Technology Officer @ Tait Communications

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Ross Spearman is the CTO for Tait Communications. He has been with Tait Communications since Jan 2016, and has responsibility for directing the company’s technology investment strategy. Mr Spearman joined Tait after returning to New Zealand from the United States where he was the CTO for Ericsson in Seattle. Mr Spearman has 25 years experience in the telecom industry, working with radio, switching and transport technologies in fixed and mobile networks. The first half of his career was spent in Research & Development, and the second half with Customer Units, working with leading Telecom Operators.He was with Ericsson in North America since 1999, most recently as CTO for a Tier 1 mobile operator account, where his team had solution responsibility for all technology provided by Ericsson to the Operator, and also consulted on strategic technology/business initiatives – including their nationwide LTE roll-out.Previously Mr Spearman was VP of Technology, driving Strategic Initiatives with IMS, IP/ATM/SONET transport products, and soft-switching in North America. In Europe he ran Product Management within Ericsson’s Access business, and began his career in New Zealand in HW and embedded SW design. Mr Spearman holds Masters and Bachelors’ degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Canterbury. Learn more about Ross Spearman on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTait Communications on Crunchbase…

Paul Felby

Chief Technology Officer @ Adthena

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Paul is a supremely talented software engineer and architect and has built a career for major names such as the Logica Space and Defence Division and Live Nation Entertainment / Ticketmaster, as well as spending time in the US teaching gifted children programming and electronics. Now our Chief Technology Officer and Product Director, Paul is responsible for the research and innovation at Adthena, delivering even better results for our clients, and the Architecture and development to ensure the quality of our data and application. With a first class degree in Computer Science with Robotics and Intelligent Machines, Paul was also winner of the Wind River Systems Award – given to the final year BSc Computer Science student who obtains the highest degree mark. Learn more about Paul Felby on Crunchbase…

Adthena is a competitive intelligence solution for search marketers. Read more aboutAdthena on Crunchbase…

Christopher Baker-Brian

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Technology Innovation Officer @ BBOXX

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Christopher is a graduate of Imperial College London, where he obtained a first class honours (M.Eng) degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. He was part of a team of students that founded “e.quinox” in 2008 and co-founded BBOXX in 2010. Christopher is responsible for product development, supply chain and BBOXX’s manufacturing partnerships. In addition, Christopher has extensive technical experience in the petro-chemicals (Shell) and aerospace (Rolls-Royce) industries. He is a full member of the IEEE and IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) and currently serves as a general member of the 2011-2014 IEEE Ad-Hoc Committee on Humanitarian Activities. Learn more about Christopher Baker-Brian on Crunchbase…

BBOXX designs, manufactures, and distributes plug and play solar systems. Read more aboutBBOXX on Crunchbase…

Tarek Elabbady

Chief Technology Officer @ Microsoft

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Lee Scorer

Chief Technology Officer @ Aurora-AI

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Lee brings unparalleled expertise in operating and developing software systems including cloud environments. He has worked at Aurora for over a decade. Learn more about Lee Scorer on Crunchbase…

Aurora-AI provides consultancy services to create bespoke AI solutions for specific business requirements. Read more aboutAurora-AI on Crunchbase…

Mike Moate

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer @ Countingup

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The one that does your books. Countingup is the UK’s #1 banking & accounting app. Dead easy. Super fast. Self sorting. Read more aboutCountingup on Crunchbase…

Michael Jervis

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer @ FourNet

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Michael Jervis is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of FourNet. Learn more about Michael Jervis on Crunchbase…

FourNet is a cloud and managed communications service company providing cloud, collaboration, and contact center solutions. Read more aboutFourNet on Crunchbase…

Andy Richardson

Chief Technology Officer @ Public

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Neil Skilling

Chief Technology Officer @ Kitewheel

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Stefano Maestri

Chief Technology Officer of Processing Division, Markit @ IHS Markit

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Stefano Maestri is the Chief Technology Officer of [Markit](, a financial information services company that helps businesses improve operational efficiency and meet regulatory requirements. Previously, he was an associate director at [Barclays Investment Bank]( Prior to Barclays Investment Bank, Maestri worked as a development manager at [Euronext.LIFFE]( Learn more about Stefano Maestri on Crunchbase…

IHS provides information and analysis to support the decision-making process of businesses and governments in regards to various industries. Read more aboutIHS Markit on Crunchbase…

Michael Huth

Chief Technology Officer @ Xayn

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Michael Huth is CTO of XAIN AG and a Professor of Computer Science at Imperial College London. He is a Diplom-Mathematiker (TU Darmstadt, Germany) and obtained his Ph.D. in 1991 (Tulane University of Louisiana, USA). His research focuses on cybersecurity (notably the interplay of trust, security, risk, and economics), as well as security and privacy in machine learning. Michael served as the technical lead of the Harnessing Economic Value theme at PETRAS IoT Cybersecurity Research Hub in the UK. Professor Huth is an active research and product advisor within London’s cybersecurity startup scene. Learn more about Michael Huth on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutXayn on Crunchbase…

Luis Rivera

Chief Technology Officer @ Riverlan

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Riverlan assists in the delivery of projects that can benefit from innovation. Read more aboutRiverlan on Crunchbase…

Lee Cadman

Group Chief Technology Officer @ MYJAR

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Read more aboutMYJAR on Crunchbase…

Shadi Razak

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder @ Angoka

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ANGOKA is an IoT security company focused on protecting machine-to-machine communications for Smart Cities and Mobility. Read more aboutAngoka on Crunchbase…

Kartik Venkatesh

Chief Technology Officer @ Trunomi

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Kartik is a multi-stack architect, and is well-versed in both open stack and Microsoft stack. He has been architecting and building web scale, secure, distributed systems and data solutions for 9+ years. Before Trunomi, Kartik was the Chief Architect for DLA, leading development of a Netflix competitor OTT solution for Latin America, featuring advanced machine learning and big data techniques. Prior to that Kartik led development and technology for several large scale products spanning multiple industries, including Gates Foundation, Starbucks, RedBull, Fox, AT&T and Sony. Kartik started his career at Microsoft straight out of high school, after being discovered for his programming aptitude. Microsoft sponsored his education at University of Washington, where he completed a B.S. in Computer Sciences. Learn more about Kartik Venkatesh on Crunchbase…

Enterprise Privacy Platform allowing companies to meet all regulatory requirements for global Data Privacy Regulations Read more aboutTrunomi on Crunchbase…

Ian Redmond

Chief Technology Officer @ Ceres Holographics

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Dr. Ian Redmond has 27 years experience in research and industry, as a technologist and manager. Most of his experience has involved applications of holography following a PhD in Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs) from Heriot –Watt University, Edinburgh. He was co-founder of US-based consumer electronics company DataPlay, whose products won overall Best of Show at CES in 2001. Before returning to Scotland to found Ceres Imaging Ltd., he spent four years at the core of world-leading holographic data storage company InPhase Technologies, a spin-out from Bell Labs. There he led the holographic optical drive product development effort, pushing the development of the highest performance photopolymer media to date. This material was subsequently licensed to Bayer MaterialScience (Now Covestro), forming the foundations of the high-performance film developed under a joint development agreement (JDA) for Ceres, and now in production. His combination of knowledge in all aspects of holography, optics and photopolymer chemistry, at practical and theoretical levels is unmatched in the field. Dr Redmond remains at the heart of the company development advancing the core technology and defining customer solutions based on Ceres advanced capabilities. Learn more about Ian Redmond on Crunchbase…

Ceres Holographics is enabling next-generation transparent AR displays with innovative holographic technology. Read more aboutCeres Holographics on Crunchbase…

Darren Lee

Chief Technology Officer & Coder @ AI Bots as a Service – a Conversational AI engine by AI BaaS

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Read more aboutAI Bots as a Service – a Conversational AI engine by AI BaaS on Crunchbase…

Gaurav Rana

Chief Technology Officer @ BABB

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Gaurav is an experienced CTO and an industry veteran in the blockchain space with a history of working with distributed systems and financial services at scale. He has contributed to dozens of pivotal projects and seminal literature, and invented pioneering technology in the industry since 2010. Gaurav is a techstars alum, and ex CTO of startups Everledger and Atlas. Learn more about Gaurav Rana on Crunchbase…

BABB is a world bank for the micro-economy: a global marketplace for human innovation, financial autonomy and wealth creation. Read more aboutBABB on Crunchbase…

Lee Kingshott

Chief Technology Officer @ PAM GROUP

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PAM provides occupational health and wellbeing services, psychological treatment, and sickness absence management across the UK. Read more aboutPAM GROUP on Crunchbase…

Edgars Kohs

Chief Technology Officer @ Fly Now Pay Later

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Fly Now Pay Later is a fintech company that helps consumers split the cost of their travel in monthly installments. Read more aboutFly Now Pay Later on Crunchbase…

Arnor Davidsson

Co-Founder and chief technology officer @ Insurami

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Experienced technologist with strengths in entrepreneurship, software development, product management and user experience. Gained by working with a mixture of established tech companies and early stage startups. Learn more about Arnor Davidsson on Crunchbase…

Insurami offers a deposit guarantee platform for commercial real estate Read more aboutInsurami on Crunchbase…

Matthew Robson

Founder & Chief Technology Officer @ Perspectum

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Matt Robson is Perspectum’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO), co-founder and company director. He is responsible for overseeing development and implementation of our image acquisition and image analysis pipelines. Matt has over 25 years of experience working with MRI initially through his PhD at Cambridge in “Automated Analysis of MRI Images” that followed from a Natural Science (Physics and Theoretical Physics) also in Cambridge. He followed this with Research positions at Yale University and industrial roles with GEC, Surrey Medical Systems, Picker International and Marconi Medical before returning to academia with Oxford University where he pioneered the technologies that underpin Perspectum’s products. Learn more about Matthew Robson on Crunchbase…

Healthcare, Medical Technology, SaaS Read more aboutPerspectum on Crunchbase…

Joe Barbour

Chief Technology Officer @ Knoma

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Knoma offers a payment solution and marketplace for lifelong learning. Read more aboutKnoma on Crunchbase…

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