Top Influencers: 101 UK Founder & CEO’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Founder & CEO play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Founder & CEO role. We have selected these Founder & CEO’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Founder & CEO’s. The list is in no particular order!

Charles Delingpole

Founder & CEO @ ComplyAdvantage

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Charles Delingpole is Founder and CEO of ComplyAdvantage, a technology company focused on wiping out financial crime using Machine Learning. As CEO, Charles leads the product development and growth of the company. His passion for the issue came from his time as the MLRO of a previous startup he founded when he realized how inefficient processes around money laundering are. Over 99% of money laundering is successful, ComplyAdvantage is working to stop it completely. Founded in 2014 with offices in London, New York, Singapore, and Cluj, ComplyAdvantage work with over 350 firms across 45 countries. Charles set up his first company, The Student Room Group, now the world’s largest student discussion forum when he was 16. After completing his MA in Politics at Trinity College Cambridge, and then an MSc in Management, Strategy, and Finance from the LSE, he became an associate at J.P. Morgan Cazenove. Learn more about Charles Delingpole on Crunchbase…

ComplyAdvantage provides AI-driven financial crime risk data and detection technology. Read more aboutComplyAdvantage on Crunchbase…

Alexander Edward Chesterman

Founder & CEO @ Cazoo

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Alex Chesterman is the founder and CEO of Cazoo. He was the Founder & CEO of ZPG Plc, a FTSE-250 listed company. Previously Alex co-founded Lovefilm, Europe’s leading digital movie rental business, which was successfully sold to Amazon. Alex is also one of the UK’s most active tech angel investors having backed dozens of early stage digital startups and was awarded an OBE for services to services to digital entrepreneurship in 2016. Learn more about Alexander Edward Chesterman on Crunchbase…

Cazoo is an online used car marketplace designed to transform the way people buy, finance, or rent used cars. Read more aboutCazoo on Crunchbase…

Guillaume Pousaz

Founder & CEO @

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Guillaume Pousaz is CEO and founder of, a leading digital payments solution company. Guillaume believes that financial complexity is a barrier to innovation which is blocking global economic prosperity. Having witnessed the growth of the internet since he was young, he founded in 2012 with a mission to build the banking that businesses deserve. Over the last decade, he has worked with some of the world’s most innovative companies to provide them with solutions to complex payment problems. is now one of the largest fintechs globally with 13 offices and a team of 750+ people. Originally hailing from Switzerland, he has since lived all over the world as he drove’s ambitious international expansion. Learn more about Guillaume Pousaz on Crunchbase… is an API-based platform providing online payment solutions that improve the user’s checkout experience. Read more on Crunchbase…

James Hind

Founder & CEO @ Carwow

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James is the big boss of carwow, so it’s hardly a surprise that cars are one of his biggest passions.He studied Finance but was put off a city career after just 2 months of trying one. He’s very competitive, especially when it comes to ping pong at the office. He invented the rule that if anyone loses a game 11-0 they have to buy donuts for the entire team! Learn more about James Hind on Crunchbase…

Carwow is a company that helps efficiently connect car buyers to car dealers. Read more aboutCarwow on Crunchbase…

Nikolay Storonsky

Founder & CEO @ Revolut

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Nikolay Storonsky is the Founder and CEO at Revolut. He is a former Equity Derivatives Trader at Credit Suisse and Lehman Brothers. Storonsky graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) (MIPT) with a master of science in General and Applied Physics and earned a master of arts in Applied Economics and Finance at New Economic School. Learn more about Nikolay Storonsky on Crunchbase…

Revolut is a financial services company that specializes in mobile banking, card payments, money remittance, and foreign exchange. Read more aboutRevolut on Crunchbase…

Marc Lore

Founder & CEO @ Jet

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Marc Lore is the Founder and CEO of Jet. He was previously the Chief Operating Officer of Wizkids, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Topps Company, Inc. (NASD: TOPP) and a leading game manufacturer. Prior to joining Wizkids, Marc was the co-founder and CEO of The Pit, Inc., an Internet market-making collectible company constructed as an alternative to eBay. The Pit, Inc. was successfully sold to the then publicly traded Topps Company in 2001. Prior to ThePit, Marc held various investment banking positions, including as Executive Vice President of Sanwa International Bank in London where he was head of the bank’s Risk Management Division. Before Sanwa, he was Vice President and Global Head of Emerging Markets Risk Department at Credit Suisse First Boston in London. In 2000, he was named by The Sunday Times Magazine of London as one of Britain’s top ten “new high-tech entrepreneurs and whiz kids.” Marc graduated from Bucknell University, where he received a B.A. in Business Management/Economics, cum laude, and is currently on leave from the Wharton University School of Business MBA program. He is also a C.F.A. (Chartered Financial Analyst). Marc has two young daughters, Sierra and Sophia, with his wife, Carolyn. Learn more about Marc Lore on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutJet on Crunchbase…

Somdip Dey

Founder & CEO @ Nosh Technologies

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Nosh Technologies operates as a deep tech company that develops applications to optimize food management and food waste at home. Read more aboutNosh Technologies on Crunchbase…

Rune Christensen

Founder & CEO @ MakerDAO

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Rune Christensen is Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of MakerDAO. MakerDAO issues Dai, the world’s first stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain, that eliminates volatility through a system of smart contracts designed to respond to market dynamics. Since 2015, Christensen has focused on establishing the vision and organizational structure of the Maker Decentralized Autonomous Organization and the economic foundations of the Dai stable digital currency. Previously, he served as co-founder of Try China, a company providing international recruiting. He studied Biochemistry at the University of Copenhagen and studied International Business at the Copenhagen Business School. Learn more about Rune Christensen on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMakerDAO on Crunchbase…

Sebastien Breteau

Founder & CEO @ QIMA

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Sebastien Breteau is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of QIMA, a global supply chain compliance solutions provider headquartered in Hong Kong. Founded in 2005, QIMA partners with brands, retailers and manufacturers in consumer goods and food to secure and improve the quality of their global supply network. QIMA combines on-the-ground experts in 85 countries for quality inspections, supplier audits, certification and lab testing, with a digital platform that brings accuracy, visibility and intelligence for quality and compliance data. In 2013, Sebastien created the Breteau Foundation, a non-profit organisation which aims to promote digital education for children in developing countries. 18,000 children are now enrolled in its program. Sebastien Breteau is also an active private investor in Europe, China & the US and has invested in over 30 start-ups globally. Learn more about Sebastien Breteau on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutQIMA on Crunchbase…

Demis Hassabis

Co-Founder & CEO @ DeepMind

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DeepMind is a neuroscience-inspired AI company, bought by Google in Jan 2014 in their largest European acquisition to date. Demis is now Vice President of Engineering at Google DeepMind and leads Google’s general AI efforts, including the development of AlphaGo, the first program to ever beat a professional player at the game of Go. Demis is a former child chess prodigy, who finished his A-levels two years early before coding the multi-million selling simulation game Theme Park aged 17. Following graduation from Cambridge University with a Double First in Computer Science he founded the pioneering videogames company Elixir Studios producing award-winning games for global publishers such as Vivendi Universal. After a decade of experience leading successful technology startups, Demis returned to academia to complete a PhD in cognitive neuroscience at UCL, followed by postdocs at MIT and Harvard, before founding DeepMind. Learn more about Demis Hassabis on Crunchbase…

DeepMind is a research company that specializes in artificial intelligence for positive impact. Read more aboutDeepMind on Crunchbase…

Abakar Saidov

Co Founder & CEO @ Beamery

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Beamery is a talent acquisition, engagement, and retention platform that manages sourcing, hiring, and retaining of people. Read more aboutBeamery on Crunchbase…

Ivan Mazour

Co-Founder & CEO @ Ometria

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Ivan Mazour is a Russian-born, London-based serial entrepreneur, investor and author. He is the CEO and Founder of Ometria – a predictive analytics and marketing platform built specifically for retailers, letting them use data to increase revenues and provide an improved customer experience. Ometria is his seventh company, in a career spanning various industries from property to education – Alongside this main role, he is also the Founding Partner of Innova Kapital – an early stage VC firm investing in UK-based technology startups, including companies like YPlan and organisations like Entrepreneur First – As well as holding multiple degrees in Mathematics from Cambridge University, and in Economics from the Open University, Ivan Mazour is the author of a number of books including “Russian Convoys – Memories of the Heart”. His translations of Russian literature have been staged professionally in various cities, and he has been presented with a UNESCO medal for his literary achievements. He regularly speaks at conferences around the world on topics of ecommerce, technology, and investment, and also writes a popular blog called “A Young Entrepreneur in London” – Learn more about Ivan Mazour on Crunchbase…

Ometria is a customer data and marketing platform that helps retailers increase CRM revenue by sending personalized marketing messages. Read more aboutOmetria on Crunchbase…

Euan Blair

Founder & CEO @ Multiverse

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Multiverse is a tech startup that matches talent who have not graduated from college with apprenticeship opportunities. Read more aboutMultiverse on Crunchbase…

Niccolo Maisto

Co-Founder & CEO @ FaceIT

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Niccolo is the co-founder and CEO at FACEIT. He drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth as he assures that the future and the present of the product come together. Under Niccolo’s leadership, FACEIT has expanded to over 5,000,000 users and 12,000,000 game sessions per month on 7 different games, becoming the most active competitive gaming platform in the world. He has a NYU Stern MBA degree and worked in Investment Banking and Private Equity before co-founding FACEIT. Learn more about Niccolo Maisto on Crunchbase…

FaceIT is the gaming platform for professional competitions within online multiplayer video games. Read more aboutFaceIT on Crunchbase…

Reece Chowdhry

Founder & CEO @ RLC Ventures

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Reece is the Founder & CEO of RLC Ventures – an early-stage SEIS/EIS VC fund investing in technology companies primarily focused on Fintech, Enterprise and Gaming. He was awarded “Top 5 Asian Tech Investors” 2018 (KPMG & Diversity UK) and is the youngest-ever investor to profiled by The Sunday Times. Reece is a frequent keynote and panel speaker at prominent industry events such as StartupGrind Europe and Fintech Live. Reece holds a BA in International Business from Durham University and is a Chartered Management Consultant (ACMA, CGMA) having started his career as a Management Consultant at EY. Reece invests personally in all of RLC Ventures’ investments. Learn more about Reece Chowdhry on Crunchbase…

RLC Ventures is an award-winning VC which continues to back founders building global tech companies, from idea to exit. Read more aboutRLC Ventures on Crunchbase…

Sam Mathews

Founder & CEO @ Fnatic

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Sam Mathews is an entrepreneur most known for his exploits in the gaming community. Best known for founding Fnatic, the worlds number 1 professional gaming team, managing over 25 professional video gamers with big name sponsors such as title sponsor MSI. He founded UGAME in 2008, a focused social network providing a complete gamer profile, as well as linking niche gaming content sites together through one user base and offering a platform to share user content around gaming. Learn more about Sam Mathews on Crunchbase…

Leading esports performance. Read more aboutFnatic on Crunchbase…

Shachar Bialick

Founder & CEO @ Curve

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Shachar Bialick is a serial entrepreneur, passionate about using technology to improve lives. He is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Curve -a fintech startup. Hefounded Curve to give people a simpler, smarter way to manage their financial life. It allows people to spend from all their bank accounts and cards through one smart Curve card, connected to an even smarter app. Cardholders can see all their business and personal spend in one place, cut out bank fees on business trips, make their existing cards more secure, manage cash flow with ‘financial time travel’, and never worry about doing their expenses again. Learn more about Shachar Bialick on Crunchbase…

Curve is a banking platform that consolidates cards and accounts into one smart card and app. Read more aboutCurve on Crunchbase…

Chris Morton

Co-Founder & CEO @ Lyst

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Chris Morton is the CEO and cofounder of Lyst (, a social curation platform for online fashion. Prior to founding Lyst, Chris was an investor at Balderton Capital and Benchmark Capital, focussing on consumer internet; specifically ecommerce, music and games. Chris was also Business Development Manager of the Energy and Materials division at QinetiQ, one of Europe’s leading technology R&D organisations. Chris earned his M.A. in Natural Sciences (Physics and Philosophy) from Cambridge University, 2003, and he is a DERA Scholar. Learn more about Chris Morton on Crunchbase…

Lyst is a global fashion search platform that allows users to browse through thousands of online fashion stores. Read more aboutLyst on Crunchbase…

Marcus Swanepoel

Co-founder & CEO @ Luno

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Marcus previously worked for Standard Chartered in Singapore and before that 3i and Morgan Stanley in London.He holds an MBA from INSEAD, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a CFA charterholder. He is a South African citizen and a Singapore Permanent Resident. Learn more about Marcus Swanepoel on Crunchbase…

Luno is a global cryptocurrency company. Read more aboutLuno on Crunchbase…

Anton Soulier

Founder & CEO @ Taster

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Anton Soulier is the Founder of Taster. He is a former Business Development, Business Operations Manager, Regional Manager, and Deputy General Manager France at Deliveroo. Mr. Soulier received a master’s degree in Finance at NEOMA Business School. Learn more about Anton Soulier on Crunchbase…

Taster is a food delivery company that operates dozens of restaurants that only exist on food delivery platforms. Read more aboutTaster on Crunchbase…

Dan Vahdat

Co-founder & CEO @ Huma Therapeutics

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Dan Vahdat is Co-founder & CEO of Medopad, a British healthcare technology company enabling connected care, headquartered in London, UK. Dan is an award winning innovator in the fields of science and technology. His professional career spans from IT to medical technology including several years at Johns Hopkins in the US. Dan studied Engineering and Mathematics, after which he pursued his PhD in at Johns Hopkins including 2 years of abroad study at Oxford University. Before finishing his degree, he left to focus on his business. Learn more about Dan Vahdat on Crunchbase…

Huma provides a digital health platform used for predictive care and research. Read more aboutHuma Therapeutics on Crunchbase…

Inga Mullins

Founder & CEO @ Fluency

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Inga Mullins is a Founder & CEO at Fluency Learn more about Inga Mullins on Crunchbase…

Fluency is a CBDC proprietary blockchain revolutionising and powering the existing financial system. Read more aboutFluency on Crunchbase…

Monica Hyerim Lee

Founder & CEO / Managing Director @ FrontRow Global

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Monica Hyerim Lee is the founder and CEO at FrontRow Global. Learn more about Monica Hyerim Lee on Crunchbase…

Music Data Intelligence for Music Industry Read more aboutFrontRow Global on Crunchbase…

Hiroki Takeuchi

Co-founder & CEO @ GoCardless

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Hiroki is co-founder and CEO of GoCardless. Founded in 2011, GoCardless is a global leader in recurring payments. The business is on a mission to take the pain out of getting paid for recurring revenue businesses. More than 40,000 businesses around the world, from multinational corporations to SMBs, transact through GoCardless each month, and the business processes $10bn of payments a year. Before starting GoCardless, Hiroki studied Mathematics at Oxford University and worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co. Learn more about Hiroki Takeuchi on Crunchbase…

GoCardless is a payment company that makes collecting payments by direct debit easy for everyone. Read more aboutGoCardless on Crunchbase…

Jack Tang

Co-Founder & CEO @ Urban

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A startup entrepreneur and angel investor. Currently Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Urban Massage – a B2C and B2B technology marketplace connecting wellness professionals with buyers in their local neighborhood. Prior to founding Urban Massage, he founded a social network and app-based job board Learn more about Jack Tang on Crunchbase…

Urban is an online wellness appointment platform for booking in-person and online treatments. Read more aboutUrban on Crunchbase…

Itamar Lesuisse

Co-founder & CEO @ Argent

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Itamar is the co-founder and CEO of Argent. Prior to Argent, Itamar founded and led Peak, the top ranked mobile cognitive training service with over 50,000,000 users and 500,000 subscribers. Itamar led Peak to a profitable 8 digit per year business. He successfully sold it to Lagardere SCA in 2016. Before Peak, Itamar worked at Boston Consulting Group, Amazon and VISA. He holds a Masters in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering. Learn more about Itamar Lesuisse on Crunchbase…

Argent is the most simple and secure smart wallet for crypto. Read more aboutArgent on Crunchbase…

Jason Roberts

Founder & CEO @ tech21

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Jason Roberts is Founder & CEO at Tech21 Ltd. Learn more about Jason Roberts on Crunchbase…

Our mission: Create the most intelligent protection on the planet. Read more abouttech21 on Crunchbase…

Tom Leathes

Co-Founder & CEO @ Motorway

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Motorway is an online used-car marketplace for professional car dealers that sells their cars using their smartphones. Read more aboutMotorway on Crunchbase…

Blaise Bellville

Founder & CEO @ Boiler Room

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Boiler Room founder Blaise Bellville created a new underground music network quite literally from a utility room. Blaise left school at 18 and founded many businesses before starting the worldwide phenomenon that is Boiler Room, which reaches over 72 million music fans every month worldwide. Beginning as a club promoter and DJ, Blaise’s first business to gain national recognition was All Age Concerts. Founded when he was 25, it kicked off an under-age gig movement across the country, even creating a festival for 10,000 in Victoria Park at the movement’s peak in 2010. In the same era, he created online magazine Read Platform, which was written by and run for teenagers. It was while running his, surrounded by other London music obsessives that Boiler Room was born. Bellville enlisted Thristian Richards, who worked for Soul Jazz and Gilles Peterson and Femi Adeyemi, founder of online radio station NTS and organised a weekly hang out/ session – broadcast from a webcam and Ustream to the world from the utility room in the warehouse it was run out of. The session run by the electronic music scene, for the electronic scene quickly drew big name guests. Jamie XX, SBKRT and Hudson Mohawke all turned up for early session to DJ and hang out. Though Read Platform was drawing 300,000 unique users, Boiler Room soon mushroomed passed it in popularity. Since 2010 it has gone global, with a growing and significant fan base in Latin America, partnership with Japan’s biggest streaming provider, key broadcast hubs in Berlin, New York and Los Angeles and the dedication of the most hard core, committed music fans on the planet. Learn more about Blaise Bellville on Crunchbase…

Boiler Room is an online platform that enables its users to live stream and archive musical shows. Read more aboutBoiler Room on Crunchbase…

Kelu Liu

Founder & CEO @ HungryPanda

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Kelu Liu is the Founder & CEO at HungryPanda. Learn more about Kelu Liu on Crunchbase…

HungryPanda is a Chinese food and grocery delivery company with extensive market coverage. Read more aboutHungryPanda on Crunchbase…

Giles Palmer

Founder & CEO @ Brandwatch

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Giles Palmer is the founder and CEO of Brandwatch, a leading social intelligence company. Formerly of BSkyB, Giles started Brandwatch and since its launch in August 2007, it has grown to become one of the world’s leading social media analytics and listening companies. Giles’ goal for Brandwatch is to help organisations find and engage with online conversations that matter. This motivation has turned Brandwatch into a platform that gathers millions of online conversations every day and provides users with the tools to analyze them. This empowers brands and agencies to make smarter, data-driven business decisions. Brandwatch has developed a social listening and analytics offering, Brandwatch Analytics, and a social command center platform Brandwatch Vizia, which showcases real-time visualizations across enterprises. Currently, Brandwatch has over 1,000 customers including 30 of the Fortune 100 companies, and serves businesses across the globe, from FTSE100 companies to SMEs. Giles regularly speaks at social media conferences and serves on the Industrial Advisory Board for Sussex University as well as the Social Media Committee for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Learn more about Giles Palmer on Crunchbase…

Brandwatch is a consumer intelligence and social media listening platform. Read more aboutBrandwatch on Crunchbase…

Nigel Toon

Co-founder & CEO @ Graphcore

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Graphcore ( is a new silicon and systems company based in Bristol, UK and Palo Alto, USA that has developed a new type of processor, the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU), to accelerate machine learning and AI applications. Since its founding in 2016, Nigel has secured over $300m in funding and support for the company from some of the world’s leading venture capital firms including Sequoia Capital, Foundation Capital and Atomico, from major corporations including BMW, Bosch, Dell, Microsoft and Samsung and from eminent Artificial Intelligence innovators. Nigel has a background as a technology business leader, entrepreneur and engineer having been CEO at two successful VC-backed processor companies XMOS and Picochip (sold to Nasdaq:MSPD, now Intel), a founder at Icera (sold to Nasdaq: NVDA) and VP/GM at Altera (Nasdaq: ALTR, sold to Intel for $17Bn) where he spent over 13 years and was responsible for establishing and building the European business unit that he grew to over $400m in annual revenues. Nigel was a non-executive director at Imagination Technologies PLC until itsacquisition in 2017 and is the author on 3 patents. Learn more about Nigel Toon on Crunchbase…

Graphcore develops a microprocessor designed for AI and machine learning applications. Read more aboutGraphcore on Crunchbase…

John O’Nolan

Founder & CEO @ Ghost

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Founder at @TryGhost. Tweets about open source, startup life, non-profits, and publishing platforms. Travels the world with a bag of kites. Learn more about John O’Nolan on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGhost on Crunchbase…

Oliver Oram

Founder & CEO @ Chainvine

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Next Generation Enterprise Systems / Identity Access Management (IAM) / Technology Providers Blockchain Read more aboutChainvine on Crunchbase…

Stefano Vaccino

Founder & CEO @ Yapily

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Stefano Vaccino is the Founder and CEO of Yapily. He was the Chief Product Officer at Red Deer and Algomi Ltd. Prior to that he spent many years on Goldman Sachs trading floor. Mr. Vaccino received a bachelor’s degree in Information Engineering and a master’s degree in Micro and Nanotechnology for Integrated Systems with studies at Politecnico di Torino (Italy), INPG (France), EPFL (Switzerland) and MIT (USA). Learn more about Stefano Vaccino on Crunchbase…

Yapily offers API-based software to enable innovative products to connect to banks. Read more aboutYapily on Crunchbase…

Alex Hoye

Co – Founder & CEO @ The Faction Collective

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Alex is a London-based entrepreneur and angel investor and in Internet, media, and consumer markets. He is CEO of Latitude Group, a European digital marketing agency, and before that co-founded GoIndustry plc, an online industrial auctions firm which he and the team listed in 2006. Hoye invested in Seedcamp and is chairman of Skimlinks and BraveNewTalent . Learn more about Alex Hoye on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutThe Faction Collective on Crunchbase…

Denis Sverdlov

Founder & CEO @ Arrival

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Denis Sverdlov is the Founder at Kinetik and Arrival. Learn more about Denis Sverdlov on Crunchbase…

Arrival is a developer and manufacturer of zero-emission, public transportation vehicles. Read more aboutArrival on Crunchbase…

Alex Saint

Co-founder & CEO @ Secret Escapes

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Alex Saint is the Co-founder & CEO of Secret Escapes. Prior to this, he worked as Chief Executive at DMC Digital Ltd. He was the Consultant of Teletext Holidays. He served as Publisher at ThisisTravel –Associated Newspapers. Before that, he worked as Publisher at Associated New Media. He also worked as Sales Marketing Management at Unilever. Learn more about Alex Saint on Crunchbase…

Secret Escapes is a members-only travel club offering discounted rates on luxury hotels and holidays in the UK. Read more aboutSecret Escapes on Crunchbase…

Fredrik Broberg

Founder & CEO @ Marketflow

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Successful serial entrepreneur with a strong emphasis on defining companies at the crossroads of technology and finance. Fredrik leads the strategy of the company which defines Marketflow and its innovative and unique approach. Learn more about Fredrik Broberg on Crunchbase…

Marketflow is an innovative FinTech company. Read more aboutMarketflow on Crunchbase…

Robin Tombs

Co-Founder & CEO @ Yoti

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Robin Tombs is Founder of Yoti, a digital identity system which helps you prove who you are and confirm who other people are, online and face to face. Robin was Co-founder at Gamesys, one of the world’s leading online gaming operators with annual revenues over £200m, 950 staff and offices in 8 countries. He worked at PWC as a Chartered Accountant from 1993 to 1997 in the UK before co-founding IDM, a web game business which was sold in 1999. Robin is also an investor in a handful of early stage for profit and social UK businesses, including Infinitesima, Trumin, Luxdeco, Working Knowledge and the National College for Digital Skills. Robin is passionate about creating opportunities for young people to achieve their potential in life and to bring scalable web and mobile technologies to the not-for-profit sector. As such Robin set up ZING in 2009. He is a Trustee at Future First, a charity which is designed to help state schools build and manage an alumni community. He holds a degree in Economics and Politics from Bristol University. He is a keen sports enthusiast mostly watching either his 3 children play or great teams on the TV. Learn more about Robin Tombs on Crunchbase…

Yoti is a digital identity platform that provides a simple and secure way of proving identities, online and in person. Read more aboutYoti on Crunchbase…

Chris Sheldrick

Co-Founder & CEO @ what3words

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Chris worked in the music business for 10 years, booking bands and managing production for events around the globe. He was constantly frustrated with suppliers not finding site entrances, and bands not finding their way from the hotel to their gigs. Chris tried distributing addresses and GPS coordinates for years but both failed him on numerous occasions. He was certain there was a better way: what3words was born. Learn more about Chris Sheldrick on Crunchbase…

what3words is a mapping technology startup that creates a proprietary geocode system for logistics firms. Read more aboutwhat3words on Crunchbase…

Eldar Tuvey

Co-Founder & CEO @ Wandera

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Eldar is the Co-Founder and CEO of Wandera where is responsible for driving the company’s strategic direction and growth. Prior to co-founding Wandera, Eldar co-founded and served as CEO of ScanSafe. Eldar started his career at Goldman Sachs and completed his MBA at INSEAD. Learn more about Eldar Tuvey on Crunchbase…

Wandera provides a unified cloud security solution to protect the modern workplace Read more aboutWandera on Crunchbase…

Rami Zeidan

Co-Founder & CEO @ Life House

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Read more aboutLife House on Crunchbase…

Marc Boyan

Founder & CEO @ Miroma Ventures

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Marc began his career in marketing with the Goldsmith family, creating and selling events such as World Wrestling Federation, Net Aid, Smash Hits & Route of Kings. His first business venture started in 2000, setting up tourist information channel, City Tour TV. The concept can now be found in various airlines, black taxis and hotels in the UK. In 2003, Marc spotted an opportunity to use barter in all areas of modern commerce and set up corporate barter company, Miroma International. He has grown the business into one of the leading corporate barter companies in Europe with Miroma International’s growth trajectory recognized in The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 report on UK businesses for four years in a row between 2008 and 2011. Outside of Miroma International, Marc has also focused on building out the Miroma Ventures portfolio, focusing on media, technology and consumer investments. Marc is a dedicated supporter of the Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity, sitting on its Executive Board. Learn more about Marc Boyan on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMiroma Ventures on Crunchbase…

Irra Ariella Khi

Co-Founder & CEO @ Zamna

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Irra Ariella Khi is a serial entrepreneur based in London, who is obsessed with cyber security and data privacy. She is the co-founder and CEO of VChain, a deep tech company that is developing and patenting a blockchain solution for Digital DNA, to identify each person online and reinvent verification, privacy and trust. Irra speaks 9 languages, and graduated from Oxford University with 1st Class Honours. She is a speaker and mentor at General Assembly, StartUpBootcamp and Oxford Learn more about Irra Ariella Khi on Crunchbase…

Award-winning blockchain-powered data verification platform improving airport security while delivering a seamless passenger experience Read more aboutZamna on Crunchbase…

Alexandros Christodoulakis

Co-founder & CEO @ Wealthyhood

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Alexandros Christodoulakis is the Co-founder & CEO of Wealthyhood. Previously, Alex worked as a Fixed Income Trading Strategist at Morgan Stanley and has coded multiple optimisation models and algorithms for portfolio allocation. He holds an MSc in Investment & Wealth Management from Imperial, an MSc in Health Economics from LSE and a Diploma in Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. Learn more about Alexandros Christodoulakis on Crunchbase…

The first DIY wealth-building app for long-term investors. Read more aboutWealthyhood on Crunchbase…

Rob Bishop

Founder & CEO @ Magic Pony Technology

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Rob Bishop is the founder and CEO at Magic Pony Technology, which is now part of Twitter Cortex. Learn more about Rob Bishop on Crunchbase…

Magic Pony Technology is a technology company that develops machine-learning based approach for visual processing on web and mobile. Read more aboutMagic Pony Technology on Crunchbase…

Alex Kendall

Co-Founder & CEO @ Wayve

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Alex Kendall is the co-founder & CEO at Wayve. Learn more about Alex Kendall on Crunchbase…

Wayve uses end-to-end deep learning to develop artificial intelligence capable of complex driving. Read more aboutWayve on Crunchbase…

Gary Bracey

Co-Founder & CEO @ Terra Virtua

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Terra Virtua is the first fully immersive, blockchain-driven VR entertainment Platform. Read more aboutTerra Virtua on Crunchbase…

Chaz Englander

Co-Founder & CEO @ Fat Llama

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Fat Llama is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace which allows people to rent spare items to others nearby, fully insured. Read more aboutFat Llama on Crunchbase…

Priyanka Gill

Founder & CEO @ POPxo

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Priyanka Gill is the Co-Founder and President of MyGlamm. She is also the Founder & CEO of POPxo, India’s largest community of women. Learn more about Priyanka Gill on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutPOPxo on Crunchbase…

Christian Angermayer

Founder & CEO @ Apeiron Investment Group

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Christian Angermayer is a serial entrepreneur and investor. With over 20 years in business, Christian has created, co-founded and invested in numerous successful companies across a broad section of sectors. He has raised over EUR 1.5bn for his portfolio companies and has been involved in more than 40 successful IPO- and M&A-transactions either as an entrepreneur, investor or banker/advisor. He is the owner of Apeiron Investment Group, his family office and merchant banking business, which focuses in Germany and Africa on Financial Services (especially fintech), Internet and Technology (from ecommerce to deep tech), Life Sciences, Media, Real Estate and Natural Resources. Apeiron completes deals across the entire lifecycle and balance sheet of a company, from non-listed Seed/Start Up investments to larger scale Restructuring and Special Situations deals (mostly listed). Christian’s family office holds stakes in various asset management companies with – together with his family office assets – in total approx. EUR 1bn assets under management. Christian has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19 when he started his first business. He loves to push boundaries and to constantly discover, learn about and invest into new opportunities. Highlights include: In 2000 Christian co-founded Ribopharma, which merged with US peer Alnylam Pharmaceuticals in 2003 and subsequently went public (ticker symbol ALNY, USD 8bn Market Cap, a leading company for translation of RNAi as a new class of innovative medicines). In 2004, he created JDC Group, Germany´s largest network of independent financial advisors (IFAs) with more than 16,000 IFAs and more than 1.4m retail clients. In 2007, Christian was one of the first international investors to realize that Africa would be one of the most important “megatrends” for the next few decades. Hence, he founded and created the African Banking Holding ADC African Development Corporation, that merged with Bob Diamond’s Atlas Mara in 2014. Today, merging his profound experience at the nexus of traditional financial services and technology, he is one of the most active and significant investors in European fintech companies with a special focus on crypto-currencies and blockchain-related business models. Other cutting-edge areas for investments Christian is currently most excited about are longevity and anti-aging technologies, aerospace technologies and new drugs for mental wellbeing and enhancement. In 2017, Christian has been the exclusive advisor to Chinese conglomerate HNA Group for building up their 9.9% stake in Deutsche Bank. Christian both had originated the investment idea and structured the entire process and transaction. German business magazine BILANZ ranks Christian among the top 10 most important German tech investors (No. 5/10) in their June 2017 issue and among the 1.000 richest Germans (No. 684/1.000) In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, Christian places great value on social, political and societal commitments. He is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, a member of the Presidential Advisory Council of His Excellency President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, in the Milken Institute Young Leaders Circle and of Atlantik-Brücke. Passionate about the arts and film, Christian has (executive) produced 14 feature films including critically acclaimed movies like FILTH and HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS. Christian was born in Germany and is based in London. Learn more about Christian Angermayer on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutApeiron Investment Group on Crunchbase…

Karim Beguir

Co-Founder & CEO @ InstaDeep Ltd

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Co-Founder & CEO of InstaDeep and Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning, Karim helps companies get a grip on the latest AI advances and deploy them in practice. A graduate of France’s Ecole Polytechnique and former Program Fellow at NYU’s Courant Institute, Karim has a passion for teaching and using applied mathematics. This encouraged him to launch InstaDeep, nominated at MWC17 in the top 20 global startup list by PCMAG. He is on a mission to democratize AI and make it accessible to a wider audience. Learn more about Karim Beguir on Crunchbase…

InstaDeep delivers AI-powered decision-making systems for the Enterprise, to solve some of the world’s most complex industrial problems. Read more aboutInstaDeep Ltd on Crunchbase…

Henri Moissinac

Co-Founder & CEO @ dott

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Henri Moissinac runs Consumer Partnerships at Uber EMEA,in London.Previously, he led Mobile Partnerships at Facebook, based in California. Before that, he led eBay mobile. Learn more about Henri Moissinac on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutdott on Crunchbase…

Kristof Van Beveren

Co-Founder & CEO @ Weezy

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Kristof Van Beveren is a Co-Founder and CEO at Weezy. Prior to founding Weezy, he is part of Showpad as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales Development. Learn more about Kristof Van Beveren on Crunchbase…

Weezy is an online supermarket platform designed for on-demand grocery shopping. Read more aboutWeezy on Crunchbase…

Adnan Ebrahim

Co-founder & CEO @ MindLabs

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Co-founder & CEO of MindLabs. Previously Founder & CEO of Car Throttle (acquired by Dennis Publishing in 2019). Forbes 30 Under 30 2020. Learn more about Adnan Ebrahim on Crunchbase…

MindLabs is the world’s first live mental health platform. Read more aboutMindLabs on Crunchbase…

Tim Sadler

Co-Founder & CEO @ Tessian

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Tim is the CEO and co-founder of CheckRecipient, a next generation email security platform which uses machine learning to predict when emails are being sent to the wrong people. Some of the world’s largest organisations across the financial and legal sectors are using CheckRecipient and in the past 6 months the company has been crowned “Best Security Startup” by WIRED, “Best Machine Intelligence Startup” by Legal Geek and “Best Startup – Gold Category” by Info Security Products Guide. Tim was recently listed as one of Forbes “30 Under 30” in European Technology for 2017. Learn more about Tim Sadler on Crunchbase…

Tessian creates a Human Layer Security that helps people work without security disruptions getting in the way. Read more aboutTessian on Crunchbase…

Daniel Seal

Founder & CEO @ Unbound Global

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Daniel Seal is the Founder & CEO of unbound (formerly called AcreWhite). unbound is a platform connecting corporates and brands with start ups & disruptive technology to fuel innovation & growth. Together with Yossi Vardi, he is the co-host of Island Innovators and co-creator of unbound. Daniel was previously CEO of UK Israel Business, which under his leadership turned it from a dormancy into one the largest business networking organisations in Europe. Prior to joining UK Israel Business he was Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Bedside Manner, a healthcare software company, which provided crowd feedback to medical professionals. From 2010 – 2015, he was a Councillor representing Garden Suburb Ward in the London Borough of Barnet and sat on the investment committee of the Barnet Pension Fund, a £980 million fund investing in equities, bonds and alternate assets. Daniel was listed number 24 in ’40 Under 40 Future Leaders’ which featured in the UK national press. He has a BSc (Hons.) in Biochemistry and an MSc Business Management from the University of London. He is a mentor for the Plug & Play, SPH and H Farm Acceleration Programmes. In his spare time, he is a keen skier and golfer. Learn more about Daniel Seal on Crunchbase…

Unbound connects founders, entrepreneurs, and start-ups through a global series of tech festivals. Read more aboutUnbound Global on Crunchbase…

Matt Hagger

Founder & CEO @ E-Man Venture Labs

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English born entrepreneur and investor in the technology space. He is widely regarded as one of the country’s most influential product directors with a focus on customer behaviour, user experience and logic, winning many awards for his work, as a founder or consultant/advisor to major global consumer brands and high paced start ups. At only 21, Matt created Net Sorcerer; the first real-time desktop news alerts platform in the UK, winning a patent & innovation award from the UK’s DTI, raising investment in excess of $500,000. The platform was later adopted by Sky News/Sports to deliver breaking content in real-time. Matt creates and incubates technology out of his startup studio e-Man labs whom he Founded after graduating from business school aged 21. The company now boasts 7 figure turnovers with a small but dedicated team of 26. E-Man is incubating AR game Snatch and doctors on demand service, Zoomdoc. Both set to launch out of beta in Early 2017. Matt is in the Co-Founding team and was an initial shareholder, in both. Matt is an investor and Co-Founder of a business tools platform for start ups and small business owners. He also has an investment in Redeemia, which launched in September 2012 and followed this with investments in Pocket High Street, Juxtafeed, Burn This (acquired by BodyBoard), 123 Friday and Octane Inc in 2014. In 2016 Matt invested in ANA, Wise Amigo, Zoomdoc, 123 Friday and Snatch. Matt was the Founder and CEO of Samsung Ventures funded, Zkatter, in San Francisco until 2013 and now he spends his time based London with offices in Los Angeles as he works on the launch and scale of a start up called Doppels, based in Venice Beach. Matt remains the company’s Co-Founder and CEO. Learn more about Matt Hagger on Crunchbase…

e-Man is a start up studio and launches 3-5 companies per year Read more aboutE-Man Venture Labs on Crunchbase…

Vincent Lambert

Founder & CEO @ Orbit Partners

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Orbit Partners facilitates personalized and private discussions between corporate leaders. Read more aboutOrbit Partners on Crunchbase…

Babek Ismayil

Founder & CEO @ OneDome

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Babek has over 10 years of experience working as credit derivatives, high yield and distressed debt trader at JP Morgan and 7 years as an angel investor and entrepreneur. He is an experienced investor and has been actively involved in investing in high growth companies, high yielding debt and restructuring distressed companies. Babek has a BSc and MSc in Financial Engineering and MSc in Management from the University of Paris Dauphine. Babek also studied Economics and Finance in the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne and London School of Economics. Learn more about Babek Ismayil on Crunchbase…

OneDome is the World’s First HomeBuying Platform Read more aboutOneDome on Crunchbase…

Peter Hames

Co-Founder & CEO @ Big Health

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Peter Hames is CEO of Big Health, a digital medicine company he co-founded with clinical psychologist Prof Colin Espie (University of Oxford). Big Health creates automated behavioral medicine programs fuelled by tracked data, and was inspired by Peter’s difficulty in getting access to evidence-based non-drug solutions to his own insomnia. Big Health’s first product, Sleepio, is a digital sleep improvement program featuring personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, delivered by virtual animated sleep expert The Prof and his narcoleptic dog Pavlov. In the world’s first placebo-controlled randomised trial for an intervention of its kind, Sleepio was shown to be comparable in effectiveness to face-to-face therapy. Learn more about Peter Hames on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBig Health on Crunchbase…

Jason Goodman

Co Founder & CEO @ Eastnine

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Jason is a Venture Partner at LocalGlobe and non Executive Director at Cleo AI. Jason was previously an Executive in Residence at Atomico throughout 2016 focused on sourcing new investments and working with portfolio companies scale their businesses. Jason founded Albion in 2002 and as CEO built it to be one of Europe’s hottest creative agencies for early stage technology brands. He sold Albion to MDC in 2014 and left Albion in Jan 2017. He previously founded Omnicom-owned interactive marketing business Tribal DDB. His work at Albion led him to develop product, brand and growth strategies for Skype, eBay, King, Betfair, Zoopla and many other businesses in the European tech scene. He was interim CMO at both Skype and Betfair during their early growth. Jason is a serial supporter of startups and is heavily involved in London’s Tech City. He has been an Angel investor in Soluto, Brainient, Chemist Direct, Abesmarket, Uniplaces, Kano, Farmdrop, MedX, Plum, Tide and Cleo. Learn more about Jason Goodman on Crunchbase…

Eastnine are on a mission to banish the ‘not today’ from daily fitness. Read more aboutEastnine on Crunchbase…

Sophie Hill

Founder & CEO @ Threads Styling

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Sophie started her career in buying & merchandising roles at HQs of some of the leading fashion retail brands. This exposure to retail inspired her to found Threads in 2010. Threads uses unique technology to create a new world of retail. With social media & content, instant messaging & strong brand partnerships Threads is the leader in what they define as luxury chat commerce. Sophie is now dedicated with her team to continue to lead in this space and pioneer the next generation of retail. Education from Leeds & Harvard university. Learn more about Sophie Hill on Crunchbase…

Threads Styling is a fashion technology company. Read more aboutThreads Styling on Crunchbase…

Anton Chirkunov

Founder & CEO @ Wheely

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Anton Chirkunov is the Founder and CEO at Wheely. Learn more about Anton Chirkunov on Crunchbase…

Wheely is a luxury ride-hailing service, allowing customers to book chauffeur-driven journeys both on-demand and pre-booked through an app. Read more aboutWheely on Crunchbase…

Phil Hutcheon

Founder & CEO @ DICE

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DICE is a curated platform that connects fans to live shows. Read more aboutDICE on Crunchbase…

Vishal Marria

Founder & CEO @ Quantexa

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Vishal is a globally recognised leader in solving clients’ financial crime and surveillance challenges. He is accomplished at building teams and helping clients to use innovative data analytics for their financial crime challenges. Previously Executive Director at EY, Vishal led major programs at international banks including global Anti Financial Crime technology strategy, data-driven remediation and end to end reviews of strategy and policy. Vishal was instrumental in directing and building the Detica NetReveal business globally and strives to bring together business and IT to address financial crime risks. Learn more about Vishal Marria on Crunchbase…

Quantexa develops network analytics tools for the detection and prevention of financial crime. Read more aboutQuantexa on Crunchbase…

Bosun Tijani

Co-Founder & CEO @ Co-Creation Hub Nigeria

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Bosun Tijani is an innovation expert and researcher with a keen interest in knowledge application for economic and enterprise competitiveness. He is the co-founder and CEO of Co-Creation Hub; Nigeria’s foremost social innovation centre dedicated to accelerating the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity. In pursuit of an active lifestyle, he also founded and serves as the CEO and Founder of Truppr, an emerging fitness brand in Africa that connects users to fitness events across the world. In addition, he is the Partner at Growth Capital, Nigeria’s first social innovation fund for high potential, early-stage businesses. He has over 15 years experience across public and private corporations including Pera Innovation Network (UK), Hewlett Packard (EMEA) and International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO) both in Geneva, Switzerland. ‘Bosun holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, a Masters’ degree in Information System and Management from Warwick Business School, UK and is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Leicester. He is a fellow of the Centre on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law. He is also a Desmond Tutu Fellow and a member of the Presidential Advisory Group on Technology and Creativity. Learn more about Bosun Tijani on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCo-Creation Hub Nigeria on Crunchbase…

Nejc Kodric

Co-Founder & CEO @ Bitstamp

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Nejc Kodric Since starting out in 2011 with little more than some basic computer equipment, €1,000 and a love of technology, Nejc has been instrumental in developing Bitstamp into one of the most trusted and highest volume bitcoin exchanges in the world. With offices in Luxembourg, London and New York, Bitstamp continues to grow from strength to strength, serving its customers’ bitcoin trading requirements. Among his many achievements as chief executive officer, Nejc spearheaded the approach to become the first fully licensed virtual currency exchange in EU, which was granted in 2016, setting the benchmark for the Bitcoin industry’s continued consolidation and strength. With a keen interest in promoting economic empowerment and technology, Nejc has spoken at several conferences including Techcrunch, Bitcoin Foundation, MoneyConf, Deloitte Conference: Future Challenges, ICT Spring Europe and FundForum International, and was awarded Best Virtual Currency Start-up at The Europas in June 2014. Nejc was born in Slovenia, where he studied Organization and Management of Information Systems and Economics, and currently splits his time between his home country and Luxembourg. Specialities: Bitcoin, blockchain, trading, virtual currencies, economic empowerment, education, science and technology Learn more about Nejc Kodric on Crunchbase…

Bitstamp allows companies and individuals from all around the world to buy and sell bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ripple, and bitcoin cash. Read more aboutBitstamp on Crunchbase…

Chris Taggart

Founder & CEO @ OpenCorporates

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Chris Taggart is the Co-founder and CEO of OpenCorporates. Chris Taggart was originally a magazine journalist and publisher, and is an experienced and successful entrepreneur, having started and grown several successful companies. He has been working exclusively in the field of open government and public sector information since 2009. Chris was name in the Top 10 Digital Social Innovators to watch out for by The Guardian. Learn more about Chris Taggart on Crunchbase…

OpenCorporates is an online database that provides its users with information related to companies in the world. Read more aboutOpenCorporates on Crunchbase…

John M. Foraker

Co- Founder & CEO @ Once Upon a Farm

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John Foraker is the Co- Founder & CEO at Once Upon a Farm . Learn more about John M. Foraker on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutOnce Upon a Farm on Crunchbase…

Samir Desai

Co-Founder & CEO @ Funding Circle

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Samir is responsible for driving the company strategy, overseeing the company’s finances and managing the day to day operations at Funding Circle, the leading marketplace for business loans.  Samir  has worked extensively in the financial services sector. Before founding Funding Circle he was an executive at Olivant and  a management consultant at BCG, advising a number of major UK and global banks and insurers on strategy, new product initiatives and operational efficiency. Investors at Funding Circle have now lent over $800 million to 8,000 small businesses in the UK and US. In the UK, investors include 37,000 individuals, the British Business Bank, local councils, universities and financial institutions. Learn more about Samir Desai on Crunchbase…

Funding Circle is a lending platform for small businesses. Read more aboutFunding Circle on Crunchbase…

Gauthier Van Malderen

Founder & CEO @ Perlego

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Gauthier Van Malderen is Founder and CEO at Perlego. Learn more about Gauthier Van Malderen on Crunchbase…

Perlego is an online library, providing students with unlimited access to over 650,000 academic titles with built-in learning tools. Read more aboutPerlego on Crunchbase…

Daniel Attia

Founder & CEO @ YOPA

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YOPA provides real estate agency services that assist clients in selling their properties. Read more aboutYOPA on Crunchbase…

Efe Cakarel

Founder & CEO @ MUBI

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Efe Cakarel is a Turkish entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of MUBI, an online film service. Previously, Cakarel worked with Goldman Sachs in London and New York, where he worked on IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity investments. Cakarel obtained his bachelor of science in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT in 1998, and his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2005. Cakarel was a contributor to The Huffington Post. He also has two patents involving the monetization of web applications. Learn more about Efe Cakarel on Crunchbase…

MUBI is a global streaming service, production company and film distributor. Read more aboutMUBI on Crunchbase…

Nick Holzherr

Founder & CEO @ Whisk

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Whisk helps turn food inspiration into meals on the table, through software that makes the process seamless for users. Nick now leads Whisk at Samsung NEXT, Samsung’s software and innovation division. Before Whisk was acquired by Samsung in March 2019, Whisk had grown from a team of 2 to 32, integrating the world’s largest food ecosystem players in the US, UK, Australia and Germany. As a serial entrepreneur, Nick raised over $2m in VC funding to first found Whisk after pitching to Lord Sugar in the final of the BBC Apprentice 2012, where he achieved the series’ best task-win record. In 2017 Nick was awarded an honorary doctorate from Aston University. Nick and his businesses have been featured in leading publications including Newsweek, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The BBC and The Next Web. Learn more about Nick Holzherr on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutWhisk on Crunchbase…

Jack Beaman

Co-Founder & CEO @ Syft

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Syft is the UK’s market leading flexible staffing platform. Read more aboutSyft on Crunchbase…

Richard Barlow

Founder & CEO @ Wejo

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Richard is wejo’s founder & CEO. Richard’s passion for big data led directly to wejo’s goal of making telematics available in the mass market. As a director and founder of a number of worldwide businesses in the insurance, banking and mobile sectors, including the world’s largest lead exchange provider, Richard is highly regarded for his strategic vision and ability to deliver commercial success. Learn more about Richard Barlow on Crunchbase…

Wejo gathers & analyzes car data from connected cars to help car manufacturers improve their products through data driven descisions. Read more aboutWejo on Crunchbase…

Branko Milutinovic

Co-Founder & CEO @ Nordeus

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Branko Milutinovic is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of one of the fastest growing European gaming company Nordeus. Over the previous 4 years bootstrapped Nordeus have grown from 3 to 150 people, pioneering the cross-platform game development & publishing and becoming one of the most successful social and mobile gaming companies world wide. Engineer by education, gamer in heart, Branko grew up playing sports, enjoying video games and coding. Not much has changed since. Nordeus is best known for Top Eleven, one of the most popular sports video games in the world with more than 5 million players on a daily basis and legendary Jose Mourinho as the official face of the game. Branko earned his M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from University of Belgrade (2002-2008). Learn more about Branko Milutinovic on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutNordeus on Crunchbase…

Benjamina Bollag

Founder & CEO @ HigherSteaks

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Benjamina is the CEO of London-based food tech start-up Higher Steaks, which she founded in 2017. Previously, Benjamina co-founded a London-based B2B electronics company selling to FTSE500 companies. Benjamina has also worked at Israeli 3D printing company, Stratasys, at the digital marketing division of PepsiCo’s joint venture with Strauss and was the lead developer an ed-tech startup. Benjamina holds a Master of Chemical Engineering from the Imperial College, where she completed a project focusing on the design of a peptide plant, conducting a lab-based research on synthesis and liquid exfoliation of graphitic carbon nitride Learn more about Benjamina Bollag on Crunchbase…

HigherSteaks is about providing with that juicy, tender, and delicious meat they love but without harming their health, planet, and animals. Read more aboutHigherSteaks on Crunchbase…

Kirill Chliaifchtein

Founder & CEO @ SwiftGift

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SwiftGift is the world’s first Instant Gift Messenger App which allows you to send real gifts to anyone in your phone’s contact book. Read more aboutSwiftGift on Crunchbase…

Tre Azam

Founder & CEO @ MyndPlay

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Tre Azam is founder and CEO of MyndPlay, a UK based brainwave technology and media company and creators of the MyndPlayer mind controlled video and movie platform which allows viewers to control, direct or influence the narrative and outcome of a video using nothing but their mind and emotions. The technology and platform have been used to create interactive movie trailers, mind controlled sporting games, field based neuromarketing research, automated mental health and prisoner rehabilitation amongst other things. Prior to MyndPlay Tre spent 4 years with his production company Treite Labs which allowed him to travel around the world making documentaries and working with charities to help develop his ground experience as a mental health therapist. In his previous work experience Tre has also worked within TV, Radio and as a speaker on a number of topics from innovation to the mind. Learn more about Tre Azam on Crunchbase…

MyndPlay is a revolution in Movie and Video Technology, bringing science to the art of film. Read more aboutMyndPlay on Crunchbase…

Ali Alauoubiy

Co-founder & CEO @

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Ali shapes the strategies that harness big data to solve daily problems. His focus is firmly on technology, platform capabilities and business growth. He has 18 years of experience in leading technology, delivery functions and business transformation across a range of sectors including financial service, travel, private equity and professional service. Ali has a Bachelor’s degree with Honors in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from the University of Birmingham. And is currently completing the General Management Program (GMP) at Harvard Business School. A transformational leader experienced in managing large scale transformation initiatives, emerging technologies, complexity reduction/simplification, globally distributed diverse teams, strategic business growth, turnaround, restructuring, and operation management. With a broad International career experience across the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and North America. – Cross-functional leadership, management and coaching multi-cultural, and distributed (including remote) teams, including setting clear and measurable goals aligned to strategy and fostering collaboration across diverse teams – Leading complex enterprise and digital transformations (including Agile Delivery and DevOps, Change Management, Culture Change, AI and Machine Learning and Cloud Migration). – Delivering multi-million-dollar budget software integration and transformation projects in a broad range of sectors (Private Equity, eTrading, wealth & asset management, aviation and, professional services). – Effective internal and external stakeholder management experience across business units. – Previous work experience at Dresdner Kleinwort (2004-2008), (2008-2010), Mubasher Financial Group (2010-2012), National Net Ventures (2012-2014), Credit Suisse (2014-2015), Emirates Airline (2015-2017) and ESW Capital (2017-2019). Learn more about Ali Alauoubiy on Crunchbase…

Bring transparency and objectivity to the workplace by empowering individuals to achieve more, powered by A.I. insights and coaching. Read more on Crunchbase…

Matt Barker

Founder & CEO @ MPB

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Matt’s focus and passion is on verticalized online marketplaces within the secondary goods sector, with particular emphasis on managed marketplaces that take ownership of the product through the customer transaction process Matt founded having developed his interest in markeplaces whilst studying Economics at The University of Warwick. Matt has since grown MPB into the largest marketplace in Europe for photographers and videographers to trade equipment. Matt believes that key to a successful product marketplace are strong network effects and an end to end focus on customer experience, delivered by the best AI and CX led technology at every stage of the transaction cycle. MPB is now internationalising, with a full US launch completed in November 2016. Matt continues to lead MPB as CEO and plans to grow MPB into the largest marketplace in the world for photographers and videographers. Learn more about Matt Barker on Crunchbase…

MPB is an online platform specializing in used photography and videography kit. Read more aboutMPB on Crunchbase…

Frans van Eersel

Founder & CEO @ dopay

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dopay provides a cloud-based payroll service that allows employers to calculate salaries and make payments electronically. Read more aboutdopay on Crunchbase…

Rudy Benfredj

Co-Founder & CEO @ Mendelian

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Mendelian is helping doctors diagnose rare genetic diseases faster. Read more aboutMendelian on Crunchbase…

Tom Simmons

Founder & CEO @ Supplant

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Tom has over 10 years of experience in carbohydrate biochemistry. He formerly held fellowships at the University of Cambridge and at the World Economic Forum and has advocated sugar reduction initiatives through Sky News and Channel 4 television appearances. Learn more about Tom Simmons on Crunchbase…

Supplant is a biotechnology platform that makes sugar substitutes. Read more aboutSupplant on Crunchbase…

Greg Mesch

Founder & CEO @ CityFibre

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With over 25 years of telecom, internet and technology-based experience behind him and five companies successfully built from start-up phase, Greg is an expert when it comes to business plan development, management team building and the capital formation of high growth, fibre optic based telecom companies. Greg had extensive involvement in the founding of Esat Telecom, assisting them in raising all their early stage capital, their core product positioning and network implementation. Esat was later sold to BT for over €1 billion. He went on to make the founding investment in Versatel Telecom NV. Versatel operated in Holland, Belgium and Germany building one of the largest fibre based infrastructures in those markets. He was instrumental in the development of its business plan, recruiting the core management teams and raising over €1.5 billion in capital. Versatel was sold for over €2 billion to Tele2. Learn more about Greg Mesch on Crunchbase…

CityFibre Infrastructure Holdings plc is the UK’s largest independent provider of fibre infrastructure in secondary cities Read more aboutCityFibre on Crunchbase…

Frank Hester OBE

Founder & CEO @ The Phoenix Partnership

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Frank has always been at the forefront of IT innovation. In his early career he was instrumental in building technological infrastructure in the finance industry. Frank founded TPP in 1997 and pioneered integrated care – delivering his vision of connected care across all health settings. Today, TPP provides leading software that is transforming healthcare worldwide. Frank is active in all aspects of the company’s business operations, working alongside the teams in the development of TPP’s products and representing the company in the public domain. Frank’s innovative vision is nationally recognised by the NHS, leading journals and healthcare organisations. In 2012, he was elected to the board of TechUK as a spokesperson for the healthcare IT sector. The following year, he was listed as one of the UK’s top 50 innovators in the national health publication, HSJ. In 2015, Frank was named on the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List to be awarded with an OBE (Order of the British Empire), for his services to healthcare. Frank has been invited on numerous government trade missions, representing the UK health industry around the world. He has visited countries such as China, India and Brazil as part of trade missions led by British Prime Minister, David Cameron and by Kenneth Clarke, QC, MP. Learn more about Frank Hester OBE on Crunchbase…

TPP is a healthcare technology company, dedicated to delivering world class healthcare software in the UK and internationally. Read more aboutThe Phoenix Partnership on Crunchbase…

Emil Hewage

Co-Founder & CEO @ BIOS

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Emil’s academic background is as a PhD researcher in computational neuroscience and machine learning. He brings knowledge of neural signalling and signal processing with over 7 year’s industrial & academic R&D experience. He has previously developed medical devices with Siemens Healthcare and Sphere Medical as well as having held roles in finance and medical and cleantech startups. Learn more about Emil Hewage on Crunchbase…

A full-stack neural interface platform, that uses AI to decode and encode the signals from to the body, to treat chronic health conditions. Read more aboutBIOS on Crunchbase…

Shahzad Younas

Founder & CEO @ Muzmatch

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Shahzad Younas is the founder and CEO of Muzmatch. Learn more about Shahzad Younas on Crunchbase…

Muzmatch is the worlds biggest dating app for Muslims looking for their life partner. Backed by Y Combinator S17. Read more aboutMuzmatch on Crunchbase…

Daniel Kinder

Founder & CEO @ Double Kingdom

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Daniel is the Founder & CEO of Double Kingdom Holdings, an urban infrastructure development and investment company focused on sub Saharan Africa. Double Kingdom is managed from London with offices throughout sub Saharan Africa and in Beijing and has active developments in government anchored real estate and power sectors. Daniel was the managing partner of Great Ocean Group in Beijing and China, an infrastructure investment company from 2009 to 2012. From 2001 to 2009 he was the co-managing partner of Park Avenue Equity Partners, a New York-based private equity fund focused on infrastructure services assets. Daniel is a member of the Board of Directors and investment committee of the CITIC Securities RenGuo Fund (Beijing, China) and a Henry Crown Fellow of The Aspen Institute. He is co-founder of charity:water, a global water NGO, with operations across 14 countries in Africa and 26 worldwide. Daniel is Chairman of charity:water London. Learn more about Daniel Kinder on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutDouble Kingdom on Crunchbase…

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