Top Influencers: 101 UK Founder and Director’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Founder and Director play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Founder and Director role. We have selected these Founder and Director’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Founder and Director’s. The list is in no particular order!

Will Martin

Founder and Director @ Portfolio Ventures

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Read more aboutPortfolio Ventures on Crunchbase…

John Levin

Co-Founder and Director @ Certua

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John has a keen eye for identifying opportunity and talent, and has more than 25 years’ experience in both insurance and technology. He has been a significant shareholder and held senior positions in several companies including, Chairman of Amtrust Europe Limited (AEL), founder and Non-Executive Director (NED) of Telecom Plus PLC (TEP), CEO and NED of IGI Group Limited, Chairman of Quanis, Chairman of Rocketer, Chairman of Surely Group and NED of Money Dashboard. Learn more about John Levin on Crunchbase…

Certua is a data-driven financial solutions. Read more aboutCertua on Crunchbase…

Michel Rabhi

Founder and Director @ Dementech

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Owner and Director at Dementech Neurosciences Learn more about Michel Rabhi on Crunchbase…

Neurology & Psychology experts Read more aboutDementech on Crunchbase…

Jose Maria Carbajo

Co-Founder and Director @ Nucoro

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Nucoro enables financial institutions to build digital savings, investment and wealth management propositions at speed and scale. Read more aboutNucoro on Crunchbase…

David Toplas

Founder and Director @ Vesta Property

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David has a long track record of innovation in investments which balance social and commercial returns. He has created, built and invested in businesses and run institutional funds as well as established a charity and social enterprise. David enjoys his work, cars and playing hockey. Learn more about David Toplas on Crunchbase…

Vesta ( is a data-driven marketplace for buying and selling residential investment property. Read more aboutVesta Property on Crunchbase…

Terry Rhodes

Co-Founder and Director @ Eaton

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Terry Rhodes joined Vantage Towers as Supervisory Board Director in 2021. Learn more about Terry Rhodes on Crunchbase…

Eaton is a telecom tower company that has the most diversified geographical tower portfolio in Africa. Read more aboutEaton on Crunchbase…

Rannia Leontaridi

Co Founder and Director @ Crown Hosting Data Centres

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Rannia Leontaridi is the Director for Business Growth at the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy since May 2016. Rannia leads the Government’s work to start up, grow and scale productive businesses in the economy. She also focuses on the role that technology plays in creating economic value and disruption in existing sectors as well as the creation of new business and new emerging sectors in the economy. Rannia is the joint Director lead for Artificial Intelligence in government and has been leading recently the AI Sector deal and AI grand Challenge in the Industrial Strategy. She is also the Government’s senior sponsor for the British Business Bank and “Be the Business”, the new organisation created by the Productivity Leadership Group, chaired by Sir Charlie Mayfield. Rannia began life as an entrepreneur and later went on to be an Assistant Professor in Economics. She is a Carnegie Scholar and holds a PhD in Labour Market Economics. She began her career in the civil service in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit in the Cabinet Office and has held senior positions in the University sector, Cabinet Office and the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs. Rannia is a co-founder and sits on the board of Crown Hosting Services, a start-up and joint venture between Government and Ark Data centres, set up to deliver hosting services for legacy public sector infrastructure. In February 2016 Rannia received the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for public service. Learn more about Rannia Leontaridi on Crunchbase…

Crown Hosting Data Centres helps in delivering efficiency and transparency of data centre hosting utilisation. Read more aboutCrown Hosting Data Centres on Crunchbase…

Louisa Dickins

Founder and Director @ LMRE

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Lu Lu started her career in property working at a well-known estate agency in London. Realising her people skills, she moved over to Lloyd May to pursue a career in recruitment. She now is a Director and oversees their 5 core areas. Louisa now has co-founded LMRE, and provides a constructive recruitment platform to the new disruptors in real estate. Learn more about Louisa Dickins on Crunchbase…

LMRE is placing talent into the proptech sector within UK and international real estate. Read more aboutLMRE on Crunchbase…

Vikas saluguti

Co-Founder and Director @ Fourth Partner Energy

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Vikas’ early career was spent as an investment banker with ABN Amro in Europe for over 10 years. Since his return to India, he has been a serial entrepreneur and investor in a variety of ventures in the area of water treatment, healthcare, IT and education. Vikas brings with him extensive experience in setting and scaling-up of businesses successfully. Learn more about Vikas saluguti on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutFourth Partner Energy on Crunchbase…

Amelia Harvey

Co-Founder and Director @ The Collective Dairy

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The Collective Dairy Their quest was simple… create an extraordinary yoghurt with an unbeatable taste!. Read more aboutThe Collective Dairy on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Farnell

Co-Founder and Director @ Arro Money

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With over 17 years’ experience working in the UK banking sector, Jonathan specialises in regulatory & operational risk management, compliance and the development of business performance and management information systems. He has undertaken a number of directorships and senior roles, including Risk Management Director at a UK based money remittance consultancy and Director of Management Information at a General Insurance Brokerage. Learn more about Jonathan Farnell on Crunchbase…

Arro Money is a fast-growing provider of personal and business accounts. Read more aboutArro Money on Crunchbase…

Nisha Singh

Co-Founder and Director @ TRANSPER

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Transper is a fintech platform that provides liquidity and transparency in deep tier supply chain reducing costs and credit risk. Read more aboutTRANSPER on Crunchbase…

Matthew Hickey

Co-Founder and Director @ Hacker House

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Hacker House provides offensive security solutions to the information security industries. Read more aboutHacker House on Crunchbase…

Ollie Jerome

Co-Founder and Director @ BestX

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Ollie Jerome was most recently European Head of FX at Morgan Stanley in London, responsible for Sales, Trading & Structuring. Oliver joined Morgan Stanley in 2010, performing a number of roles including Head of FX & Emerging Markets Sales for EMEA & the US, and Head of FX & EM in Europe. He was a member of the MS Global FID Management Committee. Oliver began his career in FX Sales at Chase Manhattan in 1998, and was promoted to Managing Director in 2007. He remained at the institution through the merger with JPMorgan until 2009, when he left to work for Standard Chartered. Oliver has a BA in Economics from the University of Manchester. Learn more about Ollie Jerome on Crunchbase…

BestX is provide independent trade technology and analytics that enable clients to define, achieve & demonstrate Best Execution. Read more aboutBestX on Crunchbase…

Anders Christian Wilhelmsen

Co-Founder and Director @ Black Sheep Coffee

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Black Sheep Coffee is a coffee shop chain. Read more aboutBlack Sheep Coffee on Crunchbase…

Liam Brooke

Co-Founder and Director @ Lendy

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Liam co-founded Lendy Ltd in 2012. He is responsible for the operational performance of the company such as underwriting, disposals, legals and other key professional services, while also overseeing the commercial broker relationships. Liam has a background in corporate finance, private banking and investment management. He developed his early banking career with Barclays Corporate before moving on to United Trust Bank as a property development manager before moving to Ahli United Bank in Bahrain to head up the UK mortgage investment proposition. On his return from the Middle East, Liam worked as an Investment Director for a small asset manager in Switzerland. Learn more about Liam Brooke on Crunchbase…

Lendy is Europe’s leading peer-to-peer secured property lending platform Read more aboutLendy on Crunchbase…

Adam Maurice

Co-Founder and Director @ Fusion Consulting

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Fusion is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm that offers end-to-end solutions for private individuals and fast growth businesses. Read more aboutFusion Consulting on Crunchbase…

Tim Worboys

Founder and Director @ WallJAM

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Tim Worboys is a Founder at WallJAM. Learn more about Tim Worboys on Crunchbase…

WallJAM is a shaped, interactive rebound wall and sports activity zone. Read more aboutWallJAM on Crunchbase…

Daniela Paredes

Co-Founder and Director @ Gravity Sketch

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Gravity Sketch is a VR-based design and collaboration platform that allows distributed teams to create, share, and build in 3D. Read more aboutGravity Sketch on Crunchbase…

Andrew Vincent

Co-Founder and Director @ BJSS

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BJSS is an award winning delivery-focused IT Consultancy. Read more aboutBJSS on Crunchbase…

Jessica Okoro

Founder and Director @ BeScience

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Jessica Okoro has long held a desire to get children excited about learning and to change any thoughts that science isn’t fun. This passion has led her to set up BeScience STEM, a UK based social enterprise, which creatively explores STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) within the community for children from 5 years upwards. Learn more about Jessica Okoro on Crunchbase…

BeScience STEM is a pioneering not-for-profit organisation Read more aboutBeScience on Crunchbase…

Nick Whitehurst

Co-Founder and Director @ Watneys

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Nick Whitehurst is the co-founder and director Watneys. Learn more about Nick Whitehurst on Crunchbase…

Watneys and Home Ales brands and they are hell-bent on returning them to their former glory. Read more aboutWatneys on Crunchbase…

John McNicol

Founder and Director @ Kelvin Capital

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John is responsible for investor relations at Kelvin Capital. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant after completing a degree in Computer Science. John has accumulated extensive experience in managing rapid growth within companies most recently at IDOX plc. where organic growth was supplemented by a number of acquisitions. John has strong commercial, corporate finance, and corporate governance experience. He is a member of the Accounting Standards Committee of the Institute Of Chartered Accountants of Scotland. Learn more about John McNicol on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutKelvin Capital on Crunchbase…

Charlie Green

Founder and Director @ 24 Haymarket

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Charlie Green is the founder and director at 24Haymarket. He is formerly a partner of Candover Investment Partners. He has particular expertise investing in the financial and support services and leisure sectors. Learn more about Charlie Green on Crunchbase…

Read more about24 Haymarket on Crunchbase…

Richard Wardle

Founder and Director @ Vantix Diagnostics

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Richard Wardle is the Founder of vantix® DIAGNOSTICS. Starting back in 1996 Richard led a team that identified and evaluated innovations from Russia. After identifying the biosensor opportunity he built a team around it to initiate the development process. Richard has been the driving force behind vantix® DIAGNOSTICS from its inception to the present time. Richard has been the Managing Director of a number of technology companies initially specializing in Eastern European technologies. Earlier in his career Richard was the Managing Director of a Construction/Engineering company specializing in contract construction of service stations on behalf of Shell U.K., major sports complexes and large scale residential developments while providing employment for up to 200 people. Prior to that he was the Managing Director of Aqua-Salve a dredging company specializing in ship recovery. Learn more about Richard Wardle on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVantix Diagnostics on Crunchbase…

Ali Ghorbangholi

Founder and Director @ GoodSAM

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Alerting medics, tasking volunteers, handling secure live streaming for emergency services. Read more aboutGoodSAM on Crunchbase…

Julian Gough

Co-Founder and Director @ Genetrainer

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Julian is a biotech entrepreneur and world expert in bioinformatics. He graduated his PhD in molecular biology from the University of Cambridge and was a research fellow at Stanford University. He is now a Programme Leader at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge and Professor of Bioinformatics at the University of Bristol. He has successfully started a number of biotech companies. Learn more about Julian Gough on Crunchbase…

Genetrainer is a website that provides a personalized fitness plan for users based on their genes. Read more aboutGenetrainer on Crunchbase…

Joshua Ratilal

Co-Founder and Director @ Zentivo

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Read more aboutZentivo on Crunchbase…

Nick Charalambous

Co-Founder and Director @ Few&Far

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Nick Charalambous is the co-founder and director at Few&Far. Learn more about Nick Charalambous on Crunchbase…

Few&Far helps companies stand out, build teams, and set the foundation for growth. Read more aboutFew&Far on Crunchbase…

Nikolajs Smirnovs

Co-founder and Director @ LandlordInvest

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Nik holds a BSc. in Accounting and a MSc. from CASS business school. He is also a Chartered Management accountant (ACMA, CGMA) and holds an Investment Management Certificate (IMC). Nik has since graduation been employed as an in-house financial advisor at single family offices. He is currently the CFO of BILI Management, a Mayfair based single family office with substantial real estate investments. Learn more about Nikolajs Smirnovs on Crunchbase…

LandlordInvest is an online marketplace which matches professional landlords. Read more aboutLandlordInvest on Crunchbase…

Paulina Sygulska

Founder and Director @ GrantTree

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GrantTree was started in 2010 with the explicit aim of helping innovative tech companies to access government funding. Read more aboutGrantTree on Crunchbase…

Alistair Murrell

Co-Founder and Director @ Riz Boardshorts

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Alistair Murrell is the co-founder and director at Riz Boardshorts. Prior to co-founding Riz, Alistair worked at Cairn Capital and JP Morgan. Learn more about Alistair Murrell on Crunchbase…

Riz Boardshorts designs and produces sustainable boardshorts and swim shorts for men. Read more aboutRiz Boardshorts on Crunchbase…

Philipp Kukura

Founder and Director @ Refeyn

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Refeyn is specialising in label-free single molecule imaging and mass measurement. Read more aboutRefeyn on Crunchbase…

Fauzan Adziman

Founder and Director @ OxMet Technologies

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OxMet Technologies develops, licenses, and manufactures proprietary alloys, alloy powders and alloy components. Read more aboutOxMet Technologies on Crunchbase…

Will Paterson

Founder and Director @ EdPlace

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Will Paterson led the acquisition of EdPlace in 2011 and its subsequent re-launch in 2012. His working life started in corporate finance in the City of London. He left his finance career 7 years ago and started working online. In 2007 he co-founded and ran Plebble for four years before moving on to EdPlace. The extra support I got from those around him was invaluable through his school and university years. With EdPlace he hope to foster that same support for parents and children alike. Learn more about Will Paterson on Crunchbase…

EdPlace is dedicated to empowering parents in their child’s education. Read more aboutEdPlace on Crunchbase…

Muhammad Asim

Co-Founder and Director @ Arro Money

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Awarded the Youngest Successful Business Entrepreneur by the Ministry of Information, Government of Pakistan, Muhammad Asim is a business start-up expert having previously established and developed a number of successful companies. With a particular expertise in strategic planning, brand development and marketing, Muhammad Asim has undertaken a number of senior roles, including Finance Director and General Manager of Administration at AA Exchange Company (PVT). Learn more about Muhammad Asim on Crunchbase…

Arro Money is a fast-growing provider of personal and business accounts. Read more aboutArro Money on Crunchbase…

Rouba Mhaissen

Founder and Director @ SAWA For Development & Aid

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Mhaissen is a Syrian-Lebanese economist, activist, community mobiliser, and development practitioner who works on development issues in the MENA region particularly forced migration and the Syrian refugee crisis. She is the Founder and Director of Sawa for Development and Aid (founded in 2011), a Non-Profit Organisation that supports Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Sawa Foundation UK (founded in 2016). Chosen as one of the 30 under 30s by Forbes in 2017. Learn more about Rouba Mhaissen on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSAWA For Development & Aid on Crunchbase…

Tanya Filer

Founder and Director @ StateUp

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Read more aboutStateUp on Crunchbase…

Daniel Siden

Co-Founder and Director @ Lightvert Ltd.

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Daniel is a Business Director, Designer and Engineering with 18-years of professional experience, 12 of those spent as an design and technology entrepreneur in London. He builds teams, digital and physical technology products, services and businesses. As a founding director of design and engineering company Haberdashery, he lead the growth of the company from 0 to 20+ employees with a turnover of £1.6M on £2M of sales. Clients includes Nissan and CREE LEDs, Changi Airport Group and British Land, and world leading luxury interior and architecture firms. From Haberdashery Daniel spun out Lightvert Ltd., an out of home media technology company utilising proprietary patented technologies to merge the power of the spectacle of out of home media with the engagement of mobile. At Lightvert Daniel successfully raising seed funding and building an outstanding operational team and supply chain partnerships, and launched Lightvert’s core products within 6 months of closing the funding round. Originally from San Francisco, with and engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University, Daniel moved to the UK in 2002 for his Masters in Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art. Learn more about Daniel Siden on Crunchbase…

Digital Outdoor Media Technology Read more aboutLightvert Ltd. on Crunchbase…

Michael O’Neill

Co-Founder and Director R&D @ Inflection Biosciences

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Michael O’Neill has more than 20 years’ experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. He was a Senior Research Scientist and Portfolio Manager at Eli Lilly for much of this time where he was responsible for developing project plans for the selection of projects and for their progression from discovery through to important development milestones. He established his own consulting business, Eolas, to help early stage companies to organize their research along commercial lines, becoming accomplished at building highly streamlined development plans. He has built consortia of commercial and academic groups to apply for major EU grants. Previously Dr. O’Neill was Head of Laboratory at Almirall and a Research Neuroscientist at Merck. He has authored over 80 papers, book chapters, patents and abstracts and is Honorary Visiting Senior Lecturer at the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex. He holds a BA Psychology from UCC and a PhD from QUB Belfast. Learn more about Michael O’Neill on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutInflection Biosciences on Crunchbase…

Ishaan Hemnani

Founder and Director @ BunkerEx

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Ishaan Hemnani is the founder and director of BunkerEx. He earned his degree at Imperial College London. Learn more about Ishaan Hemnani on Crunchbase…

A new world for Marine Fuel. Read more aboutBunkerEx on Crunchbase…

Shankar Balasubramian

Co-Founder and Director @ Cambridge Epigenetix

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Sir Shankar is Founder of two companies and the principal inventor of the leading next generation human genome sequencing technology core to all Illumina sequencing platforms, estimated to be worth >$30BN. Sir Shankar’s technology has made routine, accurate, low-cost sequencing of human genomes a reality, has revolutionised biology and accelerated the development of genomic personalised medicine. Sir Shankar is the Herchel Smith Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Cambridge and Senior Group Leader at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. His awards include the Royal Medal (2018), the RoyalSociety Mullard Award (2009), The BBSRC Innovator of the year (2010) and the Tetrahedron Prize (2013). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, the Academy of Medical Sciences and a member of EMBO. Learn more about Shankar Balasubramian on Crunchbase…

Cambridge Epigenetix is using epigenetics to reduce several routine & important diagnostic tests for common cancers to a simple blood draw. Read more aboutCambridge Epigenetix on Crunchbase…

Saurabh Kumar

Founder and Director @ Envigo

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Saurabh Kumar is the Founder and Director at Envigo. Learn more about Saurabh Kumar on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutEnvigo on Crunchbase…

Noam Tamir

Founder and Director @ Healthcare Learning

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Noam Tamir serves as Founder and Director of The Healthcare Learning Company Limited. Mr. Tamir has extensive experience in computer services, management, and marketing as applied to different market niches. He is also the Founder of Isys Plc and has been its Managing Director. He is a Member of the Worshipful Company of IT and has been a Contributing member of the IT Training & Education Panel. He was the youngest officer at the ‘Entebbe Raid’. Mr. Tamir graduated in Computing and Industrial Management Engineering at the Technion in Haifa, Israel. Learn more about Noam Tamir on Crunchbase…

HLC is an integrated learning provider offering cutting-edge learning solutions predominantly in the dental market. Read more aboutHealthcare Learning on Crunchbase…

Bruce Palmer

Founder and Director @ Elemental Digest

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Bruce has over 40 years’ experience developing process engineering solutions to food management and waste innovation. It was his experience, vision and creativity which identified the need for a circular solution to meat protein production and the declining health of the soils. With over 6 years of development, research and optimisation he has realised his ambition creating a unique, patented process, that capture valuable assets previously lost from the human food chain and has added value to the other waste streams by creating a novel organo-mineral fertiliser. Bruce founded a successful pet food business (Forthglade) which he owned and ran between 1972 and 2010 before selling up to Private Equity. As he says “we can’t afford to waste waste!” Learn more about Bruce Palmer on Crunchbase…

Elemental Digest is an international food and industrial waste problem into value-added end products. Read more aboutElemental Digest on Crunchbase…

Matthew Mears

Founder and Director @ Temple Cycles

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Temple Cycles design, produce and sell a range of bicycles from its Bristol-based workshop. Read more aboutTemple Cycles on Crunchbase…

Bruce Dickinson

Founder and Director @ WaterBear Education

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Bruce has had 11 top forty hits and a number 1 album with Little Angels. He’s toured with Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, ZZ Top, Aerosmith and Van Halen, and opened for Guns N’ Roses on their first UK shows. With his group Colour of Noise, he has run a successful Pledge album campaign and he continues to help new bands through curating the Rising Stage at the Ramblin’ Man Fair festival and Underground Music Conference events. Bruce was a founder of the BIMM group of colleges, leaving in 2012 for the Little Angels reunion at Download Festival and UK tour. He has negotiated several university partnerships and written many validated degree courses, with thousands of undergraduates studying those courses still. He holds an MA in Education Management. Learn more about Bruce Dickinson on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutWaterBear Education on Crunchbase…

George Fowkes

Co-Founder and Director @ BasePower

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George Fowkes is co-founder and director of BasePower, an award-winning Combined Heat and Power (CHP) developer to industrial sectors such as automotive and plastics, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical. Tailoring world-class technology and service to the specific needs of each customer, its projects create significant cost savings and carbon reductions for high-energy users at no capital expenditure or operational risk. George’s career has spanned the development of clean power, water and waste technologies in the UK and Europe. Prior to founding Basepower he was Head of Business Development at biogas developer, Tamar Energy, where he led the team overseeing five projects into construction and fifteen into development. Learn more about George Fowkes on Crunchbase…

BasePower designs, develops and finances CHP systems for intensive energy users, delivering energy security & savings. Read more aboutBasePower on Crunchbase…

Matthew Edge-Wilkins

Founder and Director @ Intalent Solutions

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After an early career in financial services, working with large blue-chip organisations – Barclays, Zurich Insurance and PricewaterhouseCoopers; Matthew’s recruitment career started in 2003 as the result of a chance meeting in a bar in Sydney, Australia whilst in the middle of a 12 month round-the-world adventure. That meeting led to Matthew joining Freespirit Consulting who provide support and talent management services to contractors, obtaining a four-year sponsorship in the process. 12 months later, Matthew joined the International Student Placement Centre (ISPC), which has since been bought out by Sydney University. Learn more about Matthew Edge-Wilkins on Crunchbase…

Intalent is a leading provider of recruitment process outsourcing solutions to companies in the property sector. Read more aboutIntalent Solutions on Crunchbase…

Mahmood Kamran

Co-Founder and Director @ Arro Money

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A former Inspector of financial institutions for the State Bank of Pakistan, Mahmood Ali Kamran’s areas of expertise include finance, audit and business administration. He has held a number of senior leadership team roles in different multinational companies in United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. Learn more about Mahmood Kamran on Crunchbase…

Arro Money is a fast-growing provider of personal and business accounts. Read more aboutArro Money on Crunchbase…

Matt Smith

Co-Founder and Director @ Black Tomato

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Spoiler title
Matt Smith set up Black Tomato Ltd with Tom Marchant and James Merrett in 2005 and to date have had a broad strategic and operational remit across all areas of Black Tomato. Central to Matt’s role is the responsibility for both driving forward the day to day business operations and Business Development / Sales processes that have underpinned the Group’s commercial success and significant growth. I also oversees a number of critical areas of the business including, Office Infrastructure, Company /Staff Culture, IT, Security, Data Protection/GDPR, HR, H&S / F&S, Insurance, Legal Contracting , Procurement, Staff / Business expenses, Staff Reward / Engagement, Staff Training and Staff Meetings and Events. Alongside this, he leads critical strategic projects including those that increase profitability and productivity across the business in line with the constant reinforcement of BT’s ‘purpose’ and company culture both internally and externally. Learn more about Matt Smith on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBlack Tomato on Crunchbase…

Alex Dyer

Founder and Director @ Tutor House

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Spoiler title
Alex is the founder and director of Tutor House and has a degree in Psychology. He has worked in the educational industry for 14 years; teaching Psychology for 8 years at a School in London and now running Tutor House, after setting it up in 2012. Alex still tutors every week, he writes for the Huffington Post and has appeared on the BBC and ITV to discuss educational topics. Alex is an educational consultant and UCAS expert, he’s worked with hundred of students over the years. He’s obsessed with squash, but is distinctly average. Learn more about Alex Dyer on Crunchbase…

High Growth B2C Marketplace for tutoring. Based in London, but operates thought he UK and abroad. Read more aboutTutor House on Crunchbase…

Oliver Hilbourne

Founder and Director @ Outfield

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Bringing the future to fruit farming Read more aboutOutfield on Crunchbase…

Sameer Vartak

Co-Founder and Director @ Printsum Ltd

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Cloud based information management system for the print industry Read more aboutPrintsum Ltd on Crunchbase…

Brendan Harkin

Founder and Director @ X Media Lab

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Brendan Harkin is the Founder and Director of X Media Lab. Brendan Harkin founded X Media Lab in June 2003. X Media Lab is the internationally acclaimed creative thinktank for digital media professionals that brings together the world’s outstanding creatives, executives, and power-brokers who work as mentors with local companies on their own creative project ideas. X Media Lab focuses on creating high-value networks among the emergent digital media markets of China, India, the Middle East, and North and South Asia; and assisting local companies get their ideas successfully to market by involving them directly with the world’s leading digital media practitioners. Brendan has held a number of high profile positions in new media industry development: founding the first Asia Pacific Multimedia Festival; and as Australia’s first General Manager for Public Awareness at the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) and was awarded an “Australia Day National Gold Medal” by the Australian Government for his services. Brendan combines his involvement in the Digital Media industries with an academic background in philosophy, and was awarded a Doctoral Scholarship by the University of Melbourne where he studied ‘Philosophy and Technology’. He has consulted to the United Nations Committee on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the European Union’s EUROPRIX initiative, most of Australia’s leading creative industries and media agencies; and has served as an Advisory Board Member to a large number of digital media, cultural, and technology events throughout Asia. Learn more about Brendan Harkin on Crunchbase…

X Media Lab, a creative industries event, assists companies and people in getting their digital media ideas successfully to the market. Read more aboutX Media Lab on Crunchbase…

Bradley Bartlett

Founder and Director @ LMRE

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Brad spent 8 years at one of London’s leading independent agencies as Director of Corporate Services. In 2017 he joined the highest funded VC backed property startup in Europe leading their leasing and corporate strategy teams. Brad wants to link the strongest talent in property with the most innovative ideas in PropTech. Learn more about Bradley Bartlett on Crunchbase…

LMRE is placing talent into the proptech sector within UK and international real estate. Read more aboutLMRE on Crunchbase…

Karen Ng

Co-Founder and Director @ Carnaby Fair

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Carnaby Fair produces exclusive hat wear collections. Read more aboutCarnaby Fair on Crunchbase…

Diwakar Thakore

Cofounder and Director @ Dhiyantra Limited

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Dhiyantra a conversational & commerce company developing products & services intersection messenger apps, chatbots, artficial intelligence. Read more aboutDhiyantra Limited on Crunchbase…

Tom Nicolson

Founder and Director @ The Oxford Artisan Distillery

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The Oxford Artisan Distillery is the very first distillery creating spirits in this ancient city’s long and illustrious history. Read more aboutThe Oxford Artisan Distillery on Crunchbase…

Owanate Bestman

Founder and Director @ Bestman Solutions

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Bestman Solutions is a cyber security staffing resource firm that aids security and technology leaders. Read more aboutBestman Solutions on Crunchbase…

Sheena Clark

Founder and Director @ Financial Machineries

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Sheena is a market data entrepreneur, with experience across many areas of Financial Information Services, spanning 23 years. She has particular expertise in data publishing and contributions, including inter-dealer Broker feeds & OTC content, news & company disclosures, as well as European Market Regulation, for example MiFID, Transparency and EU Savings Tax Directives. She has worked with all the major IDBs, (ICAP, Tullett Prebon and BGCantor) commercialising and producing data products, and with major data vendors, acquiring and selling data. She has been instrumental in building and selling both the UK’s leading financial wireless service and a multi-contribution software solution to Thomson Reuters. Learn more about Sheena Clark on Crunchbase…

Financial Machineries are specialist market data information, technology and services company. Read more aboutFinancial Machineries on Crunchbase…

Gary Robins

Co-founder and Director @ Growthdeck

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Gary has been in the private equity arena for 30 years. After an MBA from Cranfield School of Management, he spent 15 years with 3i plc as an Investment Director. He went on to found two high profile private investor businesses (Hotbed and Rockpool Investments) which specialised in EIS investments. Learn more about Gary Robins on Crunchbase…

Growthdeck provides tax-efficient and growth investment opportunities to an expanding network of private investors, partners & introducers. Read more aboutGrowthdeck on Crunchbase…

Paul Davis

Founder and Director @ Nimbus Maps

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Nimbus® Maps is the most comprehensive, powerful, cloud-based off-market site search and property intelligence platform in the industry. Read more aboutNimbus Maps on Crunchbase…

Hector Mason

Founder and Director @ GapMonkeys

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Casual Work that Works GapMonkeys is a website where you can outsource household and garden tasks or errands to capable, trustworthy gap-y Read more aboutGapMonkeys on Crunchbase…

Shaz Shah

Co-Founder and Director of Business Development @ Harry Specters

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Shaz has 18 years’ experience in the technology sector having worked with multinationals and medium sized companies. He was a founder of a technology company which he built up through partnerships. He later sold his company and stayed as adviser to develop business in the Middle East, Pakistan and USA. He has an MBA degree from Cranfield School of Management and his professional interests include value co-creation through partnerships and collaboration. He likes to mentor people from disadvantaged backgrounds in order to make a positive change in their lives. Learn more about Shaz Shah on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutHarry Specters on Crunchbase…

Liang Hao

Founder and Director @ Choc Edge

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Chocedge is the world leader in 3d chcolate printing design and manufacture. Read more aboutChoc Edge on Crunchbase…

Mark Aspinall

Founder and Director @ Goodholm Finance

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Goodholm Finance offers an innovative second-charge mortgage solution for first-time buyers in the residential housing market. Read more aboutGoodholm Finance on Crunchbase…

Samm Green

Co-Founder and Director @ Few&Far

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Samm Green is the co-founder and director at Few & Far. Learn more about Samm Green on Crunchbase…

Few&Far helps companies stand out, build teams, and set the foundation for growth. Read more aboutFew&Far on Crunchbase…

Ramesh Krishnasagar

Founder and Director @ Coppercube Ltd

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Specialists in Embedded software and Cyber security solutions Read more aboutCoppercube Ltd on Crunchbase…

Mike Laflin

Co-Founder and Director @ TotalAnalysis

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TotalAnalysis develops a digital data platform to monitor the global impact of the covid-19 pandemic. Read more aboutTotalAnalysis on Crunchbase…

Erik Smyth

Founder and Director @ Insignia Technologies

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Insignia Technologies develops smart pigments and ink-based sensing technologies for the food packaging industry. Read more aboutInsignia Technologies on Crunchbase…

Alex Norton

Co-Founder and Director @ Locus

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Alex Norton is the Co-Founder & Director at Locus. He is also the Co-Founder of The Bureau Group and Private debt investments at Qbera Capital LLP and also the Investor at Freetrade. Mr. Norton was a Co-founder at Poochie. Alex studied Economics and Finance at Queen Mary, U. of London. Learn more about Alex Norton on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutLocus on Crunchbase…

Andrew McLernon

Co-Founder and Director @ Interlink Group

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Andrew McLernon currently works as Co-Founder and Director at Interlink. He previously worked at Spiceworks as Account Director and Account Executive. Learn more about Andrew McLernon on Crunchbase…

Interlink Group provides intent-based lead generation solutions which connect marketers and sales teams with the right customers. Read more aboutInterlink Group on Crunchbase…

Tansy Drake

Co-Founder and Director @ Umbrella Studios

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Umbrella Studios is a creative studio that offers consulting, design, brand strategy, and creative production services. Read more aboutUmbrella Studios on Crunchbase…

Catarina Pinto Castro

Founder and Director @ Benedita

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Benedita is a luxury kids fashion brand. Read more aboutBenedita on Crunchbase…

Andrew Hall-Ponselè

Founder and Director of Operations @ Biotangents

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Andy designed the Leapfrog Assembly™ technology upon which Biotangents was founded and led the successful project to apply it to the biosynthesis of high-value terpenoids. He now leads operations at Biotangents and is part of an ambitious team that has secured and fulfilled multiple contracts to perform DNA manipulation work for industrial and academic customers. Andy has been involved in synthetic biology since 2008 when, as a student under Professor Chris French, he led the University of Edinburgh iGEM team to a gold medal. He holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford, where he used metabolic engineering approaches to provide new insights into the control of metabolism in plants. On his return to Edinburgh, Andy worked as a Senior Scientist in a University of Edinburgh-based start-up, delivering collaborative projects as varied as synthetic promoter design and polysaccharide biosynthesis. Learn more about Andrew Hall-Ponselè on Crunchbase…

Biotangents develop pen-side diagnostic devices to detect infectious diseases in livestock quickly. Read more aboutBiotangents on Crunchbase…

Christopher Barber

Co-Founder and Director @ C-Link

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Christopher Barber is the Director and Co-Founder of C-Link. Learn more about Christopher Barber on Crunchbase…

C-Link is a platform for developers and main contractors, designed to streamline the process of subcontract procurement. Read more aboutC-Link on Crunchbase…

Jeremy J. Martin

Founder and Director @ Medgold Resources

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Mr. Martin holds a degree in mining geology from the Camborne School of Mines, and a MSc. in mineral exploration from the University of Leicester. He has worked in South America and in Central America and Europe, where he was responsible for grassroots regional metalliferous exploration programmes through to resources definition and mine development. Jeremy has been involved in the formation of two AIM traded companies and has completed a number of high value mineral project transactions. He has served on the board of Ovoca Gold Plc and is a member of the Society of Economic Geologists and the Institute of Mining Analysts. Learn more about Jeremy J. Martin on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMedgold Resources on Crunchbase…

Solveiga Pakstaite

Founder and Director @ Mimica

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Temperature-sensitive labels and caps that indicate food’s true freshness Read more aboutMimica on Crunchbase…

Maria Trechman

Co-Founder and Director @ Well&Truly

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Well&Truly is properly satisfying snacks without any artificial nonsense. Read more aboutWell&Truly on Crunchbase…

Lindsy Agana

Founder and Director @ Greybox Studio

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Creative content and photography studio. Read more aboutGreybox Studio on Crunchbase…

Daniel Nash

Co-Founder and Director @ IC Resources

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Daniel Nash is the co-founder and director of IC Resources. Learn more about Daniel Nash on Crunchbase…

IC Resources develops and delivers insightful and relevant recruitment solutions to the technology community. Read more aboutIC Resources on Crunchbase…

Matt Juniper

Founder and Director @ Provision Tracker

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Provision Tracker – Track the cost and impact of Provisions and Resources. Read more aboutProvision Tracker on Crunchbase…

Ales Zivkovic

Founder and Director @ EDC51

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EDC51 is a transactional analysis training and organizational consultancy company. Read more aboutEDC51 on Crunchbase…

Ales Zivkovic

Founder and Director @ EDC51

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EDC51 is a transactional analysis training and organizational consultancy company. Read more aboutEDC51 on Crunchbase…

Michael Cross

Co-founder and Director @ Rezatec

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Patrick was previously CEO of Helveta which he grew from start-up to ranking 11th in the 2010 Deloitte Fast 50, a ranking of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in the UK. Prior to Helveta, Patrick was CEO of DACG Inc, a provider of professional services and software, which he took to a NASDAQ float in 1998 with revenues of $80mn and a 5 year CAGR of 80%. Learn more about Michael Cross on Crunchbase…

Rezatec applies data science to satellite imagery and geospatial data to deliver cloud-based analytics to its global customers. Read more aboutRezatec on Crunchbase…

Michael Cross

Co-founder and Director @ Rezatec

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Patrick was previously CEO of Helveta which he grew from start-up to ranking 11th in the 2010 Deloitte Fast 50, a ranking of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in the UK. Prior to Helveta, Patrick was CEO of DACG Inc, a provider of professional services and software, which he took to a NASDAQ float in 1998 with revenues of $80mn and a 5 year CAGR of 80%. Learn more about Michael Cross on Crunchbase…

Rezatec applies data science to satellite imagery and geospatial data to deliver cloud-based analytics to its global customers. Read more aboutRezatec on Crunchbase…

Rajesh verma

Founder and Director @ Ebuiteq Limited

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Dynamic tech enthusiast working in Development, Architecture & Analysis, helping customers find their way to the best digital solution and deliver amazing digital experiences and software. My primary areas of interest: • Product development • Solution architecture (full stack: server, client, cloud, web, mobile, desktop) • Development (full stack: Java 8, React, JavaScript, Swift, iOS) • Mulesoft, Spring boot, Spring MVC, Docker, Kafka, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgresSQL, Oracle DB, Big data – Hadoop ecosystem • Integrations of Legacy, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Mainframes • AI & VR • Cloud platforms (Amazon AWS) • Test automation (TDD, BDD) • System Analysis • Continuous Delivery • Agile delivery (Scrum CSM, Safe) I am from a Product plus Consulting background with below-mentioned Industries/Domain experience: -Banking Finance: Open Banking, Trading, Commercial Banking -Others: Retail, Energy Media and Automotive Diagnostics Learn more about Rajesh verma on Crunchbase…

Specialised in AI, Cloud, Data, APIs, UI, Digital technology resourcing pool and transformation. Read more aboutEbuiteq Limited on Crunchbase…

Jahanzaib Safdar

Co-founder and Director International Business Development @ Cloud Stem

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Cloud Stem provides cloud hosted solutions for start-ups and growing businesses. Read more aboutCloud Stem on Crunchbase…

Marco Geninazza

Co-Founder and Director @ Fig VC

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Marco is a Co-Founder and Director of Fig. In early 2013 Marco took over the management and build of the FIG Village project and was ultimately responsible for its success. After a successful launch in May 2013, Marco took responsibility for the operations and marketing of the building. Marco leads Fig’s new venture in west London, Fig City along with other property management opportunities. Previous to Fig, Marco worked in senior roles at PR, marketing and events agencies and in 2008 he set up his own events company The Society London, which he successfully sold in 2010. Learn more about Marco Geninazza on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutFig VC on Crunchbase…

Jack Herring

Founder and Director @ Jiva Materials

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Jack Herring is a recent graduate of MA Design Products at the Royal College of Art. ​After inventing Soluboard® during his studies, Jack is now based within the InnovationRCA incubator. ​Successfully raising investment through a joint fund set up by Venrex Investment Management and the Royal College of Art has allowed Jack to further develop Soluboard® to transform it into a commercially viable product. Learn more about Jack Herring on Crunchbase…

Jiva Materials strives to question the manufacturing methods of our modern technology. Read more aboutJiva Materials on Crunchbase…

Tia Kansara

founder and director @ Kansara Hackney

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A leading firm of international consultants, delivering solutions to future urban needs. Read more aboutKansara Hackney on Crunchbase…

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