Top Influencers: 101 UK Co-Founder and CEO’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Co-founder and CEO play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-founder and CEO role. We have selected these Co-founder and CEO’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-founder and CEO’s. The list is in no particular order!

Michelle You

Co-founder and CEO @ Supercritical

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Michelle You is the co-founder and CEO of Supercritical, a software platform fighting the climate crisis by helping businesses get to net zero. A former venture partner at LocalGlobe, where she focused on climate investments, Michelle is a repeat entrepreneur with a proven track record. As co-founder of Songkick, she grew the company to over 20 million monthly unique users and raised capital from Y Combinator, Index Ventures and Sequoia before exiting to Warner Music Group in 2017. Contact us through [email protected] Learn more about Michelle You on Crunchbase…

Supercritical is a software platform that helps businesses reach carbon net zero and tackle the climate crisis. Read more aboutSupercritical on Crunchbase…

William Shu

Co-Founder and CEO @ Deliveroo

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Will Shu founded Deliveroo in London in 2013, alongside his childhood friend Greg Orlowski. As the company’s first rider and CEO, Will has overseen the company grow at a phenomenal speed. Headquartered in London, with over 2,500 employees, Deliveroo now operates in over 500 towns and cities in 14 different markets across the globe. The company with over 80,000 restaurants and takeaways across the globe, while 130,000 individuals across all its markets made a delivery in 2018, helping make Deliveroo the best food delivery experience in the world. The company is considered a tech unicorn and is currently valued at over £1.5 billion. Will still enjoys regularly delivering food orders on his bike. Before Deliveroo, Will previously worked in finance as an analyst with SAC Capital, ESO Capital and Morgan Stanley in New York and London. Learn more about William Shu on Crunchbase…

Deliveroo is an online food delivery service that allows users to order restaurant meals using the web and mobile. Read more aboutDeliveroo on Crunchbase…

Nick D’Aloisio

Co-founder and CEO @ Sphere (Acquired by Twitter)

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Nick D’Aloisio is an English computer programmer and internet entrepreneur. He is best known as the inventor of Summly, which is a summarization and artificial intelligence technology developed with SRI International. D’Aloisio has been recognised as the youngest person to receive a round of venture capital in technology from a Billionaire, at just 15 years of age. As of March 2013, Summly was sold to Yahoo for a reported $30 million US dollars making him one of the youngest self-made millionaires ever. D’Aloisio was awarded “Innovator of the Year” in New York City by the Wall Street Journal for his work on Summly and at Yahoo. D’Aloisio was also included in TIME Magazine’s ‘Time 100’ as one of the world’s most influential teenagers, as well as being profiled in their “Secrets of Genius” Publication. D’Aloisio currently leads the critically acclaimed Yahoo News Digest, which launched at CES 2014 and won the 2014 Apple Design Award at WWDC for its technological and product excellence. He is also an undergraduate student at Hertford College, Oxford University, where he is studying Computer Science and Philosophy, and is the “Entrepreneur in Residence” at Airbnb. Learn more about Nick D’Aloisio on Crunchbase…

Now part of Twitter! Sphere is a community chat app turns groups into close, vibrant, purposeful and productive communities, instantly! Read more aboutSphere (Acquired by Twitter) on Crunchbase…

Doug Monro

Co-Founder and CEO @ Adzuna

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Doug was most recently COO of property portal Zoopla. From 2008 he led the growth of the team from 5 to 75 people and the site to number 2 in UK property with 5M visitors a month, organically and through acquisitions. Previously he was MD of, the UK’s largest classified ads site, where he built the team and business through a fun growth ramp after acquisition by eBay in 2005. Prior to Gumtree, Doug worked for eBay UK, Bain & Company, Unilever and also as an entrepreneur. Doug has a BA in English from Cambridge, an MBA from Kellogg, and hates to admit he is a qualified accountant. Learn more about Doug Monro on Crunchbase…

Adzuna is a smart search engine for job ads. Read more aboutAdzuna on Crunchbase…

Lior Shiff

Co-Founder and CEO @ Tripledot Studios

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Lior Shiff is a co-founder and the CEO of Tripledot Studios, co-founder and Chairman of On The Spot Development. and co-founder of Luna Labs. Until December 2015, he was Managing Director/CEO of Product Madness, which he co-founded in 2007. Lior spearheaded the successful sale of Product Madness to Aristocrat at the end of 2012. Product Madness is a leader in the Social Casino segment with revenues of $400m/year. Lior is an active advisor, speaker, ​and investor in the mobile games space. Previously, Lior worked at McKinsey & Co. and in The Israeli NSA, where he managed an R&D department of 40 engineers. Lior holds a BA degree in Computer Science, Accounting and an additional BA degree in Psychology all from the Tel Aviv University. He also holds an MBA from Stanford University. Learn more about Lior Shiff on Crunchbase…

Tripledot Studios is a mobile games studio. Read more aboutTripledot Studios on Crunchbase…

Alexandre Dalyac

Co-Founder and CEO @ Tractable

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Alex Dalyac is co-founder & CEO of Tractable, an artificial intelligence company specialized in visual tasks for traditional industries. The company’s current focus is insurance and automotive, where its AI predicts the cost to repair a vehicle based on photos of the damage. Its products are used by leading insurers in Europe and North America. Tractable was spun off from Alex’s research at Imperial College London, where he led the Computing department’s first industrial application of deep learning. Prior to research, Alex was a hedge fund quant, and an early employee of Lazada (acq Alibaba $1.5B). Learn more about Alexandre Dalyac on Crunchbase…

Tractable is a software company that develops artificial intelligence for accident and disaster recovery. Read more aboutTractable on Crunchbase…

Andrew Hopkins

Co-Founder and CEO @ Exscientia

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Andrew spent 10 years at Pfizer, where he was responsible for establishing new research foci including the concepts of druggability and network pharmacology. Andrew has raised a total of $50 million for academic and commercial research activities in his continuing role as Chair of Medicinal Informatics at the University of Dundee. He is the author of some of the most highly cited papers in modern drug discovery. Learn more about Andrew Hopkins on Crunchbase…

Exscientia is a pharmatech company that uses an end-to-end AI platform to design and discover new drugs. Read more aboutExscientia on Crunchbase…

Eric Min

Co-Founder and CEO @ Zwift

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Zwift Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zwift. He was the Vice President at JP Morgan before co-founding and working as Chief Executive Officer at Sakonnet Technology, a commodities trading and risk management platform. Learn more about Eric Min on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutZwift on Crunchbase…

Ben Drury

Co-Founder and CEO @ Yoto

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Ben began his career in 1996 as a founder of, an internal venture at United News and Media which attracted over 1.8m unique users per month (in 1999). In 2000 Ben was recruited by BT Group to head up the broadband music efforts at their ISP BT Openworld where he successfully launched a major music channel. Following the partnership between BT and Yahoo! to form BT Yahoo! in 2003, Ben engineered the sale of dotmusic to Yahoo! for approx. £3.3m. Ben then founded 7digital with James Kane in 2004 with the vision of creating a digital media marketplace. 7digital operates services that bring together suppliers and consumers of digital media. In September 2008 was the first company in Europe to launch DRM-free MP3 downloads with all four major record labels. In September 2009 HMV Group acquired a 50% equity stake in 7digital with an investment of £7.7m. Ben was named by Growing Business magazine as a Young Gun 2006 – the award for leading entrepreneurs under 35. In 2007, 7digital was awarded the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award as one of the most promising technology companies in Europe. Learn more about Ben Drury on Crunchbase…

Yoto – The screen-free audio platform for kids. Read more aboutYoto on Crunchbase…

Dhruv Ghulati

Co-Founder and CEO @ Factmata

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Dhruv holds a Distinction in Computer Science and Machine Learning from University College London, and a 1st Class BSc in Economics from the LSE. He was a product manager and co-founder of two London based machine intelligence startups, and is an Entrepreneur First alum and Forbes 30 Under 30 leader in Technology. He wrote his thesis in cost-sensitive classification and distant supervision for statistical claim detection. Learn more about Dhruv Ghulati on Crunchbase…

Factmata is an artificial intelligence company for automated content understanding.. Read more aboutFactmata on Crunchbase…

Nicolas Brusson

Co-Founder and CEO @ BlaBlaCar

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Prior to becoming Chief Executive Officer in October 2016, Nicolas oversaw BlaBlaCar’s global operations and international growth as Chief Operating Officer since 2011. He led the company’s corporate development, overseeing eight acquisitions, expansion to twenty markets, and three successive rounds of fundraising. Nicolas is a strong advocate of agile structures that allow quick iterations in fast-growing environments. He is also a supporter of autonomous local teams and acqui-hires, a strategy he implemented to expand BlaBlaCar’s footprint on a global scale. Nicolas is a regular speaker at leading international conferences and in the media, where he comments on the European startup scene, innovative growth strategies, and mobility. Prior to joining BlaBlaCar, Nicolas worked for several startups in Silicon Valley during the dotcom boom, before moving on to executive and investor roles, including spending time as a Venture Capitalist at Amadeus Capital Partners in London. He holds an MBA from INSEAD, a Masters in Optics from Ecole Supérieure d’Optique and a Masters in Applied Physics from Paris XI University. Nicolas is also an active angel investor and tweets @nbrusson. Nicolas holds an MBA from INSEAD, an MSc in Optics from the Ecole Superieure d’Optique and an MSc in Applied Physics from Paris XI University. Learn more about Nicolas Brusson on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBlaBlaCar on Crunchbase…

Alex Klein

Co-Founder and CEO @ Kano

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Alex Kleinis Co-Founder and CEO at Kano Computing. Learn more about Alex Klein on Crunchbase…

Kano provides a system of kits and coding platform that enables users to develop apps, games, and music. Read more aboutKano on Crunchbase…

Steven Mendel

Co-Founder and CEO @ Bought By Many

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Steven has over 25 years’ experience as an actuary in financial services which has included leading Close Brothers Wealth Management during the launch of their non-advised offering; creating the world’s first art-focused wealth advice offering for Christie’s; working as part of the team that formed Barclays Wealth and heading the McKinsey UK Savings and Investment Group. Steven now runs Bought By Many which is disrupting the world of insurance through the innovative use of search and social media. ( In April 2019 Steven was included in the London Business School Review of 30 People Who Are Changing The World. Learn more about Steven Mendel on Crunchbase…

Bought By Many is a pet InsurTech company that provides insurance products and a streamlined customer experience. Read more aboutBought By Many on Crunchbase…

Dylan Collins

Co-Founder and CEO @ SuperAwesome

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Dylan Collins is one of Europe’s most experienced digital media entrepreneurs, focusing on games, kids entertainment and the technology which underpins them. He is CEO of SuperAwesome, the #1 kid-safe brand engagement platform. SuperAwesome works with the biggest kids entertainment brands in the world including Disney, Hasbro, Warner Bros and Activision ensuring they connect safely with over a quarter of a billion kids each month. An active investor and advisor across both kids media and technology companies, he is Venture Partner with Hoxton Ventures and sits on the board of the UK’s top-rated marketing technology agency, Potato and Brown Bag Films, Europe’s leading kids animation studio. Previously Collins founded Jolt Online Gaming which became one of the pioneering social games publishers in Europe. Jolt was acquired by GameStop (NYSE: GME), the largest video games retailer in the world in 2009 to spearhead their digital media strategy. As founder and CEO of DemonWare in 2003, he led the company to become the leading online games technology firm in the global console games market. In 2007, DemonWare was acquired by Activision Blizzard (NYSE: ATVI), the world’s biggest video games publisher and is now the multiplayer backbone of the billion-dollar Call of Duty franchise. Learn more about Dylan Collins on Crunchbase…

SuperAwesome offers kid-safe tools and technology for the children’s digital media ecosystem. Read more aboutSuperAwesome on Crunchbase…

Aron Gelbard

Co-Founder and CEO @ Bloom & Wild

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Aron Gelbard is the Co-founder & CEO of Bloom & Wild, the venture-backed online and mobile flower gifting service he launched in 2013. Bloom & Wild is using technology to re­-imagine flowers. Bloom & Wild makes it possible to order flowers in under a minute, and through-the-letterbox delivery means that receiving their flowers is as easy as receiving a letter. Their bouquets are trend­-led, being the first florist to create a constantly changing range at scale as ‘fast fashion for flowers’. Bloom & Wild’s iPhone app, Android app and overall service are consistently 5­-star rated, meaning that they are already the UK’s top rated online florist with a 75% Net Promoter Score. They grew by several 100% in both 2015 and 2016 and are now delivering tens of thousands of bouquets every month. Prior to Bloom & Wild, Aron worked as a management consultant, advising technology, retail and consumer products companies at Bain & Company, having previously worked at Google and OC&C. Aron has an MA in Modern Languages from Jesus College, Oxford, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Learn more about Aron Gelbard on Crunchbase…

Bloom & Wild is an online flower delivery platform developing a modern approach for sending flowers to loved ones. Read more aboutBloom & Wild on Crunchbase…

Mark Lamb

Co-Founder and CEO @ CoinFLEX

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Mark is CEO of CoinFLEX and a longtime advocate for physically delivered futures over cash settlement as a way to prevent manipulation. Mark’s vision for crypto derivatives is to grow the industry beyond speculation into real commercial use for lending, borrowing, hedging and payments. Mark Lamb has been in bitcoin since 2012 and previously co-founded Coinfloor, the UK’s first cryptocurrency exchange back in 2013. Learn more about Mark Lamb on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCoinFLEX on Crunchbase…

Naré Vardanyan

Co-Founder and CEO @ Ntropy Network

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Read more aboutNtropy Network on Crunchbase…

David Vanek

Co-Founder and CEO @ Anorak

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Anorak offers a smart independent insurance adviser that gives people access to tailored advice about their life and their risks. Read more aboutAnorak on Crunchbase…

Joanna Hubbard

Co-Founder and CEO @ Electron

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Jo-Jo Hubbard is the co-founder and COO of Electron, one of the original energy tech firms to harness blockchain technology for transactive grid systems. She is a thought leader on the topic of digital energy and a frequent keynote speaker at energy and technology events. Her previous experience includes renewable energy investment banking, cleantech VC, and strategy consulting at McKinsey & Co. Jo-Jo sits on advisory boards for several UK utilities on digital transformation and community trading models and writes for international publications on these topics. Learn more about Joanna Hubbard on Crunchbase…

Electron is accelerating the energy industry’s transition to Net Zero by making granular, market-based interactions possible. Read more aboutElectron on Crunchbase…

Riya Grover

Co-Founder and CEO @ Feedr

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Riya Grover is the founder and CEO of Feedr, a scalable technology platform empowering healthy and artisan food vendors to produce and supply meals for the workplace. Learn more about Riya Grover on Crunchbase…

Feedr is an enterprise food technology platform that gives corporate customers software to support healthier daily eating in workplaces Read more aboutFeedr on Crunchbase…

Hristo Borisov

Co-Founder and CEO @ Payhawk

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Hristo Borisov is a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Payhawk. Learn more about Hristo Borisov on Crunchbase…

Payhawk is a financial system that combines credit cards, payments, expenses, and cash into one integrated experience. Read more aboutPayhawk on Crunchbase…

Matt McCambridge

Co-Founder and CEO @ Eden Health

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Matt McCambridge is the Co-Founder and CEO at Eden Health. Learn more about Matt McCambridge on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutEden Health on Crunchbase…

Jasper Dykes

Co-Founder and CEO @ Fly Now Pay Later

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Jasper Dykes is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fly Now Pay Later. Learn more about Jasper Dykes on Crunchbase…

Fly Now Pay Later is a fintech company that helps consumers split the cost of their travel in monthly installments. Read more aboutFly Now Pay Later on Crunchbase…

Victor Lugger

Co-founder and CEO @ Sundayapp

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Victor Lugger is the Co-founder and CEO of Sundayapp. Learn more about Victor Lugger on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSundayapp on Crunchbase…

Peter Briffett

Co-Founder and CEO @ Wagestream

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Peter Briffett has been the Chief Operating Officer of LeanWorks. Peter Briffett served as Sales Director of iView Multimedia Ltd. Peter Briffett has multimedia technology sales experience and begun his career at 3Com Corporation. He served as European Sales and Marketing Manager of Actiontec Electronics, where he significantly expanded its wireless business and implemented successful channels and distribution strategies. Learn more about Peter Briffett on Crunchbase…

Wagestream is a financial services firm that allows employees to stream their earned wages into their accounts through an instant app. Read more aboutWagestream on Crunchbase…

Ben Cuthbert

Co-Founder and CEO @ Celer Technologies

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Celer is a financial software company that creates modular systems that have the flexibility to meet today’s dynamic business environment. Read more aboutCeler Technologies on Crunchbase…

Bertie Hubbard

Co-Founder and CEO @ MyTutor

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MyTutor offers affordable 1-to-1 tutorials online by connecting tutors from the UK’s best unis with pupils at home and in schools Read more aboutMyTutor on Crunchbase…

Nazim Valimahomed

Co-founder and CEO @ Kroo

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Kroo is a financial technology company that develops innovative services for a new generation of customers. Read more aboutKroo on Crunchbase…

Muayyad Shehadeh

Co-Founder and CEO @ Uhive

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Over 25 years of experience, CEO of Genie9, BigMIND and UHIVE A long and broad experience in machine learning algorithms and A.I. systems.Created BigMIND cloud which was the first cloud solution to utilise cold and hot storage, and integrate A.I, Muayyad has a degree in Architecture. He is well known as a Windows C++/WIN API Guru with deep conceptual thinking; which is an ability he developed and enhanced through his Architecture degree Spent last 5 years working on UHive Social Network Idea Learn more about Muayyad Shehadeh on Crunchbase…

Uhive is a social network that lets users socialize, interact, and find people across the world while earning its own digital currency. Read more aboutUhive on Crunchbase…

Aaron Gowell

Co-Founder and CEO @ SilverRail Technologies

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Aaron Gowell, Company Founder and CEO, SilverRail Technologies Prior to founding SilverRail in 2009, Aaron built one of the largest travel technology and distribution companies in the US: National Leisure Group (NLG), a $1 Billion ecommerce leader in vacations & cruise. NLG pioneered several early online travel technologies including the cruise industry’s first online booking platform and one of the first dynamic packaging systems. Previously, Aaron honed his survival skills in US Army’s 82nd Airborne and at global management consultancy Bain & Company. Aaron was also a founding member of General Catalyst Partners, a leading venture capital firm in Boston where he was most recently an Entrepreneur in Residence. Learn more about Aaron Gowell on Crunchbase…

SilverRail offers best-in-class technical solutions that help railways and travel distributors easily connect with each other. Read more aboutSilverRail Technologies on Crunchbase…

Michael Craddock

Co-Founder and CEO @ Kairos Media

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Mike Craddock, is the co-founder of the Kairos Group which consists of an influencer marketing agency, esports organisation and an owned media agency. Mike has a wealth of knowledge and expertise across all sectors but in particular, gaming which derives from his ex-professional CoD player background, where his YouTube channel ‘FearCrads’ peaked at 300,000 subscribers. Mike acted as an influencer and secured brand partnerships with Nissan, Xbox and Activision before setting up an influencer agency. Mike is also the owner of the ‘Lightning Pandas’, a professional esports team who play and compete in tournaments all over the world. Currently, the organisation fields competitive rosters in FIFA, Call of Duty and Fortnite. Learn more about Michael Craddock on Crunchbase…

Kairos Media is an full-service social media agency with capabilities across paid, earned and owned media. Read more aboutKairos Media on Crunchbase…

Anton Mozgovoy

Co-Founder and CEO @ Holyheld

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– Anton launched 3 companies – Was a founding member and CTO of Humaniq (500,000+ users) – Won a top pick in Blockchain by TechCrunch in 2018 – Was the first with my team to release hybrid blockchain in production – TEDx Speaker – Co-founder & CEO @holyheld. Building our next DeFi neobank Learn more about Anton Mozgovoy on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutHolyheld on Crunchbase…

David Janczewski

Co-Founder and CEO @ Coincover

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David Janczewski, Head of Strategic Marketing, The Royal Mint The Royal Mint, the world’s leading export mint, and CME Group, the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, today announced a collaboration to transform the way that market participants can trade gold. The Royal Mint, a 1,000-year-old institution owned by HM Treasury, has partnered with CME Group to build and launch a digitised gold offering called Royal Mint Gold (RMG). RMG will change the way traders and investors trade, execute and settle gold. The innovative new product, launching in 2017, will see The Royal Mint issue RMG as a digital record of ownership for gold stored at its highly-secure on-site bullion vault storage facility. CME Group will develop, implement and operate the product’s digital trading platform. Taken together, this new service will provide an easier, cost-effective and cryptographically secure alternative to buying, holding and trading spot gold. Learn more about David Janczewski on Crunchbase…

A Lloyds of London insurance backed Cryptocurrency protection against the loss or theft of crypto assets, and fraudulent transactions. Read more aboutCoincover on Crunchbase…

Fabrice Haiat

Co-Founder and CEO @ YOOBIC

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Fabrice Haiat served as the Chief Executive Officer and President at Vizelia S.A. Fabrice Haiat supervised the implementation of different product and service solutions. He also contributed to the ESSEC Property management masters course and participates in numerous conferences, with the aim of sharing his forward-looking vision of the environment and informing decision-makers on the energy challenges to be faced over the next decade. He served as an International Consultant with McKinsey and gained his experience in the new technology and property sectors. He served as a Director of Vizelia S.A. Learn more about Fabrice Haiat on Crunchbase…

YOOBIC is an all-in-one platform for the deskless workforce to optimize communication, training, and process management. Read more aboutYOOBIC on Crunchbase…

Ami Ben David

Co-Founder and CEO @ Ownera

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Ami Ben David is Co-Founder at EverythingMe. Ami’s career began at Aladdin Knowledge Systems, a software security company (NASDAQ:ALDN and later acquired by Vector Capital), and continued at AladdinSoft, a start-up subsidiary of Aladdin, developing home banking and CRM solutions for some of Israel’s largest organizations. While at AladdinSoft Ami led the CRM group, which developed and sold high-end telemarketing platforms. After selling AladdinSoft, Ami worked as a senior consultant, primarily in London, UK followed by a period at MagmaVC (previously Magnum Ventures) where as VP of Investments he dealt primarily with mobile software-related start-ups. Returning to his entrepreneurial roots, Ami then co-founded Ki-Bi Mobile Technologies, a mobile content distribution company, where he was responsible for product, marketing and sales. The company went public on the AIM in 2005. Ami then was tapped by Oberon Media to launch the company’s European and Asian operations. Moving to London, Ami established and oversaw this expansion, taking responsibility for online, mobile and social platforms. While at Oberon, Ami drove hundreds of deals with media companies, portals and carriers leading to the distribution of online games that garnered tens of millions of monthly users across the EU and Asia. Under his leadership, Oberon garnered a position within the top 3 distributors and publishers of mobile and online games in most territories. In 2010 Ami and Rami Kasterstein began talking about potential investment ideas, and in the process conceived the idea for DoAT. They brought in a third co-founder, Joey Simhon, and began development. At DoAT, Ami is responsible for product, user experience, strategic relationships and marketing. Learn more about Ami Ben David on Crunchbase…

Ownera is an institutional-grade network for digital securities. Read more aboutOwnera on Crunchbase…

Guillaume-Henri Huon

Co-founder and CEO @ Dataform

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Guillaume-Henri Huon is a Co-founder and CEO at Learn more about Guillaume-Henri Huon on Crunchbase…

Dataform manages data pipelines in data warehouse. Read more aboutDataform on Crunchbase…

Anders Krohn

Co-founder and CEO @ Aula

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Anders Krohn is Co-founder and CEO of Aula. Originally from Denmark, he has studied at 5 universities on 3 continents. He is an advisor to several non-profits in the education space and a member of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community. Learn more about Anders Krohn on Crunchbase…

Aula is a social learning platform that brings university content and learning experiences online. Read more aboutAula on Crunchbase…

Pip Wilson

Co-Founder and CEO @ amicable

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A successful entrepreneur, director, angel investor and start-up mentor, Pip is passionate about empowering women in tech and disrupting traditional business models. Pip Wilson is co-founder and CEO of amicable apps: the faster, fairer, fixed-price way to an amicable divorce. In 2002 Pip co-founded Bluefin Solutions, a SAP consultancy and a full SAP Services Partner, which she exited last year to Mindtree. Pip is also a trustee and board member of The Girls’ Network, a foundation that matches girls from low socio-economic backgrounds with inspirational female mentors. She believes in the power of teams, the importance of diversity, and that the best businesses help employees balance life with work. In her view, successful start-ups of the future will combine a sustainable business model with a clear social purpose and diverse teams. This view drives her investment decisions. Learn more about Pip Wilson on Crunchbase…

Amicable offers a divorce service that works with couples to help them reach fairer agreements. Read more aboutamicable on Crunchbase…

Neil Kadagathur

Co-Founder and CEO @ Creditspring

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Neil Kadagathur is the co-founder and CEO of Creditspring. He worked in credit derivatives at Goldman Sachs for over a decade and holds a BA in Economics from Princeton University. Neil firmly believes that credit can transform lives. From studying microfinance in rural South India for his Princeton thesis to trading distressed European financial institutions on the trading floor of Goldman Sachs, he has seen the power of credit firsthand. Neil believes that everyone deserves the credit toolbox that has historically only been available to big institutions and wealthy individuals. Creditspring’s goal is to become a financial services hub, providing access to safe credit while empowering people to improve their financial stability. Learn more about Neil Kadagathur on Crunchbase…

Creditspring is the UK leader in Subscription Finance, helping people save money on borrowing costs by not charging interest. Read more aboutCreditspring on Crunchbase…

Mustafa Al-Bassam

Co-Founder and CEO @ LazyLedger

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Read more aboutLazyLedger on Crunchbase…

Felix Neufeld

Co-Founder and CEO @

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Felix Neufeld is a co-founder and CEO at Disperse. Learn more about Felix Neufeld on Crunchbase… is a VC-backed artificial intelligence construction startup focused on improving on-site productivity. Read more on Crunchbase…

Rayna Patel

Co-Founder and CEO @ Vinehealth

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Rayna is a medical doctor and neuroscientist with over a decade of experience in healthcare, working in frontline hospitals, national government policy and clinical research (Cambridge, UCL, Harvard, MIT and Columbia). She held strategic and commercial roles in tech startups, government policy and the Cabinet Office’s Nudge Unit, where she used behavioural neuropsychology to change patient behaviours through commercial products. Learn more about Rayna Patel on Crunchbase…

Vinehealth is a AI-driven platform providing support to improve the quality of life and survival of cancer patients. Read more aboutVinehealth on Crunchbase…

Nick Moutter

Co-founder and CEO @ Admedo

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Nick Moutter is an adTech entrepreneur and commercial leader with proven experience developing and commercializing cutting-edge enterprise technology solutions for some of the world’s largest advertisers and agencies. Passionate about simplifying and improving online advertising through highly scalable, data driven enterprise technology. Nick founded Admedo to help make RTB available to the masses, through its low cost self serve model. Learn more about Nick Moutter on Crunchbase…

Admedo is a self-serve online advertising platform that focuses on developing performance-driven tools. Read more aboutAdmedo on Crunchbase…

Olga Kotsur

Co-founder and CEO @ Mercaux

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Olga Kotsur is Founder at Mercaux. Learn more about Olga Kotsur on Crunchbase…

Mercaux brings the benefits of digital into retail stores to drive sales uplift. Read more aboutMercaux on Crunchbase…

James Critchley

Co-founder and CEO @ cloud.IQ

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James Critchley is the co-founder and CEO of cloud.IQ, which he launched in 2012 after leaving his position as MD at another established, successful company that he co-founded in 2002 offering enterprise multi-channel services to brands, governments and charities. Before that, James spent time at Ogilvy Interactive until 2001 after launching another successful business – winter sports travel company, Alpine Elements. James graduated with a BSc in Economics in ’98. Today, as CEO of the leading conversion rate optimisation platform for eCommerce Enterprise brands such as Boots, TUI and Samsung. As a serial digital entrepreneur, he is leading the charge in AI and machine learning based customer experience in a way that has never before been possible. As with most start-ups, one of the biggest challenges was to get the funding required to help build a team to create a cutting-edge product and take it to market. Having already secured sufficient investment from investors that shared our view has helped us achieve our growth to date. An exclusive partnership agreed with PayPal last year is testament to cloud.IQ’s specialist expertise in conversion and has elevated the company’s market strength with access to a global merchant audience. cloud.IQ’s direction towards a fully automated AI and machine learning based CRO platform is a game-changer for any e-commerce brand. James and the cloud.IQ team are leading the thinking in this space, which means educating its customers and the wider market as to the full power of the platform and how smart brands are adopting CRO capability not previously possible. With offices in Sydney, the cloud.IQ headquarters are based in the vibrant heart of London’s tech scene in Shoreditch. This proved a smart move, as it continues to help to recruit and retain the best tech talent in the UK as well as reap the benefits of being part of a much bigger and inspiring collective of companies all trying to disrupt established ways of doing stuff. There are now over 3,000 tech companies all within a mile of cloud.IQ headquarters, creating ample opportunities to network and share ideas. James is passionate about his family, technology as an enabler and by contrast his 82 year old race car and snowboarding/skiing – in that order! Learn more about James Critchley on Crunchbase…

cloud.IQ is an AI and machine learning based automated conversion rate optimisation platform for e-commerce businesses. Read more aboutcloud.IQ on Crunchbase…

Sam Cole

Co-Founder and CEO @ FitXR

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Sam draws on his experience from consulting and private equity to drive FitXR forward into the uncharted lands of fit tech. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Sam was always enchanted by the prospect of building a company. Meeting Sameer at business school kick-started that dream. A lover of all things fitness, Sam is excited to develop a product that will help people access professional workouts, and build healthier communities around the world. Learn more about Sam Cole on Crunchbase…

FitXR, the leading developer of VR/AR fitness apps, is passionately dedicated to making fitness more fun and accessible for everyone. Read more aboutFitXR on Crunchbase…

Peter Keenan

Co-Founder and CEO @ APEXX Global

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Peter is the Chief Executive Officer of Zapp. He brings a wealth of insight, combining management experiences from HSBC where he was responsible for developing and implementing new customer propositions globally together with deep experience in retail having been Managing Director of Currys. Learn more about Peter Keenan on Crunchbase…

APEXX consolidates global payment providers into a single integration point, optimising the cost of complex payment ecosystems. Read more aboutAPEXX Global on Crunchbase…

Clem Chambers

Co-founder and CEO @ ADVFN

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Clem Chambers is a technology entrepreneur and CEO and co-founder of ADVFN plc, which operates global stocks, shares and cryptocurrency website He is also co-founder and CEO of the UK’s blockchain research and development incubator Online Blockchain plc. Chambers has been involved in the software industry for approximately 40 years as a pioneer of computer games, massively multiplayer games, multimedia and the internet. Chambers became CEO of ADVFN in 2002 and is credited with steering the company from likely failure to a thriving and profitable market leader; the ADVFN website boasts 36 million users with large investor communities in the US, UK, Brazil and Italy, and a wide global userbase. Clem is also an award-winning columnist, author and financial commentator widely known for his television appearances and columns for Forbes, Seeking Alpha and IET. Learn more about Clem Chambers on Crunchbase…

An award-winning global stocks, shares and crypto information website providing market-leading financial tools and data to retail investors Read more aboutADVFN on Crunchbase…

Bruce Beckloff

co-founder and CEO @ Bloc Ventures

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Bruce is the CEO and co-founder of Bloc Ventures, targeting investment in early life-cycle companies focused on the emerging Industrial Internet market. Before this Bruce was with ARM Holdings for 12 years serving as head of Corporate Development responsible for corporate strategy development, M&A, and investments. Bloc Ventures Recently, Bruce has been assisting the UK government as a venture capital Strategic Adviser helping the UK’s high growth early stage companies access financing from venture providers.He graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor and a Masters in materials science and holds a Masters in Business administration from the Southern Methodist University. Learn more about Bruce Beckloff on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBloc Ventures on Crunchbase…

Alexander Limpert

Co-Founder and CEO @ GuestReady

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Before launching GuestReady, Alex was a Country Managing Director in Taiwan and Philippines at Rocket Internet owned foodpanda, a global food delivery company. Prior to this, he was a management consultant at Oliver Wyman in London, where he advised leading companies across a variety of industries including travel and hospitality. He holds an MSc with Distinction from London School of Economics (LSE) and a BA in Business Administration from University of St.Gallen (HSG). Alex has travelled to more than 50 countries for business and leisure, and therefore understands the needs of the modern business traveller and how any property can be turned into a guest-ready Airbnb home. Learn more about Alexander Limpert on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGuestReady on Crunchbase…

Steve Reid

Co-Founder and CEO @ Simba Sleep

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CEO and co-founder at Simba Sleep CEO and co-founder of Tribesports Learn more about Steve Reid on Crunchbase…

Simba Sleep is an e-commerce company that offers a variety of mattresses. Read more aboutSimba Sleep on Crunchbase…

Diego Fanara

Co-Founder and CEO @ Unibuddy

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Diego Fanara is the co-founder and CEO of Unibuddy. Learn more about Diego Fanara on Crunchbase…

Unibuddy helping universities and students to attract, engage and convert prospects through peer interactions. Read more aboutUnibuddy on Crunchbase…

Giovanni Dapra

Co-Founder and CEO @ Moneyfarm

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Giovanni believes that a true culture of innovation begins with the customer experience. As a lover of technology and finance, Giovanni co-founded Moneyfarm with the goal of finding the best solutions to protect and increase an individual’s wealth over time. Prior to Moneyfarm, Giovanni worked in the Global Market Division at Deutsche Bank AG. Giovanni graduated from Bocconi University with a degree in finance and has an MSc in Mathematical Trading and Finance from Cass Business School. Learn more about Giovanni Dapra on Crunchbase…

Moneyfarm is a digital wealth manager that offers advice and investments. Read more aboutMoneyfarm on Crunchbase…

Andy Owen-Jones

Co-Founder and CEO @ bd4travel

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Andy is bd4travel’s CEO and co-Founder. He oversees business development and the overall growth strategy. Before founding bd4travel, Andy was the CEO at leading German leisure specialist TravelTainment, which he joined after 10 years at Amadeus. Prior to that, Andy held positions at several international businesses such as British Airways, Deloitte Consulting, and Virgin Atlantic. Learn more about Andy Owen-Jones on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutbd4travel on Crunchbase…

James Henderson

Co-founder and CEO @ Zephr

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James Henderson is a co-founder and the CEO of, a mass scale decision engine for subscription experiences. Learn more about James Henderson on Crunchbase…

Zephr is a technology platform for media companies to grow their subscription revenue. Read more aboutZephr on Crunchbase…

Jack Underwood

Co-founder and CEO @ Circuit

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Circuit is a SaaS company providing to route optimization software to consumers, SMB’s and enterprise. Read more aboutCircuit on Crunchbase…

Samuel Rason

Co-Founder and CEO @ Viva City

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Viva City offers guest experience, discovery, and analytics software to help businesses thrive with the Chinese Inbound market. Read more aboutViva City on Crunchbase…

Reda Bennis

Co-Founder and CEO @ Zebra Fuel

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Reda Bennis (@reda_zebra) is the CEO & Co-Founder @ Zebra Fuel Learn more about Reda Bennis on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutZebra Fuel on Crunchbase…

Erin Short

Co-Founder and CEO @ Avail Technologies

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Erin Short is the co-founder and CEO of Avail Technologies. Learn more about Erin Short on Crunchbase…

Avail Technologies is a haulage recruitment company. Read more aboutAvail Technologies on Crunchbase…

Matthew Scullion

Co-Founder and CEO @ Matillion

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Matillion is an integration platform for cloud data warehouses. Read more aboutMatillion on Crunchbase…

Zack Sabban

Co-Founder and CEO @ Festicket

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While he was a student and later a banker in NYC and London, Zacharie traveled the world to fulfill his passion for live music. He attended countless festivals and concerts around the world where he realized the need for better access to information. His creativity, social network, and his amazing experience of music festivals are a competitive advantage for the growth of Festicket. Zacharie supervises all the operations and development of the company. Learn more about Zack Sabban on Crunchbase…

Festicket is a marketplace to discover and book music festival tickets, accommodation, transfers and extras. Read more aboutFesticket on Crunchbase…

Mankaran Ahluwalia

Co-Founder and CEO @ YAYZY

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Yayzy is building technology to automatically track, understand and reduce carbon footprint Read more aboutYAYZY on Crunchbase…

Kristian Nylén

Co-Founder and CEO @ Kambi

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Kristian joined Unibet in 2000. From 2003 Kristian was responsible for the entire sportsbook operation and a part of the management team. Before Unibet, Kristian worked as a Real Estate analyst at Catella and Ernst & Young. Kristian has a BSc in Business Administration, Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Karlstad. Kristian Nylén holds 465,000 shares and 300,000 options in the Company. Learn more about Kristian Nylén on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutKambi on Crunchbase…

Ali Tehrani

Co-founder and CEO @ Astroscreen

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Ali Tehrani is the co-founder & CEO of Astroscreen. He previously founded Contactable. Learn more about Ali Tehrani on Crunchbase…

Astroscreen protects brands and defends democracy from harmful social media manipulation campaigns also known as astroturfing. Read more aboutAstroscreen on Crunchbase…

Henri Winand

Co-Founder and CEO @ AkinovA

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Shorter bio: Entrepreneur, insurtech/fintech, new energy, angel investors Dr Henri Winand Co-founder & CEO AkinovA Short biography • Grew technology firm globally from 40 people to USD 1bn IPO • USD 200m+ capital raised • Intelligent Energy, CEO • Rolls-Royce plc, Vice President New Ventures (M&A) • PhD Materals Science (Cantab), MBA Full biography I am a growth and change oriented CEO with a passion for scaling up a broad set of technologies globally using different business models and team-based delivery. I now serve as CEO for AKINOVA Ltd. AKINOVA is an insurance technology company I co-founded with a specialist ILS (insurance linked securities and related insurance products) London based City fund manager. Prior to this, I served as CEO of a British tech company listed on the London Stock Exchange Main Market (Intelligent Energy, a $1bn tech IPO) with in excess of $250m raised from a broad range of sources, leading to strong top line growth, largely from internationally-based customers. I served on several Boards in the UK, Singapore, India, Japan and the US in the energy, software services, film contents publishing and automotive sectors. I also served on the Board of an EU funded €1bn+ public private tech partnership (PPP). I served on several advisory bodies to Ministers, Secretaries of State and Officials in the new energy, automotive and materials science sectors in the UK as well as on the Alumni Advisory Board of the Warwick Business School and of the University of Cambridge. I have more than a dozen patents granted and pending. I have several papers published in well-known, peer reviewed, scientific journals, topics including composite materials, neutron diffraction and processes to improve industrial product development cycles. I am regularly invited to speak at international conferences and spoke in the US Senate and French Sénat. I provide advice to selected major global institutional, venture capital and private equity funds. In addition to meeting several Heads of State including that of France, India and the UK over the last few years, I have made several appearances on live and recorded TV and Radio programmes (e.g. Live CNBC TV, Live Bloomberg TV, Live BBC Radio 4 “The Today Programme”, recorded BBC and other programmes, provided thought leadership and quoted articles in broadsheets, e-newspapers and The Huffington Post). I am married to Anne and we have one child, Alexander. Learn more about Henri Winand on Crunchbase…

AkinovA: an electronic marketplace for the transfer and trading of (re)insurance risks. Read more aboutAkinovA on Crunchbase…

Stuart Miller

Co-Founder and CEO @ Bybox

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ByBox was founded with a simple mission: to solve the problem of having to wait in for parcels. Read more aboutBybox on Crunchbase…

Paul Christensen

Co-founder and CEO @ Previse

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Previse has pioneered algorithm-driven invoice payment decisions. Read more aboutPrevise on Crunchbase…

Ben Scott-Robinson

Co-Founder and CEO @ The Small Robot Company

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Ben is the founder of The Small Robot Company. We have a mission to help farmers feed the world while regenerating the planet. We call this the Fourth Agricultural Revolution. Our service of robots, are called Tom Dick and Harry, and the brains of the operation, Wilma. Previously he ran Ordnance Survey’s internal agency creating beautiful products and campaigns with the world’s best maps. Before that, Ben started many startups, and worked as Creative and Experience Director at Top 10 digital agencies such as Digitas and Sapient. Learn more about Ben Scott-Robinson on Crunchbase…

The Small Robot Company is delivering per plant farming for the world’s largest crops. Read more aboutThe Small Robot Company on Crunchbase…

Alena Golden

Co-Founder and CEO @ BattleMe – Hip Hop Community and Rap Studio

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Alena Golden is a Co-Founder and CEO of BattleMe – Hip Hop Community and Rap Studio. Learn more about Alena Golden on Crunchbase…

Mobile app creating a community where freestylers and rappers can record tracks and grow their talent through winning contests. Read more aboutBattleMe – Hip Hop Community and Rap Studio on Crunchbase…

Ingvar Helgason

Co-founder and CEO @ VitroLabs

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Ingvar Helgason is Co-founder and CEO at VitroLabs Inc. Learn more about Ingvar Helgason on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVitroLabs on Crunchbase…

Raphael Chow

Co-founder and CEO @ Wevat

FollowRaphael Chow on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Wevat is the best way to get your tax back on shopping in the UK. Read more aboutWevat on Crunchbase…

Gurman Hundal

Co-Founder and CEO @ MiQ

FollowGurman Hundal on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Gurman has always been a creator, and has had an interest in setting up business units since the start of his career. Prior to launching Media iQ, Gurman set-up the online ad network, A&NY Media, for the large publishing group Associated Northcliffe Media. From when he joined in 2007 till present, the A&NY Media network was a major catalyst in positioning associated as the most advanced online UK publisher, boasting a robust technology infrastructure and a highly impressive client retention rate. Prior to A&NY Media, Gurman worked for Pan Euro Ad network Adlink Internet Media, setting up a new performance division just 6 months after joining. Learn more about Gurman Hundal on Crunchbase…

MiQ is an independent marketing intelligence company with the people and technology that help businesses win. Read more aboutMiQ on Crunchbase…

Doug Hare

Co-Founder and CEO @ Outplay Entertainment

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Working at the heart of Outplay and collaborating with each department, Douglas drives business initiatives, focusing on building Outplay as a global entity with a reputation for producing first class games to be enjoyed by all. Learn more about Doug Hare on Crunchbase…

Outplay Entertainment develops and publishes games for social and mobile platforms. Read more aboutOutplay Entertainment on Crunchbase…

Simon Phelan

Co-Founder and CEO @ Hometree

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Hometree exists to make home ownership simple & sustainable Read more aboutHometree on Crunchbase…

Sven Al Hamad

Co-Founder and CEO @ Webiny

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Easiest way to adopt serverless. Read more aboutWebiny on Crunchbase…

Greg Lawton

Co-Founder and CEO @ Nodes & Links

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Greg Lawton is an Astrophysicist who spent the last 7 years of his career in BAE Systems (UK). He managed large defence programmes (£100M+), advised the Board of DIrectors on International Strategy, and owned key relationships with the UK Government and MoD. Learn more about Greg Lawton on Crunchbase…

Nodes & Links empowers organizations across all domains to tame project complexity. Read more aboutNodes & Links on Crunchbase…

Bola Adegbulu

Co-Founder and CEO @ Predina Tech

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Building the Location Risk Intelligence platform for the future of Auto Insurance and Mobility Read more aboutPredina Tech on Crunchbase…

David Goldberg

Co-founder and CEO @ Founders Pledge

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David is the co-founder and CEO of Founders Pledge a new international charity through which tech entrepreneurs commit to donate a small percentage of their personal exit proceeds to high impact social causes. Since launching in June 2015, Founders Pledge has raised $575 million for high impact charities through more than 1300 pledges in 30 countries. Having run the gauntlet of finance, start-up, and academia, David started Founders Pledge to make it absurdly easy for entrepreneurs to do good through their work and in lives. David moved into the non-profit sector from an eclectic commercial background. Immediately following high school, David joined one of the largest privately held mortgage banks in the U.S., where he launched the secondary marketing department, after which he worked as an investment banker Los Angeles. David also founded and ran a boutique real estate firm in Germany. David is a graduate of UCLA and the University of Cambridge. Learn more about David Goldberg on Crunchbase…

Founders Pledge is a global community of entrepreneurs finding and funding solution’s to the world’s most pressing problems. Read more aboutFounders Pledge on Crunchbase…

Danae Shell

Co-founder and CEO @ Valla

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Danae Shell is the co-founder and CEO of Valla, a technology company who want to make legal decisions fairer and faster for everyone. Danae is a software developer-turned marketer, and a Tennessean who has worked in Scotland’s startup scene for over 17 years. She was an early employee at both FreeAgent and Care Sourcer and her latest venture Valla is co-founded with product and data specialist Dr. Kate Ho. Learn more about Danae Shell on Crunchbase…

Data-driven tools for the legal industry Read more aboutValla on Crunchbase…

James Davidson

Co-Founder and CEO @

FollowJames Davidson on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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James Davidson is Co-Founder & CEO at Learn more about James Davidson on Crunchbase… is an online pet nutrition service that provides tailor-made food designed to deliver perfectly optimised nutrition for dogs. Read more on Crunchbase…

Martin Grozev

Co-Founder and CEO @ Bettingmetrics

FollowMartin Grozev on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Bettingmetrics is an online sports betting platform. Read more aboutBettingmetrics on Crunchbase…

Olly Betts

Co-Founder and CEO @ OpenWrks

FollowOlly Betts on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Fintech Founder, Investor and Advisor. Building the technology that makes Open Banking work. Advocate and pioneer in the use of open data to create experiences that enrich people’s lives. At OpenWrks our mission is to use Open Banking to help everyone understand what they can afford to save, invest, borrow and repay. Member of senior leadership team that took TDX Group from start up to a global data and technology company. Learn more about Olly Betts on Crunchbase…

OpenWrks is an Information Technology Company. Read more aboutOpenWrks on Crunchbase…

Paolo Zanelli

Co-Founder and CEO @ Pulp

FollowPaolo Zanelli on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Paolo is Pulp’s in-house sommelier and CEO. Prior to founding Pulp, Paolo worked in the financial industry, including the Singaporean sovereign fund GIC. Paolo is a WSET and UKSA certified sommelier and lifelong wine lover. Learn more about Paolo Zanelli on Crunchbase…

Pulp allows its users to get the most diverse selection of wines from independent producers. Read more aboutPulp on Crunchbase…

Alex Durrant

Co-Founder and CEO @ Jigsaw

FollowAlex Durrant on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Alex Durrant is the Co-Founder and CEO of Jigsaw. Learn more about Alex Durrant on Crunchbase…

Jigsaw develops a dating app that covers the user’s face in a jigsaw puzzle. Read more aboutJigsaw on Crunchbase…

Nektarios Liolios

Co-Founder and CEO @ Startupbootcamp InsurTech London

FollowNektarios Liolios on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Co-founder & Managing Director of Startupbootcamp FinTech, the leading innovation program in the financial industry, providing funding, mentorship, office space in the heart of London and access to a global network of investors and VCs, for up to 10 selected FinTech startups. More than 15 years in the business, they last three with Innotribe, SWIFT’s initiative to enable collaborative innovation and running the Innotribe Startup Challenge. Driven by entrepreneurship, collaboration and the desire to transform the financial industry. Global nomad, travel geek, sneaker freaker. Learn more about Nektarios Liolios on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutStartupbootcamp InsurTech London on Crunchbase…

Tomer Guriel

Co-founder and CEO @ ezbob

FollowTomer Guriel on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Prior to founding ezbob, Mr. Guriel served as the CEO of Redstone Group, a leading real estate development company in CEE and CIS. Previously he served at various positions at JPMorgan Investment Banking (NYSE: JPM). Mr. Guriel was a director at Bezeq Communications and received his MBA from the Kellogg business school. Learn more about Tomer Guriel on Crunchbase…

ezbob is a UK based software provider for banks and other financial institutions. Read more aboutezbob on Crunchbase…

Faisal Laljee

Co-Founder and CEO @ KidSitter

FollowFaisal Laljee on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Online marketplace for finding trusted, reliable and thoroughly vetted childcare Read more aboutKidSitter on Crunchbase…

Jean Michel Petit

Co-founder and CEO @ VizEat

FollowJean Michel Petit on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

VizEat is a European startup that operates a “social dining platform. Read more aboutVizEat on Crunchbase…

Gary Thompson

Co-founder and CEO @ GoRaise

FollowGary Thompson on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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You can fundraise for a local club, your child’s playgroup or a national charity and many other causes – you choose Read more aboutGoRaise on Crunchbase…

Mendel Kaelen

Co-founder and CEO @ wavepaths

FollowMendel Kaelen on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Neuroscientist Mendel Kaelen is passionate about understanding mental health and well-being. He is co-founder and CEO of Wavepaths, a venture that unifies immersive arts, psychotherapies and intelligent technologies into a new model of care. He holds a PhD in neuroscience from Imperial College London, and his pioneering research champions the central role of music in psychedelic therapy. His work has been featured in Rolling Stone, TEDx, Nature News, San Francisco Chronicles and Vice Motherboard. Learn more about Mendel Kaelen on Crunchbase…

Wavepaths creates accessible tools, that deepen their connection. Read more aboutwavepaths on Crunchbase…

Gareth Christian-Lim

Co-Founder and CEO @ Recii

FollowGareth Christian-Lim on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Innovative voice and verification technology to save up to 70% of recruiter time assessing, profiling and validating candidates. Read more aboutRecii on Crunchbase…

Andrew Hart

Co-Founder and CEO @ Dent Reality

FollowAndrew Hart on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Working on AR for indoor spaces at Dent Reality. Creator of ARKit + CoreLocation, and some other things. Learn more about Andrew Hart on Crunchbase…

Dent Reality develops an augmented reality platform that helps users find their favorite products on the market. Read more aboutDent Reality on Crunchbase…

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